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    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Yemen and the U.S.: Different Approaches to the War on Terrorism

    Yemen and the U.S.: Different Approaches to the War on Terrorism

    Reforming Terrorists with Islam

    The most unusual aspect of Yemen’s counter-terrorist efforts is a broad effort to reform religious extremism (both Shiite and Sunni) and replace it with a moderate approach to Islam. This task (rooted in traditional Yemeni methods of conflict resolution) has been handed to Yemen’s recently appointed minister for Endowments and Religious Guidance, Judge Hamoud Abdulhamid al-Hitar, who states, “The strategy will be an important factor in treating their mistaken ideas” (Yemen Observer, April 30).

    As the leader of Yemen’s Dialogue Committee, al-Hitar developed a policy of confronting incarcerated militants in debates designed to expose their misinterpretations of Islamic doctrine and challenge the legitimacy of al-Qaeda-style jihadism. Using “mutual respect” as a basis for the discussions, al-Hitar points to numerous successes in reforming the views of extremist prisoners, some of whom later provided the security apparatus with important intelligence.

    Hundreds of terrorism suspects have passed through the program. Recidivism is untracked, however, and there are reports that some of those released went to Iraq to fight U.S.-led coalition forces. The list of graduates is closely guarded, and ex-prisoners are warned not to discuss their participation in the dialogues, thus allowing a degree of deniability should graduates return to terrorism.

    For two years, the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Guidance has kept a close watch on unlicensed Quranic schools suspected of promoting political violence, although none have been closed so far. A corps of “religious guides” (both men and women) has been tasked with promoting “the noble values of Islam” and to establish the principles of moderation and tolerance in areas where the government fears extremism is feeding on a lack of religious knowledge (Saba News Agency, April 25).

    Saleh has challenged the country’s religious scholars and preachers to “clarify the facts” of Islam for the Muslim community, especially in rebellious Sa’dah province....

    Only Moslems can stop the al Qa'ida.
    al Qa'ida and the Mujahideen Shura ARE KILLING THE UMMAH, MUSLIM KILLING MUSLIM

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    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Iranian resistance video, COOL

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    Riots in Iran

    From our Informant connected to Iranian resistance:

    thousands in mashad city
    in the north eastern irn
    have clashed with toopers while they were
    trying to arrest and molest some individuals
    under the pretet of the dress code
    they has wide spread clashes
    Sent at 12:33 PM on Friday

    at the BOZORG MEHR cross over

    cell phone vid being forwarded to me.



    The police stoped a woman, and a she started yelling a young man came to her assistance and called upon the crowd to help .....

    Which they did, more police called in .....

    More of the Ummah become involved....

    Current estimate thousands involved....

    Woman escapes....


    if you red the news typed
    just listen to the sound
    the crowd is in a close distance
    the person that takes the shot goes near the place
    and you can detect the police ifficers
    they tell him to go away
    and diperse
    apparently the sec forces
    ask for help
    and new forces move into th eplace
    they tke position surrounding the place
    in the bank melt and the dhops arounf it
    trying to be in control
    so look at the place where
    the police officers are shown
    you could here the youth clapping

    and shouting against the police

    translated by our op

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    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    The forgotten

    Out of fury ..or dismay ??

    Looking at his picture…brought all the pain he suffered and witnessed at once to my thoughts. I felt that for seconds I was in his shoes…
    What pain!!!
    He must have been so frustrated, hopeless, ?
    Or perhaps..he was decisive to send a message ?
    “A young man set himself ablaze in front of Ahmadinejad’ s office “ he had suffered 80% burn and was in critical situation.
    I have been thinking on this for the past day and night…still have not made up my mind.
    But I wish that it was to send a message…I hate to see dismay and hopelessness here.. We need to be cheered up. In all protest movements, not to be condemned..
    The latter we are having each time the “EU and the USA” fall in to the Iranian trap and are lured to talk …
    Every time they make a contract, despite all the killings here…..and
    Who’s paying the price??Certainly not the EU and the USA, and of course not even those who write contently, analyzing the situation, as if playing chess!
    I should say that …they should for once look at this photo, and think for once the pain this person may have suffered to do make such antagonistic decision!!
    Please try to understand this frustration…
    We do not need “big thinking “and “analysis” . We need a good helping hand.
    Stop the help given to those responsible for terrorism abroad and inside on their own citizens.


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    Wednesday, May 09, 2007

    Qods, corruption, plunder, kickbacks

    The RGC in Business in a big way!
    Since 1979 the Pasdaran has undergone fundamental changes in operations, missions and function. Several indications point out that consequent to assuming most senior political, economic and cultural positions in Iran, the commanders of the Islamic Republic Guards Corps (IRGC) have launched an onslaught to take control/authority of the country's economic affairs.

