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    Saturday, November 01, 2008

    Coporate protection:

    Coporate protection:
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Nov.1, 08
    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com

    I just read the speech and the author is doing genius work.
    In the areas he spoke about he had clear, out side the box
    action programs and cutting edge paradigms.

    Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

    Dr. Donald Kerr.

    In reviewing his speech he made several key points.
    His central theme was counterintelligence.

    He had a remarkable insight into the sub prime debacal.
    "It's harder today in this interconnected world that we're all part of. We like to think we're
    networked without boundaries. I think we've all just seen in the last few weeks that
    globalization really has happened. We only need to watch what's gone on in the financial sector
    to be reminded of that.
    And those who would point back at the United States and say, well, if you hadn't securitized all
    of those sub-prime loans, none of this would have happened around the world. Well, each
    morning we wake up and find out other people bought into the same things, did the same things,
    were driven by the same urge for high returns, and began to disregard the connection between
    value and risk in ways that they shouldn't have.
    Now, do we know how to fix it? That I don't know."

    We do know remove sub-prime deretivates from the money markets. G

    He stated; "Henry Ford once said, "There's nothing new, only the history you don't know." And when you
    focus on computer security and cyber attacks, that's probably a place where Henry Ford is right;
    we don't know the history there yet."

    And he pointed out some of our high risk areas.
    "But in fact our economy has subtly changed over the
    last two decades. And where we were once a manufacturing economy, we're today in fact very
    much a service economy. I'm not sure what the balance is today; there's still a lot of
    manufacturing in the United States, but in fact an awful lot of the value added in our economy
    today is in services and in information that we haven't foreseen before.
    It changes the game when we think about threats because we're not thinking about protecting
    high-value facilities in the same way we were. And in fact, you could argue some companies
    don't have high-value facilities and fixed assets; what they have is intellectual property."

    Unprotected assets:
    Kerr continues: "tell me what counterintelligence
    really means in the 21st century, that what we need to do is think about the changes in our
    economy, how that's reflected in our society and how that in turn leads us to think about how to
    best protect the most vital assets of our country.
    Have we crafted the right strategies to do that? I'd say it's work in progress. What are the most
    dangerous threats that we're going to face in the next three to 10 years? We're still getting a
    picture of that. If you had asked, for example, 12 months ago would we have had a financial
    crisis as we're having today, I don't think any of us in the room – well, maybe there's at least
    one person – would have predicted that, but I certainly wouldn't have."

      Paradigm Intel, and inductive reasoning indicates the possibility of a Global monetary cash flow problem. Currently focused on short term liquidity, it has the momentum to spread.""
    He says;
    "So it's fine to focus on government capabilities, but we also have to focus on those out there in
    our economy perhaps tied to university research programs, tied in some cases to large companies
    that take equity stakes. Or, looking into the audience I can't help but mention our own In-Q-Tel
    within the intelligence community, where we in fact take equity stakes in companies developing
    technical products that can be used for intelligence purposes. We are not writing contracts to get
    them to do a special project for us; we're in fact taking an equity stake to be the first user in the
    marketplace and be two or three years ahead of the competition in taking advantage of that.
    We have a responsibility, however, to help those companies, either the ones that we take an
    equity stake in, or those that are just out there in the U.S. economy protect the most valuable
    resource they have, their ideas and the people who crate them. I think that's going to put a new
    face on counterintelligence over the next few years as we realize that the real value added in the
    U.S. economy is in fact not just within the government sector but in fact within the private sector
    where in fact it's supported significantly more than by government R&D investments."

    He focuses on a key initiative:
    "It's an important problem, and we're going to make a lot of progress protecting .mil and .gov.
    And we just took care of maybe 2 percent of the most important information that's out there.
    The rest of it's out in .com. So how do we think about that? How do we make available what
    we learn trying to protect .gov and .mil, to that broader set of folks who need to protect their
    valuable information as well?"

    Maybe a civilian counterintelligence service, one that can monitor the entire WWW for any interest in 
    the .com. Some one who has demonstrated the ability to track al Qaeda cells and their actions .
    That can take out cyber attacks before they happen , A think Tank that can track and trace Taliban terrorist hackers ,
    That has bot surveillance units , That has an expert OSINT collection capablities, and can operate in the gray areas of the Internet.
    And not violate anti-hacking laws.

