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    Saturday, May 26, 2007

    Our Demographic

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    al Qaeda out of cash, USA dems waving yellow flag.

    aQ out of cash, dems waving yellow flag: by Gerald

    Money, Money, Money

    Money for the Suicide Whores

    Its a race, al Qaeda vs USA.

    We all know about the democrats waving yellow or a white flag.
    And the political infighting, jostling for space on the presidential ticket.

    But a far more interesting story is al Qaeda's race, to drive USA out before they run out of money.

    AQ's traditional sources of funding have been cut off,
    and the funds no longer flow freely from the Arabic regimes.

    Iran's financial troubles continue to worsen, asIrans prez; does a last attempt effort to
    last till the Americans leave. Dropping the interest rate lower than the rate of inflation
    means arbitrageurs. It won't take long for Investors to convert that aberration into a guaranteed 2 or 3% profit in Iran, vs 5% in T bonds in the rest of the world, Its a guaranteed flight of capital out of Iran.
    Draining the funds out of Iran will also effect al Qaeda's funding also.

    The Taliban begging for funds is just the top of the iceberg.

    Terrorism is money driven enterprise.
    Cut off the funds and terrorism will dry up.

    Binny hasn't been seen, many of the insurgent groups have not released any media for weeks,
    Taliban is begging for money and Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (a.k.a. "Shaykh Saeed") "As for the needs of the Jihad in Afghanistan, the first of them is financial. The Mujahideen of the Taliban number in the thousands, but they lack funds. And there are hundreds wishing to carry out martyrdom-seeking operations, but they can't find the funds to equip themselves."

    One of the dirty little secrets about the suicide bombers is YOU HAVE TO PAY THEM...
    The dumb ones only get $6,000 many hold out for up to $60,000.
    No money and you loose most of your suicide bombers.

    Al-Qaida's Committee in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)--formerly known as the Algerian Salafist Group for Prayer and Combat; leader Abu Musab Abdel Wadoud:
    "Also, we are trying to motivate Muslims and encourage them to the sacrifice themselves in the cause of Allah. We have also asked them to supply any necessary supplies required by the martyrs,"


    WASHINGTON — A major CIA effort launched last year to hunt down Osama bin Laden has produced no significant leads on his whereabouts, but has helped track an alarming rise in the flow of al Qaeda operatives and money into Pakistan's tribal territories, according to senior U.S. intelligence officials. In one of the most troubling trends, U.S. officials said that al Qaeda's command base in Pakistan increasingly is being funded by cash coming out of Iraq, where the network's operatives are raising substantial sums from donations to the anti-American insurgency as well as kidnappings of wealthy Iraqis and other criminal activity. The influx of money has bolstered al Qaeda's leadership at a time when the terror group's core is regrouping and reasserting influence over its far-flung network. The trend also signals a reversal in the traditional flow of al Qaeda funds, with its leadership surviving to a large extent on money coming in from its most profitable franchise, rather than distributing funds from headquarters to distant cells. U.S. officials got a glimpse of al Qaeda leadership's financial dependency when American forces intercepted a lengthy letter that bin Laden's top deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, sent to now-deceased Iraqi insurgent leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in 2005. In the letter, Zawahri asked for money. "So, if you're capable of sending a payment of approximately one hundred thousand, we'll be very grateful to you," Zawahri wrote, according to a translation released by the USA.


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    Why they cut my tongue out...

    Why they cut my tongue out,
    Iraqi Diary
    Insurgents Cut Out His Tongue
    Man Worked on Contract, Had to Be "Stopped From Speaking" When He Quit
    Posted 4 hr. 1 min. ago
    Afif Sarhan/IRIN
    Muhanned Sulaiman, 38, said he had his tongue cut off by insurgents when he told them he did not want to work for them anymore.

    BAGHDAD, Thirty-eight-year-old Muhanned Sulaiman, says he cannot forget the day insurgents cut off most of his tongue after he decided to stop working for them. With a wife and two children to support, he was scared, but he had grown tired of the daily grind of a dangerous occupation and wanted to find an alternative job to support his family.

    He spoke with IRIN using hand signs and by writing on a piece of paper with the help of his wife, Hanan. He kept on sobbing during the interview as he recollected how terrible his days as an insurgent were, and how difficult it was for doctors to stop his bleeding.

    “I was working as an insurgent for two years. I was forced to do that after they threatened my family. I didn’t have any choice... each day I was becoming more exhausted and scared.

    “I never helped the insurgents kill people. My job was to help them draw maps and search the internet for military sites using my English, as I’m an English graduate and worked for a long time as a translator in the old Ministry of Information and Tourism. The insurgents wanted me to research information which might help them in their work.

    Paid research work

    “For the two years I was with the insurgents they paid me for doing my job. It was good money - about US$1,000 a month - but I couldn’t stand it any more. What prevented me from being killed or forced to carry a gun to fight US troops was the friendships I made in my job.