    Case in point, corruption, was handing over three major construction contracts that were handed over to the IRGC. Two of these contracts were in oil and gas exploration, with a total value in excess of $7 billion. The Deputy Commander of "Khatam-al- Anbia Construction garrison" stated recently the number of projects that the IRGC has carried out without any formal biding process since the end of Iran-Iraq war in 1988 is 247.

    He said, "We have carried out 1220 nationwide, regional, public, industrial and mining projects and there are 247 projects currently under way." (State-controlled daily, Sharq, June 8, 2006) In addition to being involved in construction, the companies that are affiliated to the IRGC are extensively engaged in monetary ( banking ), movie production, chicken farm, honey bee farm, obtaining representative licenses from foreign firms and trade activities in releasing imported goods, mining, building stones and taking over public lands. Some is making big money.

    On several occasions, the IRGC has taken over huge pieces of land in posh areas of major cities, Tehran in particular and by resorting to force, threats of violence and murder, it has suppressed the other government agencies that had claims to these lands. Besides the IRGC, the the Para-military Basij force has entered the field of economics in an unprecedented manner. Subsequent to Ahmadinejad's becoming the president, General Rahim Safavi, the Commander in Chief of the IRGC, while talking about the future roles of the Basij said on July 29, 2005 that in addition to "confronting soft threats facing the country", the Basij would also "assist the government in its construction crusade ( payment for loyalty and violence )." ( State-controlled Fars news agency, July 29, 2005).

    New economic onslaught by the IRGC The new onslaught of the IRGC on Iran's economy is focused on carrying out strategic projects in the oil and gas fields. Out of the $7 billion contract handed by the Ahmadinejad government to IRGC without any bidding, one of the contracts that was not in the oil sector was constructing 27 Kilometers of Tehran's metro.

    This contract was handed to "Khatam-al- Anbia" garrison in April 2006. Two other projects pertained to huge projects in exploring gas reserves of the country and constructing 900 Kilometers of gas pipelines. These two contracts were about phase 15 and 16 of Pars-Jonobi (southern Pars) gas reserves.

    "The contracts for phase 15 and 16 of expansion of southern Pars gas field were signed in Asalouyeh on June 28. The Speaker of the Parliament, the Oil Minister and Deputy Commander of the Khatam-al-anbia garrison signed the agreement. The objectives of phases 15 and 16 of expansion of southern Pars gas fields were exploring 56 million and 600 thousand cubic meters of natural gas daily, 50 million cubic meters of refined natural gas daily, one million tons of Ethan and 50 thousand tons of liquid gas at each phase. The refining of gas in Asalouyeh would be carried out by Khatam-al-anbia garrison. The cost of this project is estimated to be around $2 billion and $97 million. By adding the cost for refining section of the contract, the total cost would be around $2.9 billion. Akbar Torkan, the Director of Pars Oil and Gas Company said: "Upon the orders of the President, the budget for the expansion of phases 15 and 16 of southern Pars fields will be provided from government reserves." (Fars news agency, March 5, 2006) Contract to install nationwide natural gas pipe-line This contract was signed on June 7, 2006 between the Khatam-al-anbia garrison of the IRGC and the Oil Ministry. Rahim Safavi, the Commander in Chief of the IRGC and the Oil Minister were present during the signing ceremony.

    According to this contract, the IRGC with a cost of $1.3 billion will transfer natural gas from Asalouyeh to Bandar-Abbas and from there to Sistan-Baluchestan. This pipeline that will end at Iranshahr at the current phase is about 900 Kilometers long. The ultimate objective is to export natural gas to Pakistan by this pipeline. Motive of the IRGC in this economic onslaught In comparison to other similar government institutions like Mostazafan (deprived) Foundation and Qods Razavi, the IRGC is the only institution in Ahmadinejad administration that has obtained the right of extensive activity in the oil and gas sector.
    Why have others been cut out of this profitabe project? Whom is making the profits?

    The type of economic engagement that the IRGC has engaged in shows that economic plunder is not the only motive. Rather, they want to implement their security and military considerations and views of the ruling faction on the country's economy and its most important sector, i.e., the oil and natural gas sector. In reference to scope of plundering that the commanders of IRGC enjoy as a result of their engagement in the economic affairs of the country, the case in point is when Ahmadinejad introduced Sadeq Mahsouli, a former commander of the IRGC as the candidate for Minister of Oil, it was revealed that Mahsouli had accumulated 50 billion Tomans ( $60 million) during his tenure in the IRGC. What was the kick back to tom?

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    Nuke both Mecca AND Medina?