    A counterintelligence service that can tell your Corporation who is surveilling, tracking you, what countries and groups
    show an unwelcome interest in your company, A type of world wide recon for your company.G
    We, Internet 
    Anthropologist Think Tank does all this very well. Counterintelligence for your company.

    Kerr points out, "Well, it seems today if a lot of the assets of the company are tied up in intellectual property – if
    you will, intellectual capital"

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank can provide a "Trip Wire" that covers the world, and gives you an early warning system, advance notice of unwanted interest in your company.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst 

      InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com

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    secret cyber war

    Shiities kicking hell out if Sunni.

    Sheikh Faleh al-Sagheer, whose website Al-Burhan was hacked, described the attacks as "uncalled for" and said that preliminary estimates indicated that the number of hacked Sunni websites could reach 900. 

    The UAE-based Sunni hacker group Ghoroub X.P. had targeted about 300 Shiite websites for hacking, including Sistani’s Ahl al-Bayt, according to Iranian news agency Fares. 




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    Child labor, or starve

    Problem paradigm;G

    Child labour thrives in Islamabad
    ISLAMABAD: Growing child labour in the capital city exposes the government and non-governmental organisations’ (NGOs) claims of striving to prevent children from working. At the tender age of 15 and below, children could be easily seen doing menial jobs at workshops, shops, hotels and restaurants in... Full Story


    KARACHI: Faizan Rafiq, 16, was killed by two boys when he broke the queue in a tandoor (bread shop), and tried to buy bread out of turn on Friday. Police arrested the two youths who killed him using a knife.

    Standard Biryani Center where this dispute started is situated... Full Story


    The NGO's need to be sure there is child feeding before they ban child labor.

    If some of these kids don't work, they don't have money for food.
    Ban their labor and you force them into prostitution or terrorism for food.

    The NGO's need to get their priorities in order.
    A safety net in place for kids before they ban the children's livelihood.

    NO food stamps in ISLAMABAD.

    Save the children from labor and condemn them to slow death by starvation.




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    High Risk, Emp attack, UPDATE:

    FROM PREVIOUS POST: Bumped, updated:

      My concern is Iran smuggling in to the USA a small rocket and

      firing it from the center of USA with an EMP war head.G


      From 1968 technology:

      Meanwhile the Naval Research Laboratory, which had provided many experiments for the V-2s, was consulted. On March 1, 1946, Van Allen recommended that the Navy Bureau of Ordnance negotiate a contract with Aerojet for the procurement of 20 liquid-propellant sounding rockets, 15 of which would go to APL and 5 to NRL. The contract was formally awarded to Aerojet on May 17 for 20 XASR-1 sounding rockets.25 The rocket performance stipulated was the delivery of 68 kg (150 lb) of payload to over 91 440 m (300 000 ft) - obviously, the Aerobee would have to be considerably larger than the Wac Corporal. At APL, which was assigned the task of technical direction by the Navy, James A. Van Allen took charge of the Aerobee program.

      An Aerobee 150 sounding rocket.

      An Aerobee 150 sounding rocket.


      Artillery Shell6.1 (155 mm)33.3118 - 12872 TMechanical time delay or proximity airburst, or contactManufactured 10/63 - 3/68; retirement (135 Mod 0s) 1/65 - 1969, all 925 Mod 1s retired 1992; 1060 produced (all mods)Small diameter linear implosion plutonium weapon, 2 mods
      that is a weight of 128 lbs, and W48 had a yield of 0.02-0.04 kilotons, war head in an artty shell. 1968 technology.

      Model: W-48


      W-33Artillery Shell8 (203 mm)37240 - 2435 - 10 Kt, 40 Kt (Y2)
      Thats 240 lbs, and 5 to 10 kt.

      The W33 is 8 inches in diameter and 37 inches long; it weighs 243 pounds.

      As with most other early nuclear artillery shells such as the 11" W9 shell, it was a compact gun type nuclear weapon, firing a small projectile down an internal barrel into a larger HEUuranium target assembly, forming a critical mass as the two came together.

      Four variants were produced:

      A W33 warhead on display.

      plutonium needed: Looks like a couple of pounds.

