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    Friday, April 08, 2011

    New US Cyber offensive paradigm

    More of our INTEL

    Many foreign Intelligence agencys and hackers
    use the DOD and Government networks
    for cyber target practice.
    As there is little or no consequence to attacking them.

    And there have been cyber pundits that have argued
    one cannot attack them back as it might be a bot
    on some innocent persons PC or even a critical
    PC, like a hospital and have made that argument
    as a reason to remain passive, a safe fire wall for
    hackers to pound on.

    Playing Defense: Lt. Gen.William T Lord "enemy will batter away at our applications" (They are erecting coastal defenses a Maginot Line....G )  through rigorous testing, and then apply program management office money to fix any holes, as opposed to funding the next new release of capability.

    The US Government has been providing free,
    safe training targets for hackers, as they have
    no offensive force.

    This paradigm is a method of addressing
    that passivity and providing a consequence for
    attacking the DOD or other Government networks.

    The first question is Who is attacking,
    if its a bot net there are ways of determining that.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: WarIntel Bot probe

    If its a bot net attacking there are indicators, one can
    even tell what kind of bot net is attacking.

    On all attacks one gets an IP, which is enlightening,
    running a "Whois" on it can tell if it belongs to a hospital
    or bank, sometimes. Other times its almost useless.

    And there are "POP UPs" that can get around your
    anti-pop up soft ware.
    Even persistent pop ups, the only way to knock them down
    is click on them, and get infected or close and reopen your
    entire browser and all tabs.
    We discovered them during a Porno operation.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Porn as Infowar weapon.

    And for repeat offenders we have "Cyber Chain guns"
    with persistent adventures.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: IATT Cyber capabilities

    Which will identify the attacker, and stay with him like a WART.
    And allow one to dispense justice on ones own time line as 
    their ID is discovered and according to their offense.

    And Jester has a cyber side arm that can take an IP off line
    for up to 8 days, thats all he has demonstrated so far.

    Ok we now have all the tools, and in working proof of concept.
    How do they work together?

    Upon the first attack the IP is logged and a Whois is automatically
    run looking for soft critical targets, like hospitals ect.
    And 'if' and the kind of bot net is checked.

    And a semi persistent pop up is sent.
    That is a pop up that stops the PC owner from
    knocking/closing it down, but allows them to open other
    tabs and recreate the blocked tab.

    The pop up also gives an emergency phone number
    for its removal in critical situations.

    If its a known bot net a link to bot removal is provided.
    And a warning that that PC attacked a critical US network.
    And told if that PC attacks again it maybe blocked from
    connecting to the WWW for 15 min up to 8 days.

    So if its a hospital in a critical operation they can call
    for immediate removal of the popup blocking the critical
    tab. Or open a new tab and recreate the window.

    A log of the attackers IP is recorded.

    The next attack a Jester type attack is launched
    cutting that IP off from the WWW for 15 min.

    The third time an hour.
    And each time  persistent pop up is included,
    maybe one that causes them to reboot their
    browser to regain control or click a link which
    launches some key exploit to further ID them.

    And at some point we can fire the "chain gun"
    launching a myriad of adventures or exploits,
    to penetrate the attacker for ID purposes or punishment.

    If they are using a proxy we penetrate it and 
    track and collect real IP.
    Google attempted this in a timid way
    when they were attacked.

    We have the technology, and can safely deploy
    it, but who has the leadership and power to 
    deploy it, finally a cyber offensive to hacker attacks.

    Ad magnum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ashraf slaughter, 23 dead, Iraq Iran resistance

    More of our INTEL

    URGENT attention :Massacre in Camp Ashraf: If no action till tonight more killed

    From a contact in Iranian underground:

