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    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Bin Ladens boss

    Photo by Gerald: copyright 2008

    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank, 
    Sept 23 2008

    Rember the Amercian evacuation of Lebanon? July 2006. 
    State Department officials estimated that roughly 25,000 Americans were in Lebanon.

    25,000 Americans in the center of the Middle East, and al Qaeda never touched even one.

    Who told Biny hands off Americans in Lebanon?
    Why would the terrorist not hit Americans in Lebanon?

    What force or power told Bin Laden and al Qaeda hands off Americans in Lebanon.

    Ole Biny has a boss whom he listens to someone has some authority over Biny.
    Maybe someone with pruse strings? Someone with interests in Lebanon,

    Whom would that be?
    Rich, powerful, and huge Lebanon holdings.

    BSU intel: al Qaeda is active in Lebanon, part of the old IAI, from Iraq.
    They are pursuing
    #1) Nuclear Materials and 
    #2) safe houses in Georgia.
    #3) Fund raising




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