      It would seem the launch of an EMP, from USA, Mexico or Canada would be doable for Iran.

      It would seem the rocket altitude and payload weight are achievable

      with 1960's technology. they had both a Rocket, and an arty shell that 

      could do the trick.

      September 11, 2001

      Since the founding of NORAD in 1958 the defense organization has had three missions: (1) Surveillance and Control of the airspace covering the United States and Canada; (2) Warning the National Command Authorities of an aerospace attack approaching the North American continent; and (3) Providing a proper response to an aerospace attack approaching the North American continent.[5] NORAD's first mission of surveillance and control of the airspace within the continent is called Air Sovereignty.[6] In an attempt to explain NORAD's poor performance in the attacks on September 11, 2001, Bush Administration officers claimed that NORAD was never tasked to monitor the skies inside America, that the defense agency was tasked to "looking outward" on 9/11 only,[7] contradicting the historical fact that NORAD never ceased its "inward looking" mission of "Air Sovereignty".[8][9][10][11]

      I'm still not sure if Norad would or can track a launch inside USA,

      or if they could take it out...It deosn't look like

      USA could take out a rocket fired in USA, Mexico or Canada.

      Not even sure they are looking.


      Iran nuke capability must be taken out before they get a nuke.

      This is going to drive Israel nutz, could be fired over Israel.

      Iran has Rockets already in place.

      FOUND IT:

      Last month, the London Sunday Times reported that Iran has deployed Zelzal-2 "ballistic missiles" in Lebanon, capable of "carrying half a ton of chemical or conventional warheads as far as Tel Aviv."9 However, the paper's sensationalist reporting on Mideast military topics does not have a very accurate track record, particularly when it cites unnamed defense sources. The Zelzal-2, in any case, is not a missile, but a 610mm heavy artillery rocket with a 1323 lb (600 kg) payload and range of 130 miles (210 km). The rocket wouldn't quite be able to hit Tel Aviv unless launched from easily-detectable positions straddling the border, but would nevertheless pose an enormous threat to Israeli population centers.




      The only imported weapons in the Syrian arsenal with this caliber are 70s-era Soviet-manufactured BM-27 220mm rockets with a range of about 25 miles (40 km), but some reports have said the rockets supplied to Hezbollah are domestically-manufactured imitations of the BM-27 (which could explain the low range estimate reported in the New York Times). Other reports have said that Damascus supplied Hezbollah with rockets that have a range of up to 50 miles (80 km).

      Each rocket weighs 280.4 kilograms. The warheads weigh between 90 and 100 kilograms depending on type. A full salvo of 16 rockets can be fired in 20 seconds and can engage targets within a range of 35 kilometers.


      Now they just need the nuke.

      ( Google formatting sucks, I have no control over text colors. )


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    packet-sniffing, then theres SNORTING..

    A New York man was hit with a federal conspiracy charge this week for allegedly lending his programming expertise to the head of a hacking gang accused of stealing and selling over 40 million credit and debit card numbers.

    Stephen Watt, 25, allegedly customized a packet-sniffing program called "blabla" for use by Albert Gonzalez, a former Secret Service informant who was indicted earlier this year as the mastermind of a 2005-2007  intrusion into clothier T.J. Maxx, as well as breaches at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Boston Market, Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority, Forever 21, DSW and OfficeMax.

    Gonzalez allegedly used sniffers to scoop up credit and debit card numbers from hacked networks as they sped from cash registers to processing servers. Watt modified blabla "on diverse dates" to meet Gonzalez's evolving needs, according to the one-count federal information (.pdf) filed in federal court in Boston on Wednesday.

    SOURCE: Permalink 


    Sniffers used for bad and good.
    And then theres our BSUs.




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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Halloween fear: context

    We all love to be scared when we know we are really safe, roller coaster rides and scary movies for example.

    This Halloween I was thinking of the scariest movie I had ever saw, the movie I just couldn't take and had to leave the Theater, in front of my friends, it was so scary they left with me.

    But first the context, The atom bomb had just happened before I was born, so I grew up with
    the atom bomb, note I said atom not Nuclear, nuclear bombs came later.

