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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Russians and China in Paki.

    Russians and China in Paki.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    We have no evidence of Russian or Chinese involvement.
    but paradigm Intel suggest a link/hypothesis.

    Russia's hand in Paki is not apparent, but Paradigm Intel
    suggests a hypothesis, 'they are helping the Taliban'.
    The Russian intent would not be for the Taliban to win,
    But enough assistance to keep the GWOT going
    to bleed the USA.

    Like providing ammunition for the Taliban.
    An analysis of Taliban bullets might be revealing,
    Trace elements in the gunpowder and shell casings
    may lead to the origin of manufacture.

    If Pakistan is taken over by the Taliban it would be to Russia's
    and China's determent, As the Taliban and al Qaeda support
    terrorist in both China's and Russia's sphere of influence,
    and in Russia and China proper.

    US pulling out of the Pakistan terrorist war would have
    an immediate and long reaching impact on the stability
    of both countries.

    China and Russian feeding the needs of a low level
    insurgency in Pakistan keeps USA hands tied and
    a check and balance on both India and USA.

    The paradigm also suggests that if China and Russia
    error on the level of support for the Taliban then they have a
    close neighbor, a terrorist state with nuclear capability, and supporting
    terrorism in their home countries.

    A just and fitting price for the error of supporting the Taliban.
    Neither Russia or China are acting as world leaders.
    Russia is acting as a criminal Mafia with profits as its
    primary motive.
    And China is self absorbed in a national push.

    For either to be respected as a world power they
    will need to act as a world leader, stabilizing the
    global situation.

    They both have an opportunity to contribute and act
    as responsible world leaders, so far they have taken
    wait and see attitude, trying to leverage the declining situation
    in Pakistan to their short term advantage, ignoring the
    possible long term ramifications and blow back.

    Stamping out terrorism in ones home country is
    a half measure, 911 was foreign born.
    Terrorist entities are seeking Nukes.
    China and Russia are much easier for the Terrorist
    to delver a nuke to than USA, closer.

    A non state actor with nukes is very dangerous.
    And calls for a joint world wide effort.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Link: China syndrome.



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    Paki's hidden Paradigm revealed.

    Paki's hidden Paradigm revealed.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    An examination of the Pakistan paradigm turns up a very disturbing hypothesis.

    A look at context and process:

    In anthropology we are trained to be participant observers.
    Part of my process is to separate actions from words.
    ( And is one of the fundamental concepts in Paradigm Intel. )
    And examine both messages for discrepant codings.
    To examine the sent message and the received message also.
    One would expect them to be the same, often they are not.
    Culture often transforms the message or even causes coding errors.

    In this case it smells like propaganda and America seems to give
    the higher value to the text over action, ignoring context and process.

    The Paki message the Americans receive is one of hope, and joint struggle
    against a mutual foe, both Paki and USA use different methods to achieve
    a common goal,

    Part of the Paki message is; their troops are not trained for this struggle
    and are ill-equipped and the Pakistan Country needed money to the tune of
    around $10 billions USD, last time I checked.

    But their actions transmit an entirely different message.

    And America has bought that message the verbal message over the message
    of their actions in context.

    They have fought battles with the Taliban most of which are right
    out of a WWII manual, Move huge formation of troops to an area
    dig in fortify and pound the country side.

    And the Paki Government and Army have made 7 peace treaty's
    with the Taliban; where little by little, right under US noses they
    have ceded 90% of Pakistan to the Taliban so far.

    See map

    10% of Paki is under Paki Federal Government control,
    25% Influenced or in dispute,
    and the remaining 65% the Taliban out right control.
    The situation has gone from bad to worse over the years.
    Has the Taliban infiltrated the Paki Government
    and military to the point they are influencing

    The Paki Government unseated ONE judge
    and there was a huge long march to protest.

    The Taliban unseated the entire legal system in a huge
    providence and there was not even a whimper.

    While we have no evidence, it might appear the march and
    demonstration was orchestrated. And maybe a distraction,
    a side show.

    The Paki army out numbers the Taliban by a factor of about
    10 to 1, by my reckoning, and the Paki army suffers continual
    defeats at the hands of the Taliban. ( 500,000 to 50,000 )

    The Paki Army seems powerless against the Taliban.

