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    Saturday, September 27, 2008

    "SecurityGhost@W.cN" Having trouble with SLQ

    BSU's tracking him and his activities ( see dates below ) and his friends.

    He tries so hard:
    For quite some time he has been trying to do SLQ injection on:

    الاشتراكي نت

    He has had some problems with his perl attacks.
    He speaks Chinese, and has lead us to some interesting Chinese hacker
    and hacker forums, and his friends and advisors.
    While his email addy is for China, he lives in Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia

    Couple of his "Friends" tiped us to some of his talk, he hasn't acted yet,
    But we have had him under surveillance for a while.
    If he follows thru with his threat we are ready to act.

    Thanks. for the list SG. We have some of your friends under surveillance now also.

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in ...


    We have his IP

    InternetAnthropologistTT at gmail dot com


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    anti-Iran radar

    A 14-plane US airlift lands high-powered FBX radar in Israel with US personnel

    DEBKAfile Special Report

    September 27, 2008, 5:17 PM (GMT+02:00)

    Unloading high-powered US anti-missile radar in Israel

    Unloading high-powered US anti-missile radar in Israel

    Huge US Air Force C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Gobemaster III transports have ferried the high-powered FBX-T anti-missile radar to Israel’s Nevatim Air Base south of Beersheba. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the transportable radar surveillance/forward-based X-band radar was accompanied by some 120 American European Command personnel. The area of its deployment at the Negev base has been fenced off and made off-limits to non-American personnel. 


    14 planes, 120 USA troops, for just one FBX-T radar?

    Get ready set ....



    From our source inside Beltway.

    Here is a photo of an offshore FBX-T.  We have many forward sensor stations like this, such as in Poland, Czech Republic, etc.  And many on our Aegis cruisers.
    The Israeli installation adds to the over-lapping grid of radar we are establishing.  Having forward sensors ringing the Middle East and N Korea adds to our probability of detecting launch phase trajectories of ICBM's, that is the key.  Knowing the destination and range of an ICBM tells us whether it is a test or a hostile launch so that we can respond accordingly.
    In a conflict, Iran will likely launch many Shahabs, before and during, hoping to mask their real target by over-whelming our detection.  ICBM's are the primary threat to us and our allies, as they are the most deliverable ordnance we face.  The global network of detection eventually neutralizes that problem.
    Having a very timely and accurate detection of test launches has an underlying goal, finding Iran's hidden launch sites.  Iran has very hardened sites in uncertain locations.  Launch phase detection and our subsequent "triangulation" spots those sites.
    The reason the Ruskies are so mad about Poland, etc. is that they are trying to sell weapon systems to Iran and our radar defenses make those systems obsolete and hard to sell.  We want Russia, Iran, N Korea out of the ICBM business for good and this global system makes their efforts futile and not marketable to say a Venezuela or Cuba....



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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    Warning needed

    Photo by Gerald, cr 2008

    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept. 26,08

    If only someone had warned us about the sub-prime problem and how it could lead to
    money market crash?

    The the Feds could have been prepared.................1/22/2008 02:14:00 PM

    If someone had warned us we would NOT have to be in a crisis mode in congress right now.

    Series 7 & 13

    I Just saw a video about how the Banks were FORCED to write bad loans.
    Video is in error in reference to the Bank Corps.

    It completely discounts the power of the Banking Lobby in congress.

    This law did not get passed without the bank Lobby's approval. Big cash up front and pass risk on to uncle sam ( Freddie Mac ) or the public in the form of ( real estate ) bonds.

    The real estate bonds are backed by homes, which are illiquid.
    And translated into bonds which are liquid.

    If the bonds go into default ( they quit making payments ) Then the RE bonds are backed by illiquid real estate, no income, but an asset none the less.

    The fraud and big losses will occur where the buildings or homes are frauds, not worth the loan.

    So the money/value is there real estate. But when the market went down
    an liquid asset turned Illiquid,
    Causing a run on credit.

    And cascading into the other liquid assets like money market funds.

    Long term these real estate bonds
    are solid.
    Short term they are illiquid.