    Any thing "atom" was hot leading science at the time.
    At the county fair they even had some guy operating remote hands/fingers they could use to handle radio active materials, you could play chess with him while he used the contraption to move the chess pieces.

    And in school we actually practiced "duck and cover" the Nun would holler "atom bomb"
    and the kids would all scramble under our desks for safety.
    We learned an atomic attack could come at any time, and we had to be prepared to "duck and cover" at a seconds notice to try and live.

    And everyone had to know where the public fall out shelters were.

    I grew up with the background of mutually assured destruction.

    And radio activity was something new, exciting and scary.
    My chemistry set had a radio active tube you could look into in the dark and see a spark occasionally?
    I have no idea what it was? That may accoun t for my eye sight now, lol.

    And you could get your shoe measured by radio active X-rays, you put your foot into the machine and it could look right thru your foot.

    I knew a lot of Japanese died from radio activity, more than from the actual explosion, I had heard.

    If there were a atom war, every one would die and those who didn't were condemned to terrible deaths, the GROUND/DIRT would be radio active and could kill you, and you couldn't grow food even.

    We had even heard of genetic mutation.

    With this childhood back ground I and my buds went ot see this HORROR movie,
    we steeled our selves, and tried to keep our nerves steady in preparation for what we were about to see, THIS COULD, maybe, ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO US.

    As we were a very brave group we sat right down up front, nothing between us and what was happening on the screen.

    And at the crucial moment in the movie when we actually saw it happening our little hearts
    were racing and blood pressure pumped to the cealing, we just couldn't take it, it was actually happening, we could see it, and I could no longer take the truth of what I was seeing and had
    to leave the darkened theater for the light of day, get it out of my mind.
    We just went to get some ice cream, no one talked about what we saw.

    I had saw it and it scared the Hell out of me, I thought I might throw up.

    I saw this poor guy exposed to radiation and he grew to 50 feet.

    "Attack of the 50 foot man" The old one in black and white.

    I don't know if the US propaganda scarred the Russians, but it scared the hell out of us kids.


    Happy Halloween.

    Still scared of radiation.


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    Next Iranian strategic threat to USA

    EMP: The Next Iranian strategic threat to the US Mainland?

    By Walid Phares

    October 30, 2008 10:38 PM   Link

    Walt says:I would like to draw the attention of our readers to a recently developed project in the private sector, ( as a platform for discussion and analysis.

    The site is poorly designed, and there are no links for discussion or analysis.

    Just the smart talking to the rest of us.G

    But Walid brings up some good questions.

    My concern is Iran smuggling in to the USA a small rocket and

    firing it from the center of USA with an EMP war head.



    If Norad saw it go up over Ohio, could they hit it before it went off? Could a small rocket carry that payload high enough to work? Could they smuggle it in to USA or Mexico or Cannada?

    Could we prove such a device came from Iran?

    Update: its doable details here:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 

    Iran will push the button


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    Thursday, October 30, 2008

    al Qaeda has gonorrhea

    Our Bot Surveillance Units have determined
    a member of al Qaeda's upper level cyber command

    You just never know what the BSU's
    will find floating around in cyber space.

    "In general gonorrhea I mean of course means the emergence of urine. That may be the transparent color, net, or appear on the eroticism or as a result of an internal course of the sensitivity of urine, and those cases are not sick. If the liquid yellow pus-like leaves, Luna impact on the underwear "

    يعني الإصابة بمرض تناسلي؟ج: السيلان بصفة عامة يعني ظهور سائل من مجرى البول. قد يكون ذلك شفاف اللون، صافياً، أو يظهر عن التهيج الجنسي أو نتيجة حساسية داخلية بمجرى البول، وتلك لا تعتبر بالحالات المرضية. أما إذا كان السائل أصفر اللون يشبه الصديد ويترك أثراً ولوناً على الملابس الداخلية فإنس هذه الحالة

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    The sky is falling in Afghan

    A journey into Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

    By NIR ROSEN of the Rolling Stone mag.

    Analysis :By Gerald

    From Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Oct 30, 08

    Great article, but
    naive, in its understanding of the 'Stan' situation.

    Some great insights into the Taliban, operations, motivations, beliefs and paradigm.

    Our Paradigm Intel forecasts some interesting points.