    The most effective weapon the US has are the drones,
    which the Taliban hate and fear, the only weapon that
    has had an impact on the Taliban in Paki
    And both the Paki Government and the Taliban continue
    to lobby for the US to stop the drone attacks

    Both speak with the same voice on the most effective
    weapon to date against the Taliban, Drones.

    One could formulate a hypothesis the Paki Government
    and Army are working together to turn the Country
    over to the Taliban, using US funding to do so,
    with the Paki policy of appeasement.

    The failure of the Paki Government or the Paki Army
    to win any terrority from the Taliban over the past 4 or
    5 years speaks loudly. Failure in the face of a 10 to 1 troop ratio
    advantage and $10 billion in UDS aid, Points to a massive
    failure in Paki policy and possible behind the scenes control by
    the Taliban.

    We can test part of the hypothesis, with a good accountant,
    Account for the majority of the $10 billion dollars given to
    the Paki government, are they buying bullets from Russia for
    the Taliban?

    And the documented collusion of the Paki Intelligence service with
    the Taliban and tracks back to the Paki Army in the Indian attack
    do not bode well for the future of this culpable nuclear power.

    Pakistan has a wolf living in it's house,
    and they continue to give the wolf more and more rooms.
    To what end?
    Feeding the wolf will not drive it away.
    And the United States may be providing the Feed.

    American funding should be based on Paki victories,
    not failures.
    Pay for success not failure.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Link: Pakistan cannot win the war against the Taliban.



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    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    “Conficker Cabal”

    The Conficker connection

    ( posted in its Entirety as a PSA; Analysis at the END. G )

     March 18th, 2009 Dave

    In October 2008 a new and nasty bit of malware raised its head in the information technology world. Called Conficker but also known as Downup, it and Kido are probably the most advanced malware that the world has seen to date. By January the worm had already infected over 15 million computers world wide making it one of the most prolific infections of our time.

    The worm exploits a known vulnerability in Windows Server service which makes basically every unpatched version of Microsoft Windows from Windows XP through to Windows 7 vulnerable. What makes this malware more dangerous than others currently out in the wild is its complexity. It seems to use a lot of the concepts discussed at the Blackhat Briefings Europe 2007, which include P2P and PRNG for communication and a digitally signed payload.

    It seems like this little guy got almost everywhere and upset almost everyone. It got into the UK military, the French navy, it infected the German federal defence force (Bundeswehr) and could be found in government and municipal computer networks world wide. Its rate of infection was so quick and so vast that experts are claiming that this is the worst infection since the SQL Slammer worm and has resulted in one of the worlds largest botnets.

    For those of you that don’t know what a botnet is, it is a group of controlled “zombie” computers that are all infected with the virus. All the infected machines communicate with each other to form swarms, and the swarms connect to each other to form botnets, which in turn are controlled by the bot herder (the person in control of the botnet). Bot herders use their botnets for various reasons. The most common of these reasons is to use the zombies to pass on spam, to commit identity theft and fraud, and to launch distributed denial of service attacks (dDos) at corporate and government networks (normally in the form of corporate blackmail).

    This infection was so bad and worried so many industry players that some of the biggest names in the industry got together to try and work out a solution to combat it. Nicknamed the “Conficker Cabal”, the organisations involved in this effort include Microsoft, Afilias, ICANN, Neustar, Verisign, CNNIC, Public Internet Registry, Global Domains International, Inc., M1D Global, AOL, Symantec, F-Secure, ISC, Georgia Tech, The Shadowserver Foundation, Arbor Networks and Support Intelligence. 

    Microsoft have also offered a US$250 000 reward to anyone who can provide the right information to find those responsible for the worm.

    Currently this massive botnet seems to have been used for very few attacks, which does have some experts in the industry confused. On 13 March 2009 the worm attacked SouthWest Airlines. On 18 March it attacked the Women’s Net in Qinghai Province, China, and on 18 March it attacked From my perspective all very strange targets.

    So what’s the next step for this worm? Well experts are still trying to figure out the bot herder’s next step. 

