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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    What is a cyber battle like?

    What is a cyber battle like?
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist. Think Tank

    Well its like hunting rats in a totally black, dark room.

    One listens for the sound of them scurring about.

    Then toss some food at them to occupy them.

    Then you take a delicate, high feed back fishing
    pole in one hand and carefully probe them, gently run it over the rats
    till you can feel the outline of the rat from the
    fishing pole touching the rat very gently.

    In the other hand you have a steel pipe the same length
    as the fishing pole.

    If he runs you keep it up till he gets used to
    the tip of the fishing pole touching him.
    And he sets still while he is petted with the
    fishing pole tip,

    Remember its totally dark, you can't see anything.
    You can hear and feel around with the tip of the
    fishing pole. But you are blind.

    Once you have Id the Rat and are sure its a rat,
    Right height, 3 ", tail and about 2 or 3" wide
    and squeeks, and you know exactly where it
    is you quickly move the fishing pole tip out of
    the way and beat the hell out of the rat with the
    steel pole in the other hand. While you see nothing.

    Then you sit back and listen,
    Eventually you put the fishing pole tip
    back in the room and see if the rats body
    is laying still, if it moves or bites the pole,
    you beat hell out of it again.

    Once your sure its dead you lay microphones ( BSU's)to listen
    for any more of them scurring about and go on to the
    next dark room.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

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