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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Banks eat the bad sub prime loans & WAR BONDS

    Photo by Gerald, copyright 2008

    Bankrupt the bastards.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Sept 22, 08

    Taxpayers should not get stuck with a Trillion dollar bail out of the Criminal banks.
    $ 1,000,000,000,000.00

    Pass the bad sub-prime loans back to the orginators.
    Do not send the bad sub-prime loans to the American taxpayer.
    Bankurpt the banks that OK'ed these bad loans, make them eat them,
    suffer the losses.

    Take the losses out of shareholder equity, after all they got the cash dividends.
    They got the increase in stock value, from selling bad loans.
    Liquidate the Banks that approved the BAD SUB PRIME loans,
     then ask about taxpayer help.

    These crooked criminal banks still have the profits from writing these
    bad sub-prime loans, they bundled them and sold them to Fannie and Freddie mac.
    Send them back to the banks with the losses attached, as a reverse bond. payment due upon 
    receipt and monthly. Bankrupt the Corporation that wrote the bad loans.
    Mess up the CEO that allowed bad loan policy.

    YOU wrote it YOU eat it.

    The banks re-wrote the bankruptcy laws to make it harder for the suckers they lured
    with bait and switch interest rates on credit cards, so the banks can go after the duped consumers for ever and NOW the banks want to walk away from the bad sub-prime loans
    and let the taxpayers pay for this sub prime criminal enterprise.

    The BANKS are screwing the taxpayer/consumer both ways, at both ends of their criminal enterprise.

    Banks want it both ways. 
    Watch which politicians take the money from the crooked Banks lobbyest's.
    Mortage loans: Taxpayer.
    Credit Cards: consumer.

    There has been a run on money markets by Investors pulling 145 billion out.
    Adding a trillion or two to the GND ( Gross National Debt ), will kick start inflation.
    They are adding maybe two trillion to the 9 Trillion already owed.

    The world will respond with inflationary pressures and devaluation of US Dollar,
    everything will cost more.  And dollar will buy less. American standards of living is headed down and cost of living is headed up.

     And thats the BEST scenario.

    If other nations quit buying treasury bonds, the bond markets could see a run.
    Which in turn will cause a run on banks. You wouldn't be able to get your money out.

    This is going to get ugly, we haven't seen the worst yet. 

    One way to bring about confidence in the Dollar is to cut Government spending.
    GWOT is very expensive, but with the threat of nuclear materials GWOT is still
    a 'must' Investment.


    WAR bonds could help fund GWOT and ease some of the pressure on economic markets.
    War bonds are equalivant to cutting Government costs/spending. G

    Criminal banks:


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