    “Two months ago I told the insurgent leaders that I was sick and couldn’t continue my work. To start with they didn’t appear surprised or shocked.

    “Two days later they came to my home in Dora district, Baghdad, and drove me to a house near Gazeliyah neighbourhood, also in Baghdad. On our way there, they didn’t say a word to me. When we arrived at the house, the worst moments of my life began.

    “Three strong men held me down and another opened my month and pulled out my tongue and in seconds they had cut it off. Oh my God, I never felt such pain. After those dreadful moments, they put a lot of cotton into my mouth and two men drove me to a nearby hospital. I tried to scream but couldn’t.

    “They told a doctor that I had had an accident and my tongue needed urgent surgery. They took me directly to the surgery. I woke up hours later to find my wife beside me crying and then I realised that I couldn’t speak any more.


    “Three days later I received a small parcel. My nine-year-old boy Muhammad and my seven-year-old daughter Rand, brought it to me and when I opened it, I found my tongue inside with a note which said they had been forced to do what they did, and that 'my tongue was cut off to stop me from speaking too much’ and I should thank God that I was not killed.

    “A week ago I found a local NGO which has offered their help. I will soon travel to Jordan for some treatment and follow-up phonological exercises which might help me regain some sound while speaking. My family will follow me and we have plans to move to Syria and never return to this country again.

    “Our life has been destroyed by the insurgents but I hope there is still time to start a new life even without a tongue.”

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    Iranian Students want regime change, but don't know what to do.

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iran said Saturday it has uncovered spy rings organized by the United States and its Western allies, claiming on state-run television that the espionage networks were made up of “infiltrating elements from the Iraqi occupiers.”

    The Intelligence Ministry has “succeeded in identifying and striking blows at several spy networks comprised of infiltrating elements from the Iraqi occupiers in western, southwestern and central Iran,” said the statement, using shorthand for United States and its allies.

    So far CIA is not helping the students.

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    Tommorow, today

    Flektor: RULE YOUR MEDIA

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    Intel up date

    Doss attack group has a name:
    " team Jihad supporters for electronic Jihad-e-terrorist battalion struggling 007
    They ARE struggling...

    They want to b e like 007.

    Under arrest and in Prison..
    ha a ha lol


    BANGKOK - Myanmar's military leaders have never made a secret of their interest in developing a domestic nuclear-energy industry. Plans to buy a nuclear reactor from Russia have been in the pipeline for years, and this month in Moscow the two sides formally resurrected those controversial plans.

    Myanmar's move notably comes at a time when both Iran and North Korea have raised US hackles through their nuclear programs. Washington in recent years has referred to Myanmar

    as an "outpost of tyranny" and maintains trade and investment sanctions against the military regime. Some political analysts are already speculating whether Myanmar might try to use the threat of re-gearing its nuclear test reactor to reproduce weapons as a way to counteract US-led pressure for political change.


    TNT Found in the Office of Iraqi MP
    TNT Found in the Office of Iraqi MP
    Secret Dossier Lists 15 MPs Allegedly Guilty of "Ties to Terrorists"
    Posted 12 hr. 20 min. ago

    Ali Abbas/AFP/Getty
    Baghdad, IRAQ: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki (L) greets Sunni leader and head of Iraqi National Concord Front Adnan al-Dulaimi after he announced his new national reconciliation plan during the parliament session in Baghdad 25 June, 2006.


    Al-Qaida Leader in Afghanistan Begs for Cash Donations

    By Evan Kohlmann

    In a new As-Sahab Media Foundation video broadcast yesterday on Al-Jazeera, the declared leader of Al-Qaida's forces in Afghanistan Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (a.k.a. "Shaykh Saeed") signals that the Taliban are suffering from a serious cash crunch.

    ( Muslems are not supporting terrorism )


    Ahmadinejad triggers market crash
    Iran interest rate cut sparks panic selling

    · President's shock order defies expert advice
    · Bank shares plummet amid rampant inflation

    Robert Tait in Tehran
    Friday May 25, 2007
    The Guardian

    Iran's financial system suffered a fresh jolt yesterday with panic selling on the stock market after the president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, abruptly ordered banks to cut interest rates sharply, despite surging inflation.

