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    Thursday, June 11, 2009

    ops and Intel, 0611.09

    How about killing fellow innocent Muslims "in the name of ISLAM" without listening and confirming to others beliefs?
    Why to cut the throats with knives of Muslim soldiers who have no authority over the operation decisions and were doing simply their duty?
    Why not they are doing suicide attacks on real culptits like Zardari and similar politicians who are actually allowing drone attacks?
    Why "THEIR" Islam starts with flogging and behaeading first rather than first helping people for their income, for their security, for better education and health care?

    There is no difference in the actions of Kufarz and likes of TTP/Taleban; only difference is: Foriegners are doing it in the name of WOT and the likes of TTP/Taleban doing it in the name of ISLAM which is worst than kufarz

    It takes balls to have an honor of being called Mujahid; sadly s$ckers like TTP/Taleban have also hijacked this great title from us


    ISLAMABAD: Chief Of Army Staff(COAS)
    General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani has instructed the Army to ensure minimum collateral damage even at the expense of taking risks, by resorting to precision strikes.

    According to statement issued by ISPR, Pakistan Army is acutely aware of the nature of ongoing operations in Swat and elsewhere, and their likely fallouts.

    Consequent to any military operation in populated areas, collateral damage and IDP issues are always a natural outcome.
    In fact the overall success of operations in such areas is a sum total of the three efforts i.e conduct of military operations, minimizing collateral damage and correctly managing IDPs.

    COAS said that management of IDPs is as important as military operation in Swat. It has been decided to provide all out support to Government and International Agencies in the management and rehabilitation of IDPs.

    For the first time in its history, Pakistan Army has taken a decision to give part of its daily ration items of daily food; Atta, Sugar, Ghee and Dhall to these IDPs. This exemplifies the Army’s spirit of sacrifice.

    The food items so provided will be able to daily feed about 80,000 adults. Furthermore, Army is deploying its medical resources in all the IDPs camps. These medical camps will have adequate medicines for 90 days. Local Military Hospitals will also go on surge to treat patients.


    We request the people of Swat to identify them by pointing out at a check post where security forces are present. You may dial the cell number 0333-5239938 which we are publicizing through media, or send sms which may help the arrest of these Taliban Terrorists.


    Taleban terrorists = Latoo kay bhoot jo batoon say nahi maantay. :)


    ISLAMABAD: The Ulama and Mashaikh from all over the country have endorsed the ongoing military operation in Malakand Division, terming it “guarantee to the stability and survival of Pakistan,” ARY OneWorld reported.


    one question where is top leadership of taliban why army never successfull to hit them?


    Taliban militants from our village started arriving in Kabal too. I noticed a local commander had trimmed his beard. I saw fear on his face!


    Above comments from paki forum.
    SOURCE with held.



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