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    Monday, June 01, 2009

    New and update: 06.01.09

    New and update: 06.01.09
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    See above search terrorist names and entities:
    Both US Treasury Dept. and United Nations.
    Custom search boxes above, top of page:

    Paradigm Intel Indicates:

    Paki and US forces are working together
    in a very specalized area, and 

    The Taliban are under heavy stress from
    attacks both in Paki and Afghan.
    C2 has been disrupted, and morale
    is low, some rank and file are questioning
    why the leaders leave and they have to .

    Paranoia is rampant about spies
    and pathrai .
    The ranks of wana be spies
    swell every day.

    Taliban back channels and noise
    are alive with warnings about no 
    more than 3 Taliban in a group.

    Which makes it hard to have 
    any meetings.





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