    This threatens to locks up the liquid market, freeze it.
    Potentially Causing a run on cash.
    And a crash of the financial markets world wide.

    These BAD assets are sound financially
    just illiquid right now.

    The question becomes how many of these
    real estate bonds are backed by junk real estate, how greedy were the banks?

    I fear it is VERY HIGH. And in a bailout high risk for the US Taxpayer.

    If the banks were honest and didn't send trash real estate bonds out to the public then these are fire sale prices.

    But I don't trust the Bank Corps,
    40% intrest rate credit cards,
    re writting the bankruptcy laws to allow pursuit into the old folks homes
    for payments.

    Naaa their crooks

    If only someone had warned us about the sub-prime problem and how it could lead to
    money market crash?

    The the Feds could have been prepared.................1/22/2008 02:14:00 PM

    If someone had warned us we would NOT have to be in a crisis mode in congress right now.


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    Banking Lobbyist working 24/7

    Banking Lobbyist working 24/7


    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 26, 08

    Banking lobbyist teams working 24/7 and as covertly as possible.
    Kicked out of some congressmens offices, congressmen afraid of being seen with them.

    Banking corps have opened the pocket books.

    If the banls survive then the Lobbyist can cash the huge checks.


    Lobbyist are working at flank speed behnd the sceens on the phone, and secret meetings at private locations.

    Huge contributions being promised for congressmen who coperate with the banking corps.
    Just HUGE promises of donations if it goes right for the banks.

    Banking PR firms are already designing spin ads to get the public to share some of the blame.
    "The public borrowed money they couldn't pay back"
    BS, BS BS

    Its the banking corporations job to make GOOD loand and eat them of they turn out to be bad/default.

    Well the Banking Corps found a way to make bad loans and make the Government/taxpayers eat the bad loans with a bail out.

    Banking CEO and CIO thinking "well its just to big to let default, the Government
    will bail us out, we just need to design this so they HAVE TOO."

    Banking Corps have pulled out all the stops, and made contacts with both
    Pres. candidates financing committees, " in effect: play ball or NO banking money while your in office."

    They are working very hard on a response for 'who's fault this debacle is'.



    Special treatment for Banking corps, but not consumers/taxpayers, screw them.



    "What we know is that lobbyists have flooded the offices of Capitol Hill all of last week, and all last weekend after the Paulson bill was announced, and it's a lobbying frenzy," says Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation. "Without full transparency for what's in the legislation, we won't find out who got what until after the bill has been passed, and after it's too late for anybody to react to it."

    Ellen Miller, co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation, is requesting copies of the emerging bailout bill to post online for the public to view. She has already posted proposals by Sen. Chris Dodd and the Treasury Department online.
    Photo: Bruce Gilden

    Miller wants legislators to make any and all of the iterations of the legislation available electronically -- all the way until it is ready to be voted on on the floor of both congressional chambers.

    "It is an outrage that what Congress clearly plans to do is to drop this bill, minutes before they call for a vote on it, neither allowing those who get to vote on it, nor the public, to view it," she says.



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    NO politics here

    NO politics here..

    We don't do politics but this is war related.

    Bush and the Democrats want a bailout favorable to the banks, worng worng wrong.
    Even Obama is supporting the banking industry positions, a type of give away.
    McCain on the other hand is pushing for no free handouts to the banks and holding them to the fire.
    At some point there needs to be an Investigation and criminal charges.
    The Banking Lobbiests have their hooks into Bush and the Democrats and making them dance.

    McCain's intervention is not politics, he is the only one not bought out by Banking interests or at least running aginast a free ride for the banks.
    Bloomberg reporters just have no Idea, they have said McCain came in when the bailout was almost a done deal. And McCain is playing politics, duh,..NOT
    McCain is questioning the Banking freebie the current adminstration is handing the banks.
    Macian is Not gving into banking criminal lobbying pressure .
    The key is not cooperation but making sure the criminal banking element isn't directing this.
    My view of McCain just went up and Obmma down, seems hi is already in banking s pocket.
    I hope they hold out for Main street not Wall street.
    Watch which are the Whores for Banking.
    Roy Blunt has my support, and is on the right track.. G

    Series 7 and 13

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    Bail out has lobbiest spinning in background

    Photo by Gerald: CR 2008

    STORY: Bail out planning so far: Washington Post:

    Banks are objecting to some proposals.
    Banks got USA into this, I don't give a damn
    what they object too.

