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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    NO politics here

    NO politics here..

    We don't do politics but this is war related.

    Bush and the Democrats want a bailout favorable to the banks, worng worng wrong.
    Even Obama is supporting the banking industry positions, a type of give away.
    McCain on the other hand is pushing for no free handouts to the banks and holding them to the fire.
    At some point there needs to be an Investigation and criminal charges.
    The Banking Lobbiests have their hooks into Bush and the Democrats and making them dance.

    McCain's intervention is not politics, he is the only one not bought out by Banking interests or at least running aginast a free ride for the banks.
    Bloomberg reporters just have no Idea, they have said McCain came in when the bailout was almost a done deal. And McCain is playing politics, duh,..NOT
    McCain is questioning the Banking freebie the current adminstration is handing the banks.
    Macian is Not gving into banking criminal lobbying pressure .
    The key is not cooperation but making sure the criminal banking element isn't directing this.
    My view of McCain just went up and Obmma down, seems hi is already in banking s pocket.
    I hope they hold out for Main street not Wall street.
    Watch which are the Whores for Banking.
    Roy Blunt has my support, and is on the right track.. G

    Series 7 and 13

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