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    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    U.S. Must Talk With Taliban

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    ok for all photos; must have attribution.

    Pakistani Governor: U.S. Must Talk With Taliban
    By ISAMBARD WILKINSON, The Daily Telegraph | September 25, 2008

    Peshawar, AfghanistanAmerica must broker a power-sharing agreement with the head of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, to establish peace in the region, the governor of Pakistan's lawless border areas has said.

    Owais Ghani, who governs the North West Frontier Province and its adjoining tribal areas, is the most prominent figure to advocate publicly holding talks with commanders leading the insurgency against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

    His thinking reflects that of Pakistan's military hard-liners who are accused by Western intelligence operatives of supporting the Afghan Taliban as a "hedging policy" to maintain influence in Afghanistan.

    "They have to talk to Mullah Omar, certainly — not maybe — and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and the Haqqani group," Mr Ghani told the Daily Telegraph.

    "The solution, the bottom line, is that political stability will only come to Afghanistan when all political power groups, irrespective of the length of their beard, are given their just due share in the political dispensation in Afghanistan."



    Umm... yes, US must talk with ALL the Taliban and al Qaeda leaders.
    We have a group on stand by awaiting directions and
    another few groups looking for their locations.

    The 'special' group is looking for every opportunity to 'TALK'
    with these leaders.

    President Bush has personally authorized a special message for them,
    Paradigm Intel suggest the message will be delivered with in a few months.



    Fidayeen-e Islam has telephoned the Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV office in Islamabad to claim responsibility for the attack on the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on Saturday. The phone call was made from within Pakistan but not from Islamabad. But that doesn't mean that Islamabad is free of terrorists and that the dumper truck that brought a ton of explosives to the Marriott came from any distant place. The killers are very much within us.

    The investigators have lost no time in concluding that the explosives were brought piece-meal into Islamabad and then loaded onto the truck inside the residential area. The truck was not sent from the Tribal Areas where masked Indian agents may have loaded it with RDX "because Pakistan is free of such quantities of lethal material". In fact, the truth is that Pakistan is full of lethal material and Islamabad is the centre of the ideology of Al Qaeda; and its exponents include people inside the organs of the state.

    The governor of the NWFP, Mr Owais Ghani, visited Lahore on Monday and briefed a gathering of senior media persons about the state of terrorism in the country. He argued that Pakistan should counter the so-called Islamist ideology of the terrorists with the ideology of Pakistan as a bastion of Islam, by which he did not mean the ideology of India's RAW but the ideology posited by Al Qaeda and followed by the Taliban and the jihadi militias once sponsored by the Pakistan state.



    Mr Owais Ghani with alleged favorable view of the Terrorist, is saying the Terrorist
    want to talk to USA.
    NOW THAT IS GOOD NEWS, can someone discuss with the terrorists what "unconditional surrender" means.
    If the Taliban and al Qaeda want talks and are feeling this out through their mouth piece Mr Owais Ghani, then they are hurting and feeling the pressure.


    How have they been able to track the terrorists with the predators?

    An alleged al-Qaeda member was such an important figure in the organisation that a junior associate was recruited to carry his "terrorist contacts book" when he flew into Britain, a jury was told yesterday.

    Rangzieb Ahmed, 33, flew home in December 2005 after an alleged terrorist operation in Dubai and Saudi Arabia was aborted when something went wrong.

    A second man, Habib Ahmed, 28, unrelated to Rangzieb Ahmed, was ordered to carry three books or diaries belonging to him that contained information on how al-Qaeda operatives could contact each other secretly, Manchester Crown Court was told.

    Some of the material, described as "considerably important to a terrorist", was written in invisible ink. Other passages related to communicating with other members and phone numbers of important al-Qaeda figures.

    Andrew Edis, QC, for the prosecution, told the jury: "It was, in fact, the contacts book of a terrorist."



    Well that explains all the hits in side Paki.


    al Qaeda Taliban in survival mode. Our Report G.

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