    Republicans holding out for more Taxpayer
    and consumer protection.
    Sen. John McCain shows Guts in face of Banking power.

    George Mad.

    "Frank said the primary remaining point of contention between Democrats and Republicans is a proposal to give bankruptcy judges new power to modify mortgages for troubled homeowners, an idea that is widely viewed as a bargaining chip. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) has said the provision, which is fiercely opposed by the banking industry, should not be included in the bill"

    Barack is concerned with what the Banks want....


    Economists warned Friday afternoon, Sept. 26, that if Congress fails to act in time, there will be “bloodbath” on world markets. The warning followed a rebellion in President George W. Bush’s own Republican party which disrupted negotiations on the verge of approving the $700 billion package approved by the White House to save foundering financial institutions by buying bad debts.

    It was led by presidential candidate John McCain. Democratic leaders said the insertion of presidential politics had torpedoed seven days of negotiations.

    British prime minister Gordon Brown has applied for a share of the bail-out to rescue UK banks. 

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    Inside view of IATT..

    Photo by Gerald, CR 2008

    Inside view of IATT.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 26, 08

    Some questions I get asked often so I would like to answer two of the Q.

    I've been asked if this kind of work is dangerous, and it can be, and one must take
    extraordinary precautions. But is is much less dangerous than what US Troops face.

    I'll stand in the path of the Enemy line.
    I Feel no fear. Cyber warrior

    #2) What is the work like?

    First and primary : our profession: Commercial competitive Intelligence services

    Secondary is our anti-terrorist Battalion, which fits our Primary mission activities like
    interlaced fingers.

    To start:

    Get report from Watch officer:
    Link on to Operations Encrypted IM
    Deploy cyber sidearm
    Check security logs
    Review G2 reports.

    Check Email;
    Check mole communications;
    Read Tips line.
    Check sources.

    Review all Companys comm.
    Check chatter and background noise.
    Read Bsu Feeds
    Read black boxes.
    Read news feed
    Collect OSINT
    Read site demographics.
    Check tracking movements
    Check Cell activity.

    Start G2 report
    collate data.
    Develop Paradigm Intel
    Estimate force composition for the day, deploy ops on new Intel.
    Activate or kill BSU's.
    Black BSU's  ( Bot Surveillance Units )
    Start writing days post.
    Check RSS of fav blogs.
    Over watch for days ops. 
    Prepare 5  paragraph Cyber field orders
    for each Ops. Issue orders.
    Run Ops and track rest.
    Company on patrol  HERE.

    While Ops running I,
    Track news.

    It is very addictive, and a real rush when Intel strings lead to actionable Intel.
    I over see a group of very dedicated genius teams, which don't know each other,
    and often work just a part of the op. I've burned out some Genius Analysts and cyber officers.

    Sometimes its like the movies, without the music, hense my juke box.
    Other times its dull and boring, another exciting part is when we come up with Intel
    that adds a new dimension to a public news story.

    Other times one puts out bait and may have to wait weeks for results.
    Waiting is very hard, almost painful.
    But waiting is also the professional part, not pushing anything too soon,
    processing intel and discovering its best use, and forming its context into a paradigm
    can be like chess, Which I've played for 45 years.

    Planning ops one tries to plan for all contingencies, burns and even infiltrations.
    We do have double agents among us, who have penetrated us and we are aware of them
    and find ways to use them.

    Some times hot items come right out of the blue, totally unexpected.
    A simple routine op may turn up a HVT.
    And we may work 24/7 to set up a op to exploit the Intel and wait 2 weeks
    or 2 months, for the target to act.

    The smallest piece of OSINT may fill in the biggest piece to an Intel op.