    It is a solemn moment for thousands as we stand and watch the International Community stand while Iraqi pro Khamnei army massacres Ashraf residents :
    Humanity is Betrayed!
    Mrs. Clinton IS SILENT!
    Mrs. Pillay is Silent : and yet again we have to do something to stop the massacre :
    The wounded MUST be allowed to go to hospital !
    When I received the news of at least 23 dead , including young girls and youth in Camp Ashraf today (since the attack started last night) , I immediately thought of writing you.
    Names of some of those killed so far : Pictures attached
     Fateme Mashih and Marzie Pournaghi, Ahmad Aghaie, Mehdi Barzegar, Sied Reza Pourhashem,Gholam Talghazi,Nastaran Azimi and Faeze Rajabi, .
    Reports and clips speak the truth among a pile of anti- PMOI propaganda, there is now a wave of sympathy for those innocent who dies since last night because they did not accept bulldozers to brush them aside from what is now their home (Ashraf). Obviously if there is any humanity left in this world one would expect it from your office, in action, at the right time.
    Reports say that there are may be 200 wounded in the camp: bullets and beatings by Iraqi forces. Some may bleed to death since the camphospital. Iraqi intruders are armed and dangerous for those who are wounded. Obviously one cannot hand over the lamp to the wolves here. What is desperately expected in the Iranian Diaspora is a Humanitarian intervention of Mrs. Pillay to send the wounded to the American Hospital in Baghdad, since no other place at the moment is safe for these victims. We need Mrs. Clinton's direct intervention , otherwise there is a blood bath there and this tide will turn back against all those who watched and intentionally did not do anything to stop it.
    I have attached document clips which are on the net already, and also pictures of those killed brutally in this unjust confrontation.
    Please tell me: : What can you do? Could you distribute the news ?
    Yours sincerely
    Name with held:

     LINK to one of Iranian Facebook pages on those killed in the brutal attack:
    Iraqi Troops firing on the residents who are trying to prevent a catastrophe

    Killed: Some by Iraq:

    The Agents PS:
    Plz spread it . It is obvious that Iraian regime is trying to obliterate these people.
    Please RETWEET, G



    Defense Secretary Robert Gates urged the Iraqi government on Friday to "show restraint" after security forces stormed an Iranian opposition refugee camp that had long existed under the protection of the U.S. and its coalition partners.

    "We have been monitoring the situation at Camp Ashraf in Diyala," said Gates after a visit with American troops in Iraq. "We are very concerned with reports of deaths, of injuries resulting from this morning's clash between Iraqi Security Forces and the MEK. I urge the Iraqi government to show restraint and live up to their commitments to treat the residents of Ashraf in accordance with Iraqi law and their international obligations."

    Gates said no American troops were involved in the attacks, but that medical assistance was offered.
    Read more:

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    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    Future of Afpak

    More of our INTEL

    al qaeda and Taliban have switched to new very successful paradigm,
    terrorist are lesser evil, US is worse evil, under guise of nationalism.

    Paradigm moving towards forcing US out of Afpak.
    US preparing for new covert war. Petraeus moving to CIA,
    US goes CIA covert WAR, & drone war with Petraeus.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm

    Expanded Tweets:
    US Koran burning, ruse to ignite psychotic explosive Afghan 
    cocktail -  New problem 

    Taliban supports Afghan protest over Quran burning -

    US wins every battle, kills all  mid-level cadre and still 
    loose WAR, basis of inferior 

      force US withdrawal,spiral into 
    econ depression, terrorist states, Blood bath and US will 
    be blamed.
    Paki ISI running a Terrorist GpTaliban - Internet Anthropologist ...

      econ to collapse,become bigger 
    drug exporters see  Drug war 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm

    Its going to get very messy but cheaper.

    Pakistani military's effort to clear militants from Mohmand, a part of the northwest Pakistan's tribal areas, was failing for the third time in two years. 

    The report also lamented that although that four coordination centres operated by US, Pakistan and Afghan troops are up and running on the Afghan side of the border, none are yet operating on the Pakistan side despite a pledge in 2009 from Pakistan to do so. 

    "The deterioration of Pakistan's economy and slow progress on economic reforms poses the greatest threat to Pakistan's stability over the medium term,"

    Cleaning up  ’s banking system - collapse of the economy possible 

    Pakistan's Governments clear effort to stop drones from attacking Taliban in their
    Paki sanctuaries is a clear message of insurgency support.
    Kidnapping Davis and other pressures to stop sanctuary attacks.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Al-Qaeda's Pakistan PSYOP

    How Taliban al qaeda set this NEW Paradigm up.