    The world wide depression which is just begining , will be blamed on what ever Government
    is in control, right now the Pakis think their economic decline is the fault of the Government
    at war with the Taliban.

    Now I am not suggesting this, but if USA pulled out the Taliban would be blamed for the economic decline during the depression, but as it is now the Government and the USA will be blamed.

    OPEC is headed towards a rachetting paradigm, part of OPEC shooting its self in the foot plan.
    OPEC let oil prices rise, by not expanding production to keep prices down, while swimming in the profits. But prices go so high many poor countries can't afford the oil, reducing pressure, and cutting demand, and the price has slipped from $147 BBl to $62 bbl yesterday.

    OPEC Countries talk about needing $80 bbl of oil prices, like if they can keep prices in that range
    they can make it a go economically.
    The other half of that equation is volume, they have to sell close to their peek volume to keep
    their economies a float at $80 a bbl. Well as the depression commences, volume demand will fall.

    So cutting production at some point becomes counter productive, and raising prices by lowering production will just prolong and expand the World depression. Further cutting demand.
    So they will cut production raising prices and more countries will buy less and less oil as the depression deepens reducing demand lowering oil prices again, at some point OPEC countries will reach a point
    they can no longer cut production and remain solvent or stable.

    At some point OPEC will realize the only way out is to raise production, and spur world wide recovery
    with cheap oil.

    The Chinese are also charter members of the shoot your self in the foot club.
    ( USA was the founding member )
    China has huge cash surpluses, which the world needs, and at some point the Chinese will grow a set of balls and rescue the world economic system as the world and China sinks into a world depression.

    And the USA feds need to get all deratives and sub-prime paper out of money markets.
    This will bring back bank confidence.
    Increasing FDIC insurance to $250k with out increasing FDIC reserves is meaningless.
    Putting some congressional whores, lobbyist and Banks CEO's in prison for the sub-prime mess and violation of usury laws will go a long way towards restoring confidence, and repealing the new bankruptcy laws the bank corps use against their victims would be a big confidence restorer.

    The article points out the problem the US Military have in dispensing law and order.
    They traditionally have been in the business of taking out Armies.
    That Paradigm is failing for the US Army.

    We saw that in Iraq, They beat the Iraqi armies and stood ready to do battle with any remaining army remnants, but didn't stop the looting, "not our Job".

    In Afghan ran out the Taliban, but let the war lords, pre-Taliban regime, take over again as crininals and corruption lead the way.

    The US Military does not dispense criminal and civil justice.
    The Taliban does dispense civil and criminal justice.

    When the Umma need a court they turn to the Taliban.
    USA is not offering much of an alternative.

    If a civil servant turns criminal the US Military won't do much.
    The Taliban will try him.

    Something in the article that surprised me was that the Taliban don't like the Taliban.
    Competing commanders shoot each other, Taliban members themselves were advising a
    divide and conquer plan against the Taliban.

    The Taliban admit they have declared open war on civilians.
    And you don't have to be an American spy to get beheaded,
    one can get beheaded for co-operating with the Americans.

    Thats got to be hard on the Ummah.

    The Taliban get support of the civilians/ummah by religion, patroitism, money or they kill you.
    Thats a Hell of a risk /reward ratio paradigm.

    US Forces have to provide enough troops to drive out the Taliban and occuppy Afghan, under
    Afghan Gov. control, and provide safety and security, and law and order, justice, courts.
    And if the appointees turn criminal, arrest them.

    Yes I know about the legal problems this paradigm entails but if the US doesn't provide these services the Taliban will. And if the people don't have security then the Taliban will just return and kill them for working with the Americans.

    The Afghan people don't want the Taliban, but don't have a choice, bend to the will of the Taliban
    or risk beheading, being shot or killed by suicide bombers.

    You put a gun to my familes head and I'll vote for the Taliban.
    The ummah will tell you the Taliban are good and they want the Taliban,
    while the Taliban gun is in the shadows.

    Provide the whole ummah with security and the Taliban will die, the Ummah will kill it.

    General David Petraeus has the paradigm he developed it in Iraq,
    and current paradigm intelligence indicates it will also work in "Stan".

    We are developing more anthropological papers based on the discoveries in his article.
    Check back G

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