    After action activities include setting up BSU to track news related to the target to
    see what the feds do with the Intel. Or track metrics related to the target.

    We publicly report about 5% of our ops, carefully screened to avoid opsec.
    And to complete the operation.

    Paradigm Intel plays a big part in fitting the pieces together and
    planning ops, and pulling data out of a closed cell.

    The data flow is substantial and one constantly works to turn it into knowledge.
    And fit it into paradigms.

    It is a cross between a computer game a movie and a puzzle.( will be very good at this Game: )

    Often working till 3 or 4 am my time, daylight time for the Terrorist on the other side of the world.

    The ability to stream data 24/7 of interest to ones project is addictive,
    sometimes its a flood of sweet on target data, other times one could die of thirst just nothing
    coming in. And thats when we send out recon teams. Or steer moles.

    If I want to know something I can get, it if it is knowable, if not, I can get a 'READ'
    on the subject and a good feel for what I want to know.

    Part of the challenge is knowing what to work on, what targets are do-able.
    Even figuring out just what to do can be daunting.

    In general the Internet tells you what to do, the data streams point the direction.

    In developing posts often it is a question of censorship, selecting what is relevant, educational
    or countering propaganda. Do we have an "exclusive" that doesn't break our opsec, or do we post
    others material with our new Intel added to the story.

    I get withdrawal if I'm away from the data stream to long. it taste so SWEET.

    And you can read our OSINT here:


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    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Paki Travel vistas...suspended

    Our beltway source says:

    U.S.State Department suspended the issuance of travel visas to Pakistan this afternoon.
    update:to stop travel of Paki's to the US.  The Brit's did it a few days ago...
     Problem is that we are getting a lot of chatter in Pakistan about student/jihadists coming our way.  
    Visas are down until we can do better background checks and monitor them.  We want their DNA also and the Paki government says no, so no visas to travel here.  With DNA samples we can identify them and also figure out who they are related to.

    Breaking , more to come.


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    FBI Touts New Online Intelligence Systems

    FBI Touts New Online Intelligence Systems


    The FBI thinks it finally has some good news to announce about its legendarily troubled computer case file systems.

    Today officials ballyhooed the introduction of ORION, an online intelligence sharing system that will give federal and local investigators instant access to "every scrap of information ...." on a big breaking case, such as the DC Beltway Sniper shootings in 2002, which was plagued by law enforcement miscommunication.

    Supervisory Special Agent Mike McCoy, who worked on the Beltway Sniper case, helped design ORION -- the Operational Response and Investigative Online Network -- the FBI said. 

    "When a phone tip is entered into the system, ORION can actively process that raw data and "push" leads and intelligence to investigators," an FBI statement said. 

    "For example, if a phone tip is received in the L.A. office about a person in Boston who could be a suspect in a nationwide terrorism case, that information is entered into ORION, reviewed in L.A., and instantly routed electronically to Boston agents for action."

    "ORION also performs automatic searching of new information entered into the system to locate potentially matching persons, locations, vehicles, events, and organizations," the FBI further said. "These potential matches are shown to ORION users and help investigators "connect the dots" in a case where many FBI offices or law enforcement agencies are involved.

    ORION is a classified system "for Bureau use," the FBI said, "but we've also designed an unclassified version for our law enforcement partners available through our secure Law Enforcement Online (LEO) network, so we can exchange information on FBI cases virtually instantaneously." 

    It added, "State and local agencies can access ORION capabilities for their own critical cases."

    Last Friday, Sept. 19, the FBI also announced the rollout of eGuardian, which "will enable near real-time sharing and tracking of terror information and suspicious activities with our local, state, tribal, and federal partners."

    "It's actually a spin-off of a similar but classified tool called Guardian that we've been using inside the Bureau--and sharing with vetted partners--for the past four years," the FBI said.

    The FBI provided a "hypothetical" on how eGuardian would work.