    According to Symantec the Conficker botnet recently updated itself with a new set of instructions. The new version of this worm has being labeled, W32.Downadup.C. The update has made it much more aggressive by targeting processes of security and analysis software and removing them from memory if found on the infected machine. It seem the purpose of this update is not really to infect new machines, but rather to consolidate and protect control of all its current zombies.

    There is a lot of speculation about the origin of this malware. The worm seems to kill itself if there is a Ukrainian keyboard present. While some might see that as evidence of a Ukrainian origin… it seems strange that the worm writer would have left such an obvious clue in the code as to its origins. Its likely that that code was included as a red herring to confuse investigators as to its real origin. 

    Due to the complexity of Conficker I have decided not to go into detailed information about how it works. For those of you who want a detailed breakdown of this malware I suggest that you read the comprehensive anylysis done by SRI International at



    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


      Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat....

    Worst case Paradigm Intel suggest a WMD.
    15 million bots and counting,
    how many bots does it take to take down all
    the 13 Internet Nodes? DOS attack.
    The new modification to take out PC
    security may be a self preservation measure.

    RBN has the technology to develop this worm,
    But I don’t see a motive for them to take out the Internet.

    On the other hand some of the Terrorist groups would
    have the motivation to take out the Internet, but not the technology. ( Except maybe India )

    This could be the vector between those groups,
    But it would be very expensive and dangerous.

    There are 3 ways to stop this, which I won’t discuss

    The Military and NSA should be in the “Conficker Cabal”
    Because of the worst case potential.


    We have been warning about this possibility




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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Almost there, Gen. Kevin Chilton

    Almost there, Gen. Kevin Chilton Sir.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Our analysis after excerpt: G

    Washington Post Staff Writer 
    Tuesday, March 17, 2009; 6:31 PM

    The head of the Pentagon's Strategic Command warned Congress today that the United States is vulnerable to cyberattacks "across the spectrum" and that more needs to be done to defend against the potential of online strikes, which could "potentially threaten not only our military networks, but also our critical national networks."

    But Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton made clear to a House Armed Services subcommittee that he has not been asked to defend most government Web sites nor the commercial and public infrastructure networks whose destruction could cripple the nation.

    Chilton's command, instead, has the responsibility "to operate and defend the military networks only and be prepared to attack in cyberspace when directed," he said, adding, "I think the broader question is, who should best do this for the other parts of America, where we worry about defending power grids, our financial institutions, our telecommunications, our transportation networks, the networks that support them."

    The responsibility of protecting civilian networks currently rests with the Department of Homeland Security....

    SOURCE: Washington Post


    Almost there, Gen. Kevin Chilton Sir.

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


    "defend most government Web sites nor the commercial and public infrastructure networks whose destruction could cripple the nation"

    He missed the point, its not defending Miltary web sites or civilian sites, ITS THE NET, WWW.

    If the WWW goes down ( See Cyber Pearl Harbor below , G ) then there is nothing to defend,

    Military or civilian, and the Military will be Blind, Deaf and Dumb.

    The focus is on defending the Internet Nodes.

    Glenn Zimmerman, a cyberspace specialist at the Pentagon has a handle ion it.

    From a millions of bot PC's doing a massive DOS attack.

    It is do-able, the technology to shut off every PC in a bot net is there,

    Be it one million or several hundred million,

    we are not going to discuss it here. But we know how.

    There are 3 ways to do it.

    But the focus of the Military points to a misdirected Paradigm.

    The Web sites and networks need to be protected, but if the WWW

    goes down, it is for naught. Your sites and networks are safe but if

    they depend on the WWW they are usless if the WWW is down.


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Paradigm Intel: NEW WMD

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Strategic Command facing new ...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Cyber Apocalypse pending

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

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    China syndrome

    Fed to Buy $1 Trillion in Securities to Aid Economy
    Published: March 18, 2009

    WASHINGTON — Saying that the recession continues to deepen, the Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it would pump an extra $1 trillion into the mortgage market and longer-term Treasury securities in order to revive the economy.

