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    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    The forgotten

    Out of fury ..or dismay ??

    Looking at his picture…brought all the pain he suffered and witnessed at once to my thoughts. I felt that for seconds I was in his shoes…
    What pain!!!
    He must have been so frustrated, hopeless, ?
    Or perhaps..he was decisive to send a message ?
    “A young man set himself ablaze in front of Ahmadinejad’ s office “ he had suffered 80% burn and was in critical situation.
    I have been thinking on this for the past day and night…still have not made up my mind.
    But I wish that it was to send a message…I hate to see dismay and hopelessness here.. We need to be cheered up. In all protest movements, not to be condemned..
    The latter we are having each time the “EU and the USA” fall in to the Iranian trap and are lured to talk …
    Every time they make a contract, despite all the killings here…..and
    Who’s paying the price??Certainly not the EU and the USA, and of course not even those who write contently, analyzing the situation, as if playing chess!
    I should say that …they should for once look at this photo, and think for once the pain this person may have suffered to do make such antagonistic decision!!
    Please try to understand this frustration…
    We do not need “big thinking “and “analysis” . We need a good helping hand.
    Stop the help given to those responsible for terrorism abroad and inside on their own citizens.


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