    An NYPD detective is e-mailed a photograph of two suspicious men who appear to be casing the Brooklyn Bridge. Her department uploads the picture and inputs details about the pair into a computerized, Internet-based system called eGuardian, looking for similar incidents. Lo and behold, there's a match. Two men fitting the description had been spotted 48 hours earlier photographing the Washington Monument and are being sought for questioning. The NYPD report is sent via eGuardian to the state's fusion center, which reviews it and then passes it along to our New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, which will in turn share it with D.C. investigators.

    In August the FBI announced a major development in VICAP (the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program), which links "seemingly unrelated violent crime investigations."

    VICAP has been around in paper form since the mid-1980s, but the FBI said it was now going online, providing easy access for local law enforcement agents.

    "ViCAP will soon be available -- from any Internet terminal --- to participating law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal level," the FBI said.

    If  both programs work as advertised, they could bring long overdue improvements to the FBI's outmoded case management systems, which have been subject to withering criticism from Justice Department auditors and congressional overseers for years.

    In 2006 the Justice Department's inspector general gave the FBI's much-maligned computer overhaul effort a pat on the back, saying it "has taken important steps to help prevent the types of problems" that plagued earlier efforts.

    The FBI's program to improve its investigative case file system, called Sentinel, announced in March 2005, is the successor to the Virtual Case File (VCF) project that the FBI abandoned after three years and $170 million.

    The Sentinel program is on schedule for full roll-out by mid-2010, the FBI said today.

    Also on Wednesday, Zal Azmi, the FBI's chief information officer since 2004, announced he was leaving on Oct. 17. 

    "We have the programs in place to move forward," Azmi said. "So I think I'm at a point that I can easily transition from my current position to something else and the organization can continue on the path it's on."


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    Paki tid bits, al Qaeda to respond to banking problem

    Paradigm Intel:
    al Qaeda is working on response to USA's Banking Industry debacle.
    They are spinning the story into propaganda, taking credit for the problem and claiming
    victory against the great Satan.
    And claiming the US banking industrys criminal greed is Allah's vengeance.
    And that the GWOT is bankrupting the USA. False.
    I have two words for Washington: WAR BONDS.
    Any terrorist monies seized should be used to buy these war bonds.
    And allies that can't send troops can buy war bonds.



    PM’s security sniffer suffering from maggots
    By Amar Guriro

    KARACHI: One of the pair of German shepherds, used to sniff for explosive materials, brought in from Islamabad on Monday morning is suffering from maggots and an ear infection, Daily Times learnt on Wednesday. These dogs were brought from Islamabad as part of security measures... Full Story


    Government decides to build consensus on war on terror
    ISLAMABAD: In a cabinet meeting Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani chaired on Wednesday, the government decided to build a consensus in Pakistan to create ‘a sense of ownership’ for the war on terror. “This is Pakistan’s own war and we have to fight it in our national interest,” the prime minister said,... Full Story

    Two Marriott blast suspects arrested in Faisalabad
    LAHORE: Security agencies on Wednesday arrested two suspects in the Marriott Hotel bombing from Faisalabad, Express News reported. The Islamabad police, along with intelligence agencies’ officials, arrested the suspects form Adda Mureedwala, a town located on Samandri Road. The channel said that one... Full Story

    Taliban given one-day deadline to leave Khyber
    BARA: A jirga of the Mulagori tribe in Khyber Agency on Wednesday set a one-day deadline for the Taliban to leave the area or face an operation by the tribal force in accordance with tribal tradition. The ultimatum came at the jirga presided over by agency counsellor Abdul Manan. Hundreds of elders... Full Story

    Six ‘suicide bombers’ enter major cities
    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Security at important buildings and installations was beefed up on Wednesday after intelligence agencies reported that six suicide bombers had entered major cities in the country, Aaj TV reported.

    The channel quoted sources in the Interior Ministry as... Full Story

    699 suspected dengue cases admitted to date
    KARACHI: The total number of patients suspected to have dengue has increased to 699 on Wednesday, of which 202 cases have been confirmed, said Sindh Deputy Secretary Health and Focal person for dengue Dr Shakil Malik. According to a statement issued on Wednesday, Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed... Full Story

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