    War Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, April 04, 2011

    IATT Cyber capabilities

    More of our INTEL

    We have been asked about our capabilities by
    the FBI, CIA,Anonymous and others.

    Even under threat we have declined specific
    information on our capabilities.

    To divulge our capabilities would limit operations.
    To define them could nullify their effectiveness.
    For the FBI we put together a power point about
    some of our operations that produced actionable
    Intelligence that they used.

    Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    The Anonymous commodore in the Iranian operation
    whom we worked with/for asked for our capabilities and
    even threatened my destruction.
    So I battened down all the hatches, called up all our
    LPs and defense forces and alerted our counter surveillance
    teams, and then reported to him for "Destruction",
    he declined stating we were too valuable and would be
    a waste of resources.

    On the Iran operation Anonyous had a mole problem,
    which we solved but they were concerned with our
    method and the kind of data we could collect and
    broke off all communication with us.
    We deleted all files related to this operation.

    Another Intelligence agency caught us tracking
    one of their agents, and still take our reports but
    have cut off all communication.
    They tore his notebook apart, examined every
    byte and didn't find anything.
    We had reported some critical info and wanted
    to be sure it was followed up on so we tracked him.
    They did dispatched him to Europe for
    follow up on our Intel.

    We live and learn.

    Our Agents are fully cloaked, stealthed, covert, secure, linked 
    by encrypted IM and communications channels.
    We leave no tracks or can drop a false trail leading
    where we want.

    We use BSU's, Bot Surveillance Units, 100,00+
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What are BSUs.
    and Pradigm Intel.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: What is "Paradigm Intel"
    And COWs, Cyber Over Watch
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Don't have a COW man

    And other forms of Intelligence collection.

    Some times we use traps specific to our target.
    Some traps have been set for 10 yrs now, waiting
    for a trigger, on some targets we have set as many as 7

    Some of our operations, strikes include chain functions
    where up to 45 different methods are employed, like
    fired from an automatic weapon.

    We have also used persistent threats, setting waiting for
    a slip in opsec to perform.
    Other monitor conditions looking for effective environment
    to activate themselves, any slip in security.
    And we use vectoring, many methods any IT professional
    knows about, and would exclaim they only work 10% of the
    time and retrieve only small amounts of data.
    But when you chain many of these simple methods
    together each reporting different, bits and pieces some
    times you get a big actionable picture.
    Or vector an method kind of like triangulation.
    If we can get some good triangulations we have
    a good hit.
    Some methods are like an automatic weapon,
    and just fire off a chain of ventures.
    Others are like a shotgun, and are not surgical
    in strike capability, but a broader approach.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban webmaster, IPs ...
    Some are limited to tracking, others limited
    to obtaining packets.
    Kind of like building blocks, we package
    an attack with specific blocks for specific
    Lock n load packages/blocks and fire.

    Some are random traps looking for a very
    specific demographic, or individual.

    There are sniper teams, recon teams even
    combat teams.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Cyber Sniper 
    We have cyber side arms and a heavy cyber weapons
    squad, and believe in self defense as reasonable cause
    to strike world wide. We will defend ourselves.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Hired guns: Cyberwarfare and ...

    The FBI requested some specific info
    and I assigned a team to do Google searches,
    These are vertical searches, common Google search,
    they had 10 hrs and 4 members to find the data
    requested, they failed.
    I used a horizontal search method and recovered
    the data from Google in an hour, Google didn't index the info
    we wanted but I was able to wring it out of Google
    with a different method. Horizontal search.

    And have contacts with a dozen Intelligence agencys.
    Both inside and outside the US.
    And a full battalion to draw upon, our public
    Company "C" .
    We are looking for good Hackers.
    Key members are vetted.

    Our Osint is sweet and addictive, and comprehensive.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside view of IATT..
    And now with Twitter, real time.

    This is a small look into our capabilities and methods,
    and by no means representative of out full capabilities.
    But you get a general idea of how we work.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Internet Anthropologist Team

    We welcome Secret sources: Secure, encrypted,
    cloaked communications channel will be set up for you.
    And set up Cyber Over Watch.
    We go to great lengths to protect your ID.
    Even from the US Government, the News reporters shield
    applies to .Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    10 yrs experience, tried and true.
    We can with hold your ID from US Gov. if you so
    wish. Or don't give us your ID.
    Initial contact:
    Pick a site here: 
    Post info and send me the URL.