    The Federal Reserve slashed its benchmark interest rate to virtually zero in December, declaring that it would keep the rate at that level for “some time” and focusing its additional efforts to revive the economy on a wide range of new lending programs. ( The Fed Funds Rate, G )

    The program will start out by offering $200 billion worth of financing for consumer loans, small business loans and some corporate purposes like equipment leasing.

    SOURCE: nytimes


     "extra $1 trillion into the mortgage market and longer-term Treasury securities in order to revive the economy."

    Buying treasury securitues by the FED, in the billions of dollars, Buying them in the open Market.

    Paradigm Intel suggest that China wants to sell some of its American Treasury Paper,

    But where is this money coming from? 

    Creation of money out of thin air will put deflationary pressure on the value of the currency and Inflationary pressure on prices. Who's Idea was this? Its a bad one, and smells of desperation.

    But on who's part, Feds or China?

    If its China that wants out of the Treasurys, its a bad move on their part.

    Their currency is pegged to the US Dollar, and they are shooting themselves in the Foot,

    and, maybe the leg.

    I would expect China to press for prosecution of banking 

    CEO's that fed this sub-prime debacal knowingly.

    And then pursue them in Civil Court for damages.

    So far no one has been held responsible for 

    for their criminal activities.


    Series 7 & 13


    The Fed will buy up to $US300 billion ($446 billion) in long-term Treasuries over the next six months, it said. 

    The additional mortgage-backed securities purchases will push the Fed's mortgage-related facility to as much as $US1.25 trillion. 

    The Fed also said it would increase the size of its agency debt purchase facility by $US100 billion to $US200 billion. 

    Federal Reserve to buy up to $US300bn in US bonds


    China has a surplus, they have been tightening up on credit and bank loaning.

    With the advenbt of Globalization,we have become a world economy.

    The world economy ship has a hole in it. China thinks its compartments are safe

    as they have no hole in their compartments. But if the economic ship goes down

    they go with it,

    AT some point China may need to come forward and support 

    the world economy and help bail the ship ort.

    Or we all sink.


    Series 7 & 13



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    Paki's priorities?

    Paki's priorities?
    Where are they?
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tamk

    The paki's had the long martch to reinstate 
    Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry. 
    When the government unseated him.

    But the Taliban unseated an entire providence,
    and there is no march, where is the Paki 

    Where are their priorties?
    Are they ALL cowards.
    I'll post rebutals , comment please.



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    Diebold Admits Systemic Audit Log Failure

    Diebold Admits Systemic Audit Log Failure; State Vows Inquiry

    By Kim Zetter EmailMarch 17, 2009 | 6:29:04 PM

    SACRAMENTO, California -- Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems) admitted in a state hearing Tuesday that the audit logs produced by its tabulation software miss significant events, including the act of someone deleting votes on election day.

    The company acknowledged that the problem exists with every version of its tabulation software.

    SOURCE: Permalink 



    Criminals sneak card-sniffing software on Diebold ATMs



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    Dodd criminal banking combine's Friend

    Dodd criminal banking combine's Friend
    By Gerald Internet Anthriopologist Think Tank

    While the Senate was constructing the $787 billion stimulus last month, Dodd added an executive-compensation restriction to the bill. The provision, now called “the Dodd Amendment” by the Obama Administration provides an “exception for contractually obligated bonuses agreed on before Feb. 11, 2009” -- which exempts the very AIG bonuses Dodd and others are now seeking to tax.

    Separately, Sen. Dodd was AIG’s largest single recipient of campaign donations during the 2008 election cycle with $103,100, according to  Also, one of AIG Financial Products’ largest offices is based in Connecticut.

    “Senator Dodd was completely unaware of these AIG bonuses until he learned of them in the past few days,” wrote Szostak.  ( You can't expect him to read all the laws he passes. G )

    To suggest that the bonuses affecting AIG had any effect on Senator Dodd’s action is categorically false.”

    “I can't point a finger at someone who was responsible for putting those dates in,” Dodd told FOX.  “I can tell you this much, when my language left the senate, it did not include it. When it came back, it did.” 

    SOURCE: Fox


    But he did pass it, but its not his fault.

    And the $100,000.00 payment had nothing to do with it.