    "In the event of a nuclear terrorist strike on the United States, both Mecca AND Medina MUST suffer a nuclear strike in retaliation. It is the ONLY response that makes sense. Not only would it be necessary to nuke those cities, but it would ONLY be a sufficient response if the "dirtiest" nuclear device in the U.S. inventory were utilized in the strike. By "dirty" nuke, I mean a device that would make their two "holiest" sites completely uninhabitable (certain poison to human life) for the next 10,000 years. The nuclear contamination MUST be THAT severe."

    I think this is pretty scary stuff.
    TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE, I am writing this article because I am against this.
    USA took, by force of arms TWO ME countries for 3000 dead Americans.
    Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    I don't want to think what Bush would do if a nuke hit USA.

    Bin Laden must understand the consequences and possible reactions to a nuke in USA.

    There are right wing sectors, planning a contingency plan for this type of strike.
    The Pentagon plans contingencies for everything.

    I would hope this would never happen but with Bush who knows.
    This would result in Islam boiling over

    But might be the END of Islam.

    USA can fight al Qeada all over the world,
    AQ sprang from the loins of Islam.
    Islam is responsible to bring them to hag.
    Only Islam can stop AQ but... they don't have to fight MUNAAFIQEEN alone.
    time is running out....

    Only Moslems can stop the al Qa'ida.
    al Qa'ida and the Mujahideen Shura ARE KILLING THE UMMAH, MUSLIM KILLING MUSLIM

    The big question is who's side is time on?

    Many Muslims have been attacking al Qadea, is there enough time, before something catrosphic happens?

    "Abu Khula, Abu Khula said his group represents some 17 nationalist insurgent organizations,Rahman Abu Khula said his movement, a group of former Baath party officials and army officers known as the Islamic Army, was at pains to distance his group, which is made up of largely secular former regime elements, from Islamist insurgent outfits such as Al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sunna, which are known for attacks targeting civilians. "The brothers in Al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sunnah use explosions as part of their strategies," he said, claiming that Baathists and
    Saddamists are often wrongfully blamed for these atrocities. "We do not target Iraqis, even their animals.

    The leaders of many of the Sunni Arab tribes which met on Sunday also criticized Al-Qaeda and other religious groups for provoking divisions in the resistance and attacking members of their tribes.

    AQ Muslim killing Muslim, killing women and children, bombing Mosques and market places.

    "Prime Minister" of Jihadism"

    Bin Laden used this as the basis for his fatwa, NOT ALLOWED.

    The Qarran orders Bin Laden's death.


    My point is what do you think George B. would do if a nuke hit USA?

    We want to avoid that and any reaction if possible,
    we want to avoid that RIGHT???

    Allah is great,

    Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the (false moujadeem), Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact

    report terrorist in Secret

    Zemanta Pixie

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    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Irans Qods Ramazan Base

    Irans Ramazan Base
    Irans Ramazan sector ops are to conduct the affairs in Iraq. The sections commander is Brig. Gen Pasdar Iraj Masjedi, his second is Brig. Gen Pasdar Ahmad Foroozandeh.

    Ramazan sector includes six assistants, three sections and four tactical bases and its C&C headquarters is located in Tehran.

    In August 2003 a few months after the downfall of Saddam, the Qods Force transfered the Ramazan Base headquarters to the bodrer regions with Iraq to facilitate controlling the ops in Iraq.

    In March 2004, it organized the command inside Iraq into three areas; they are the northwestern the middle and the southern areas. and appointed the highest experienced ranking secret service commanders for the three areas.

    The southern area is under Brig. Gen. Pasdar Ahmad Foroozandeh, he is responsible for terrorism and intelligence ops in Basra, Nasserieh, Najaf, Karbala, Hilla and other southern regions.

    The operational bases for the southern areas are l in the Iranian towns of Shalamjeh, Khorramshahr, Howeizeh and Bostan.

    The area C&C headquarters is in the Fajr Base in Ahvaz.
    The Iranian regime's intelligence and terrorism ops in the provinces of Meissan and Wasset as well as part of Baghdad are controled by the middle area under the command of Brig. Gen. Pasdar Hamid Taghavi. The middle areas command headquarters is in the Zafar, in Kermanshah and it is supported by the sections in the towns of Mehran and Dehloran.

    The northwestern area is run by Brig. Gen. Pasdar Shahla'ee and covers the terrorism and intelligence ops in Diyala Province, and the entire Iraqi Kurdish region, Ta'amim Province and the Neinawa Province.

    The operations are supported by bases in the towns of Qasr Shirin and Sar Pol Zehab. The C&C headquarters of the Nassr Base in the Iranian city of Naghadeh and the Ra'ad Base in Marivan also support the area.