    Iran, ISI, Mil, Gov, IRCG, MOIS. Japan Whalers, Taliban, al qaeda
    all welcome.



    From the Executive branch, Intel agencys
    and Feds.

    "You're well known, frankly, the best at the game."

    " It is rare to find original source, no-blink,"

    Feds have said; "no complaints about Your Intel, None.."

    From a Government Intelligence Contractor:

    "Your site is known for reliable and timely intel. All the

    other bloggers, including xxxxxxxx are just cutting and

    pasting open source info. Yours offers original source

    info you can't ( get ) anywhere else.

    One of my best contacts is XXXXXXXXX program, they have

    asked about your intel a couple of times last year, so I

    know they are watching every day along with several direct

    contacts up range at XXXXX. No one else is doing what you


    Thanks G

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Insurgents demand reduction in American Freedoms

    More of our INTEL

    Afghanistan Murder Apologists Reid R. & Graham R. Call for Free Speech Limits & Koran Burning  Inquiry

    Message them here:
    @ & @

    I think its a good idea, lets carry it one step further,
    lets just suspend all rights of Free speech in America,
    that might cut criticism and please the Psychotics in

    But there is no reason to stop there either, lets pack
    up all the US courts and install Shariah law throughout 

    Closing all the Girls schools and mandating the Berka for
    all US women too. 

    Or maybe impeach Reid and Graham and anyone else
    who advocates infringing American rights because
    of a sick psychotic minority.

    While I think burning the Koran is misguided,
    in the US the citizens have the right to burn ANY

    US Troops are in Afghanistan fighting for the rights
    of US citizens. And the burning of the Koran may
    increase the threat against them, but the US should not
    infringe in the Rights of Americans because some
    psychotics are on a killing rampage in Afghan.

    If the war in Afghan requires disassembling American
    rights then maybe US should pull out if the US Military
    can't handle the threat.

    If they win the blackmail on Quran burning whats next?
    Using Drones maybe?

    Where is this murderous minority coming from?
    Where is this extreme anti-Americanism coming from?
    Its the Taliban and al Qaeda filling a vacuum in the 
    Infowar realm.

    Last month I posted on the insurgents in Afpak
    changed their paradigm, and I out lined it is some
    The insurgents, Taliban and al qaeda gave up "Teh
    they are the GOOD GUYS" and have switched to
    a propaganda paradigm that they are the lesser Evil.
    US being the greater Evil. And are promoting it under
    the guise of Nationalism, Ahmed Quraishi at is a good example.
    Spreading lies and hatred, propaganda and lying to the

    In Afpak accusations that the Taliban is US funded
    gain purchase, so weak is the US infowar.

    Keep the focus on the murders, burning a Quaran
    is no reason to KILL innocents.
    US should not give the insurgents this victory.
    US should not validate their actions by changing
    American Freedoms.

    Quran-burning preacher in spotlight -  He didnot kill anyone, the Psychos in Afghan DID,keep blame on right people,

    Afghan PSYCHOS BLACKMAIL @ & @fold:call for Free speech limits,both  Call for Impeachment

    The US is winning every battle and killing every mid-level cadre
    the Taliban promotes, but US will loose the WAR unless they
    correct the problems with the Infowar, spreading the Truth.

    Israel made adjustment to their Infowar paradigm
    which were very effective.

    War Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Libya Anti-Qaddafi forces Al qaeda

    More of our INTEL

    Interesting paradigm shift.
    Our paradigm Intel has recorded
    some unusual shifts.
    And we worked to develop a Hypothesis
    to fit these changes.

    The next day after warthogs and anti-Armour
    choppers arrived on station they were withdrawn.
    And the US Air force was also withdrawn from

    All this happened shortly after CIA got boots
    on the ground, and were doing a sitrep.

    Did the CIA discover the anti-Qaddafi forces
    and leaders connected to al qaeda?