    AIG's down fall has to do with them repackaging toxic sub-prime paper.

    Hat tip to Howie at Jawa.


    The worlds biggest criminal combine

    .Criminals sneak card-sniffing software on Diebold ATMs




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    Our Threat assessment

    Our Threat assessment
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


    Pakistan civil war Taliban take over, of a nuclear power.

    Mexico Civil war.

    bot net WMD


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Eye opener, ending Taliban funding

    Eye opener
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Every now and then I read a real eye opener.
    A new view that turns the old Paradigm on its
    head. This one is a Genius piece of thought.

    I have taken the liberity to excerpt parts of the
    article in my hypothesis.

    It effectively stops the Taliban dead in its tracks.
    And not a bullet is fired.

    Its about economics.
    Cut off the Taliban funding and you have
    effectively cut them off at the knees.
    No funds to pay fighters, buy bullets,
    pay widows families, no trucks or gass.
    NO housing for troops, and no money
    for bribes, or bombs.

    Sometimes it worth considering scary
    ideas just to fully understand them.
    To put fouth a real effort to keep an open
    mind to fully consider a Paradigm
    breaking idea.

    Keep in mind an ounce of gold is worth
    about $1,000 an ounce.
    Would you like an ounce of gold?
    Do you have any doubt about the value
    of an ounce of gold?

    Have you ever held a Kruger Rand in your
    hand? Its weigh is very comforting.
    $1,000 in one golden coin, you can feel the


    By comparison, uncut cocaine is worth about US$ 3,000 
    an ounce, three times its weight in gold! 
    Three Kruger Rands.
    Marijuana, literally a weed, is worth US$100/ounce, 
    seven times its weight in silver.
    Or 10 ounces equal to one Kruger Rand.
     Why is this so? Can coca and marijuana really have intrinsic 
    value in excess of gold and silver? 
    Is their cost of production high? 
    Are they essential to industry or society? 

    Why is an ounce of cocaine worth $1,000
    to the Taliban?
    Why do people pay $1,000 an ounce for the
    essence of a poppy?

    Drug profits keep terrorists on the go. They also inspire 
    a life of crime. Just this week, Sinaloa, Mexico drug cartel 
    leader Joaquin Guzman's made it on Forbes magazine's 
    Rich List with a fortune valued at US 1 billion. In 1989 
    Pablo Escober, the seventh wealthiest man on Earth, 
    made the list with US 25 billion. 

    In Afghan coca leaves sell for about
    the price of tea leaves in America.

    What happens between the fields in Afghan
    and America that increases it intrinsic value
    thousand of times?

    There in lies the Talibans funding paradigm.
    The economic processes between the field
    in Afghan and the streets of America allows
    the Taliban to fund its terrorism war.

    Change that economic process and you cut the legs
    out from the Taliban war effort.
    NO money NO war.
    True for American military also.

    Those economic process between the fields of Afghan
    and the Streets in America evolove around forces that
    make cocain, which is plentifull in Afghan and make it
    scarce in the Streets of America.
    The dangers of providing the Product.

    About 1% of Americans use Cocain, this pertencage 
    remains constant thru history.
    Drug wars or no drug wars.

    American policy on Drugs funds the Taliban.
    It is not American usage of cocain that funds
    the Taliban. Let me repeat that; It is not American usage 
    of cocain that funds the Taliban.

    Consider the amount of funding the Taliban would
    recieve if the price of cocain was about that of Tea.

    Consider the effectiveness of the WAR ON DRUGS.
    In March, 2009, the United Nations, the UN Council on Drugs 
    and Crime and the World Health Organization declared that the 
    1998-2007 anti-drug strategy "did not achieve any of its 
    objectives,"world wide commerce in illegal drugs is worth 
    "320 thousand million dollars a year....
    Hasn't insanity been defined as doing the same thing over
    and over again and expecting a different result.
    Isn't one of the proofs of scientific hypothesis the
    repeatability of an experiment, a basic tenant of
    Then we have the scientific proof.
    The drug war has not worked for 9 years,
    and keeps drug profits high, profits the
    life blood of the Taliban.

