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    Monday, September 22, 2008

    Oil; no economic crisis in ME ?

    Photo by Gerald: copyright 2008

    Islamic Funds Buck Global Market Crisis
    By Babu Das Augustine

                            Note date above:

    The spectacular boom in Islamic finance during 2007 contrasted strongly with the global financial crisis induced by the subprime crisis, and… strong fundamentals are driving the strong performance of Islamic funds, according to Lipper, an international fund tracking company.

    Shari’a -compliant funds worldwide registered robust performance during 2007, posting a 26.53% return. Lipper registered 366 funds domiciled in 16 countries at the end of the year.

    Malaysia and Saudi Arabia were by far the largest markets for Islamic funds in terms of total assets under management and the number of funds available.

    In comparison to the overall average gains of global Islamic funds, the GCC-domiciled funds reported a slightly lower performance of 23.41% return. [To read more on where returns were highest and lowest for Shari’a-compliant equity funds, click here.]

    The Lipper Islamic Equity Fund Index ended the year with a 43.16% increase, while the Lipper Islamic Money Market Index increased 5.84%. The top-performing Islamic fund registered for sale in the GCC was Amanah GCC Equity, delivering an 82.25% return with a volatility of 21.39%.

    According to Lipper, among the GCC Islamic funds, those in Saudi Arabia were the most active within the region, with 85% of the 20 top funds being domiciled in that country.

    Commenting on the investment outlook for the region [the] Lipper report said the region enjoys a high degree of political stability, [and] the expansion of these economies into non-oil industries such as tourism and finance will make them more vulnerable to the cyclical nature of the global economy.

    Similarly, the GCC countries have been aggressive during the past few years in investing abroad through sovereign funds. It is estimated that over the past six years some $700 billion in capital has been invested by GCC funds in foreign countries.

    While this has formed part of the diversification strategy, they are also facing mounting pressure from foreign governments to clarify the objectives of their funds.


    According to Lipper, although the global economy is marked by uncertainties and lacks visibility with regards to the depth of the liquidity crisis, the GCC region seems to be sheltered from the rest of the world, mainly because of the strong revenue stream from oil production.

    However, the report said that there are a number of challenges the region will face in the coming years. The rising inflation and the Gulf countries’ efforts to address it within the proposed monetary union will be the main among them.



    Raising oil prices is bringing on an WORLD RECESSION, thank you OPEC.

    Doom and Gloom at Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange on Monday

    Arab Index hit 17-month low on U.S. fallout


    How ever in Iran they are in serious trouble, economic sanctions have Iran's inflation rate running at 25%


    Former Broker series 7 & 13



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