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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    not so educated, NSA, MI5 ( agents )

    ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- For two weeks, two men allegedly posed as Federal and Foreign Intelligence agents. The FBI says they were trying to con two local police agencies. They allegedly tried to use Alpharetta police and Marietta police to help them commit a crime.

    According to the FBI, one of the men, Louis Aprile, 49, of Alpharetta posed as a National Security Agency (NSA) agent. The other, Michael Garveigh, 45, of Roswell posed as an intelligence officer with the British MI5 Agency.

    "They were meeting for the last two weeks in a scheme to recover terrorism related funds from two locations on behalf of the US Government," said FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett.

    The two fake agents told both Alpharetta and Marietta police that they were working a high priority terrorism investigation and they needed some police officers to help them out. "They said they were putting together a counter-terrorism task force," Emmett said.

    Emmett says the suspects identified two homes as targets, one in Alpharetta and one in Marietta that contained funds that they wanted to get......

    The FBI won't say who the two suspects were targeting or how they identified the targets. Special Agent Emmett says this is a very unique case. "I'm just shaking my head at the fact that two educated individuals tried to con two sophisticated police departments like Alpharetta and Marietta Police Departments," he said.



    iTS JUST AMAZING, anyone with the resources available on the WWW would try and impersonate

    any law enforcement, let alone MI5 and NSA., a few clicks and anyone can have phone numbers

    to verify identities, in minutes.

    Guess they were not so educated.



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