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    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Riots in Iran

    From our Informant connected to Iranian resistance:

    thousands in mashad city
    in the north eastern irn
    have clashed with toopers while they were
    trying to arrest and molest some individuals
    under the pretet of the dress code
    they has wide spread clashes
    Sent at 12:33 PM on Friday

    at the BOZORG MEHR cross over

    cell phone vid being forwarded to me.



    The police stoped a woman, and a she started yelling a young man came to her assistance and called upon the crowd to help .....

    Which they did, more police called in .....

    More of the Ummah become involved....

    Current estimate thousands involved....

    Woman escapes....


    if you red the news typed
    just listen to the sound
    the crowd is in a close distance
    the person that takes the shot goes near the place
    and you can detect the police ifficers
    they tell him to go away
    and diperse
    apparently the sec forces
    ask for help
    and new forces move into th eplace
    they tke position surrounding the place
    in the bank melt and the dhops arounf it
    trying to be in control
    so look at the place where
    the police officers are shown
    you could here the youth clapping

    and shouting against the police

    translated by our op

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