    Iran has a covert operation running in Iraq running over 70,000 men.
    The IRGC Irans Qods Force is the Intelligence service responsible forrunning ops in Iraq and has a multi-billion dollar budget allocated for corrupting Iraq's internal affairs.

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    Monday, May 07, 2007

    Paint ball: training for urban combat

    Paint ball: training for urban combat
    "paintball jihad" cases are good examples of activities by Muslim men in the U.S. While the same activities by others might not raise an eyebrow, if its Muslims there is some suspicion. Is this a form of legal terrorist training, practicing urban combat?

    But if they are also involved in purchasing illegal automatic weapons there can be little doubt.

    Douglas J. Hagmann says: "Since it has become more difficult for them to leave the country or train with actual weapons, they will get together and train using paintball guns. They will engage in paramilitary-style training right under our noses, and lie about it to our faces. They are protected, in some cases, by the religious Imams, some who even encourage or schedule such outings.

    On Tuesday, May 2, 2007, a federal indictment was unsealed in the U.S. federal court in St. Louis naming eight Islamic men as defendants in a case involving the buying, selling or hiding of automatic weapons, an anti-personnel mine and other explosives.

    In the case of ABUELAWI and the other seven defendants, the men met at gas stations located in north St. Louis between August 2006 and January 2007 to buy or transfer automatic weapons and explosives. In the original documents charging Abuelawi, Sumad is quoted in a meeting with ABUELAWI and a government informer as saying that "he wants to buy as many explosives as possible because, 'we're going to war.

    The case originated with the arrest of Mousa M. ABUELAWI, 22, of Creve Coeur, MO on December 29, 2006. He was charged with three counts of illegal possession or distribution of a machine gun and conspiracy to violate machine gun statutes. A superseding indictment unsealed yesterday, charges ABUELAWI and seven others with machine gun charges and charges of conspiracy, lying to the FBI and other firearms violations. The other seven defendants identified in the indictment are identified as: Thaer Abde SUMAD, 23, of Florissant, MO, Abdikarin WARSAME, 28, Charley M. HUNT Jr., 45, Darnell T. THORNTON, 25, and Hussein Ali NURE, 29, all from Jennings, MO, Mohamed JUDEH, 20, of Maryland Heights and Otha L. BAKER, 20, of St. Louis. If found guilty of the charges, the men face 5-10 years in prison."

    This raises some serious questions. We must realize it is possible to train insurgents right here int he USA and the black market can supply automatic weapons.

    Now think of the recent University shooting, of the Washington DC snipers.
    And our pourris Canadian and Mexican borders.

    Mix this together and we can see the potential danger.

    If gun laws worked we would have BOMB control laws.
    The bad guys by definition DON'T follow laws.
    A law doesn't stop crime or criminals....
    look in the prisons.

    When you think gun Control laws, think bomb control laws.
    That should be the headset.
    Now just watch someone will pass a law against
    suicide bomb belts in town!!!

    Add to this the Internet terrorist web sites and the training manuals and how they are used for command and control,
    recruitment and propaganda.

    And the willingness to perform suicide bombings and soon this starts looking like a more serious threat.

    There used to be a false sense of security based on familiarity.
    If they live here long enough they then they will get to know us and won't attack.
    Some of the 911 members had lived in USA for 2 years.

    They used the airline schools in the USA to train for 911, can they use paintball for training also?
    The airline schools were legal, some of them even got student loans, and the paintball is also legal.

    I think it would be in bad form for a group of Muslims to go practice paint ball, but it is not illegal.

    We need to be vigilant and be protective of every ones rights.
    Or we have lost the war by default.

    When they played, I wonder if they wore those black outfits with the mask?
    Of course they wore masks, it was paintball.

    The USA has been making progress, taking out al Qaeda leaders.
    They are quickly replaced, but the replacement, same as civilian corporate life is usually second best to the first choice, and interrupts the smooth operation of any organization.
    And there is the catch up/retraining of the the new executive.

    And the speed in which they replace these guys means they don't have a huge field of candidates to choose from. Loosing cadre means a less qualified, less experienced al Qaeda.

    In some cases they are down to the third teir of leaders.
    Look around in your business, look at the number 3 guy, imagine him running things, and you have an idea of al Qadeas troubles, and the progress USA is making.

    Eventually the USA is going home.
    the Sunni and Shia can fight al Qaeda alone,
    or fight with USA's attack
    Eventually the USA is going home.

    USA can fight al Qeada all over the world,
    AQ sprang from the loins of Islam.
    Islam is responsible to bring them to hag.
    Only Islam can stop AQ but they don't have to fight MUNAAFIQEEN alone.

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