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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    Taliban running out of tricks, $, food and fuel

    Taliban running out of tricks, $, food and fuel
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Taliban in deep trouble.
    Paradigm Intel indicates Taliban scattered,
    command and control disrupted, fear rampant
    among the Terrorists.
    Taliban has been missing payroll.
    Dealing with very low morale,
    drug usage among the Tâghût Moujahedeen
    at all time high.

    Talibnan's shame at all time high,
    shaving beards and hair, denying

    Panic calls have gone out for money
    from Turkey and Afghan taliban
    fighters, they have been running
    out of Foreign suicide bombers
    and are recruiting and stealing children
    from schools for suicide bombers.

    The panic is so severe they have
    switched from Guerrilla attacks to
    frontal attacks in larger towns,
    brute force.

    The Taliban are very worried,
    so far the Paki Army has been
    unable or unwilling to kill/capture'
    taliban leaders.

    But the switch from sneak attacks
    to brute force attacks is an indication
    of the urgency the Taliban feel,
    from the onslaught by Paki Mil.

    The Taliban leaders are buying their
    way out and leaving their men to
    slaughter by the Paki heavy arms.

    Taliban running low on all resources
    desertion rates way up.

    Taliban are again switching tactics.

    From Sharia law, and now

    Greater Pakhtunistan LINK"

    Taliban under pressure in Afghan
    and Paki, for the first time
    Taliban on the run in Paki.


      IF YOU KNOW INFO ON AL QAEDA, or Taliban

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