    Federal and state governments have spent hundreds of 
    billions of dollars to arrest, convict and incarcerate 
    millions of Americans for very long periods of time. 
    Many of them will lose the most productive years of 
    their lives and become essentially unemployable after 
    their release, reducing GDP, income tax receipts...
    And many of them end up on welfare rolls.

    But the de-criminalizing of cocain would be the
    death peal for civilization,  the ruin of American
    youth, the end of USA.

    Or would it?

    Alchol was once considered in the same catagory
    Remember Prohibition
    Capone and his wealth based on the Prohibition laws.
    Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.
    Are we now repeating Prohibitionhistory?


    The challenge after legalization, as now, will be to discourage drug use through persuasion and help those in the clutches of addiction and dependency. Like any addiction, it must be treated as a health problem. Addiction, a form of escapism, is usually symptomatic of a deeper malaise in a person's life and society.

    Government places heavy restrictions on alcohol and tobacco and raises billions of dollars through taxation of these drugs. Half of the price of a pack of cigarettes is state sales tax. Now, as we confront unprecedented budget crisis and must make choices.....

    American drug laws are funding the Taliban and 

    the terrorist war.

    The full article is here. Huffington post. LINK

    The terrorism war can be won tomorrow 

    with the passage of new drug laws.



    If drug laws were passed against green

    beans, the Taliban would be growing 

    green beans in Afghan NOW.




    Mexico drug civil war:

    Michael Braun to Testify Again on Mexican Narco-Terrorism

    By Andrew Cochran

    Michael Braun, our newest Contributing Expert and former Chief of Operations at the DEA, will testify tomorrow before the U.S. House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere during a hearing titled, "Guns, Drugs and Violence: The Merida Initiative and the Challenge in Mexico." Michael testified last week on this subject before another Congressional committee and posted his testimony here. Michael is now one of three principals at Spectre Group International, LLC, which provides specialized consulting services to governments and private sector clients worldwide.

    The Calderon Administration was even more courageous when they developed and implemented a long-term strategy to take back Mexico from the traffickers. When this strategy was implemented, the cartels were already feuding amongst themselves for lucrative turf, as they had so many times in the past. When the cartels came under simultaneous attack by the full weight of Mexico’s security forces, over 45,000 Mexican military personnel bolstered by the country’s federal law enforcement services, they began to lash out like never before. There were over 6,000 drug related murders in Mexico in 2008, and 530 Mexican law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty, of which 493 were drug-related homicides. To put that into context, 140 police officers were killed in the line of duty in the United States in 2008, of which 41 were killed by gunfire.

    The level of brutality exhibited by the Mexican cartels and their assassination teams exceeds anything we have witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past. The number of beheadings last year alone numbered about 200, and some of those were police officers. The head of one police officer was actually impaled on a spike on top of a wall in front of a police station with a note stuffed in the mouth warning the police to show more ‘respect’ for the traffickers. Traffickers have actually broken into the communications network of law enforcement in the Tijuana area to broadcast the identity of the next round of law enforcement officers to be targeted for assassination, only to find the bullet riddled bodies of those officers on the streets of Tijuana a few hours later.

    Which takes us back to the question, “Why?” Roughly 90% of all the cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana consumed in our Country enter the United States from Mexico. The money generated by the cartels’ global drug trafficking is staggering. The United Nations estimates that the drug trade between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada generates about $147 billion dollars annually, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) estimates that our fellow citizens here in the U.S. spend about $65 billion dollars annually to satisfy their insatiable appetite for drugs. The United Nations estimates that the entire global drug trade generates about $322 billion dollars annually. No other illicit global market comes close to those numbers. The National Drug Intelligence Center estimates that somewhere between $8 - $24 billion dollars in ‘bulk currency’ alone transits our Country each year destined for the cartels’ coffers in Mexico—ultimately smuggled across our Southwest Border. 


    Take the profit away and watch the Drug cartels 

    around the world Collapse! Even start running anti-drug ads.

    Maybe a three year trial plan of decriminalizing drugs.?

    Long enough to test the hypothesis and wipe out the 

    drug cartels and terrorism funding.


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