    In Libya: Rebel Strongholds Now, al Qaeda Wellspring Then

    Did Obama discover through the CIA US forces
    really were supporting al qaeda forces?

    Did the choice come down to al qaeda or Qaddafi running
    Libya? Which evil is lesser?

    We were involved in the Egyptian demonstrations
    supporting them, and talked to many, providing
    Cyber Security, medical help and other operations.
    Same in Syria.

    And we never ran into demonstrators threatening
    to turn CIA provided weapons on Americans.
    We have run into this in Libya? Twice.

    While by no means a scientific or statical sampling,
    it gave me pause.

    While I wanted to stop Qaddafi from killing
    demonstrators I don't want al qaeda running

    And that hypothesis explains Gates attitude
    in reference to American boots on the Ground
    and the pull out of the Air Force.

    Jeeze Qaddafi or al Qaeda, guess I would lean
    towards Qaddafi. But there should be a third option.
    But it looks like the CIA didn't find one.

    Shucks, jeeze, damn.

    If Iran or al qaeda is able to start a uprising,
    US is hard put not to support it, and look like
    US is anti-Ummah.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Stuxnet Evolves:

    More of our INTEL

    The evolution of Stuxnet has been announced.

    The capibilitues of the Stuxnet, worm, rootkit malware
    are remarkable.

    We have seen its Rootkit facet in hiding the
    truth of what is actually going on with
    the centrifuges. They malfunction by
    order of Stuxnet and it forces the computer
    to report every thing is fine.

    Stuznet could do the opposite.
    Report a machine or part is malfunctioning
    when its fine. Forcing the shut down of that
    component or section till it can be replaced,
    again and again.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Smoking Gun, Stuxnet architect.
     the suspected Stuxnet architect.
    Has already done that in an exercise setting.
    Deceiving the system operator (or whomever) into thinking that
    the system (e.g. transactional server) is experiencing some type of
    mechanical failure is a very viable attack.

    Back in 2000, he wrote a program that simulated a hardware failure
    on well-known UNIX platform as part of a security/system
    administrator test for a LARGE organization.  his code contained
    valid support numbers, e-mails and error codes.   The "failure"
    notices were randomize and the system "complained" that it was in
    various levels of "panic."  The vendor sent engineers from around
    the US to repair the system.  They replace CPUs, memory chips,
    motherboards and encryption boards.  Sadly nothing corrected the
    "ghost in the machine" problem and the system was offline for two
    weeks (that is when he remove the code).  The security/system teams
    failed the exercise.

    Our paradigm intel has spotted this activity in
    the wild and for Opsec reasons will not be posting
    about it.

    Iran is still fighting with Stuxnet a  IPR ( Invisible Persistent Rootkits )
    We wrote about them 5 mos before Stuxnet was discovered.

    Just as confliker's paradigm allows it to persist even with
    years of efforts to kill it, So to does Stuxnet's paradigm allow
    it to persist regardless of Iran's efforts to remove it.

    also outlined how a modified Stuxnet
    could take control of key systems in Russian tanks.

    Computers As Weapons Of War

    John Bumgarner, Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit. 
    Our research and sources have confirmed vulnerabilities
    in the American Electrical infrastructure to Stuxnet type
    cyber attacks.

    And just as Irans centrifuges are susceptible to Stuxnet
    so are all nuclear cooling vulnerable to a Stuxnet type

    More of John's unclassified study on the Russian/Georgian
    Cyber Conflict of 2008 was published publicly.   This research is
    being used throughout the world in military universities as a case

    Below are some of the articles from 2009 that mentioned this
    research: jhtml?articleID=219400248 icleID=219400367 attack-fears.aspx
    amp;id=14121&Itemid=125 ordinate-attacks-on-Georgian-websites.html battlefield-cyberspace/

    The Wriggling Threat Targeted Attack Scenarios By John Bumgarner

    Published one month prior to the
    worm....outlined how to improve the exploit code from Xfocus and HD
    Moore.  The worm author(s) used the paper to write the

    All of which points to the importance of harding civilian
    network against cyber attacks and the importance of
    an cyber offensive force to deter cyber attacks.

    War Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.