    We have not seen yet videos of Jaish Mujahideen, IAI, Anshar as-sunnah this recent week... WHERE ARE THEY...?
    there has been a thread a 2-3 days ago where mujahedeen of the islamic army have pledged allegiance to the islamic state of iraq and there are many of them who have joined their ranks.

    as for ansar al sunna, yes it right that during the last 2-3 weeks you can see significant downturn of their communiquees as well as the operations they are conducting. if this has to do with the split of two of their members of the sharia council or if it is just a slow merging into the islamic state of iraq or other reasons i don't know.

    as for other groups, depending on the sites you are visiting to get their news you won't see statements of jaami, hamas iraq, 1920, iai and so on, at the usual jihadi forum as there statements are boycotted by most of them.

    but if you check the statements for example of the islamic army during the last weeks you can alos notice a rapid decline in the amount of operations as well as their quality.

    then all these groups involved with the reform umbrella group seem to go the way of recoinciliation, that might also explain why you don't hear a lot of them at the moment.

    as i said before, at least from here it seems that while the other resistance groups are getting weaker/involved in political process the stronger the islamic state of iraq gets. not only by the number of operations carried out but also because of their high value operations in recent weeks.

    "exactly!! While the leadership of many of these groups may be interested in, or at least exploring the idea of reconciliation, many of the most dedicated fighters are not willing to give up the jihad and therefore are swelling the ranks of the ISI. making there operations all the more lethal!"

    That must be it




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    Friday, May 25, 2007

    Muslim leaders, READ THIS asked you: Are U.S. Muslim leaders sincere about

    discouraging terrorism in the name of Islam? You said:

    poll results



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    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    This is who the USA is fighting for.

    This is who the USA is fighting for.

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    Al Qaeda torture manual:

    Al Qaeda torture manual: by Gerald


    Listen to the Qaaran or al Qaeda?
    Al Qaeda says its ok to kill women, children; bomb Mosques, rob Banks even torture.

    Leading Muslim boys and girls to HELL, if they kill civilians, women and children, not Martyrs, shaitian.

    You have bastardized Islam for your own political motives.
    You sprang from Islams loins,
    USA can fight you world wide,
    but a Muslem will take you out,
    your final Hajj.

    Full story and documents can be found HERE:

    Hat tip to

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    12 yr old doing beheading

    12 yr old Taliban boy Beheading SPY.
    WARNING: These are terrible disgusting frames so if you are under 18 or have any doubts please do not continue.

    tip of hat to ""

    al Qaeda and taliban
    split with ALLAH.

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    11,500 Muslims against Al Qaeda

    11,500 Muslims against Al Qaeda....

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    Wednesday, May 23, 2007


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    All 3, USA POW's dead, breaking:

    All 3, USA POW's dead, breaking: by Gerald
    News Type: Event — Wed May 23, 2007 2:56 PM EDT

    RIP Spc. Alex Jimenez, Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr., and Pvt. Byron Fouty.

    UPDATE: VOI: Bodies of Three Kidnapped Soldiers Found

    Babel, May 23, (VOI) - Iraqi police forces in Babel province found on Wednesday two bodies believed to belong to two of the kidnapped U.S. soldiers near al-Furat river in al-Musayab region, 50 km northwest of Hilla, a police source said.

    "Two bodies in U.S. uniform were found by Babel police forces near al-Furat river. They bore signs of torture," the source, who asked not to be named, told the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI). "The police handed the bodies to the U.S. army and cordoned off the area," he also said. No comment was available from the U.S. army on the incident. more as story breaks.

    This is so wrong, they were worth so much more alive, and AQ has had a year to plan this, someone screwed up big time, it makes no sense.

    Just found out: To limit the chance of rumors and information being sent back the United States, AP reports, military bases in the area have been put on an Internet blackout, preventing e-mail messages from being sent from the area.



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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Criminals, al Qaeda robbing Banks: by Gerald

    eye see

    Beirut, 19 May 07, 15:47 - Four masked gunmen

    Beirut, 19 May 07, 15:47 - Four masked gunmen robbed around 120.000 dollars from the Mediterranean Bank branch in the northern town of Amioun Saturday, police reported. A Police communiqué said the four, who have not been identified, escapade in a beige-colored car to an unknown destination.

    However, a security source told Naharnet the gunmen's escape car has been identified as one of the vehicles used by the Syrian-sponsored Fatah-Islam, an al Qaeda terrorist group in north Lebanon's Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp.

    The source who spoke on condition of anonymity, noted that members of the Group had robbed two banks in the northern town of Tripoli and the southern coastal village of Gaziyeh earlier this year to finance terrorist attacks in Lebanon।

    The police communiqué said a man hunt was underway for the four gunmen who robbed the Bank in Amioun.

    Lebanon tells al Qaeda No, with TANKS.

    Al Qaeda's funds are drying up, once funds were distributed fron Binny to the troops,
    now the troops have to send Binny money hense the criminal activities, kidnaping, bank robbery and looting.

    Listen to the Qaaran or al Qaeda?
    Al Qaeda says its ok to kill women, children; bomb Mosques, rob Banks.

    A Moslem needs to take Binny to Hajj.


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    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    Hack3r Track3r vid

    Flektor: RULE YOUR MEDIA

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    suicide bomber or Entrepreneur.??

    I created an Internet University for developing countries in 2003, for wana bee Entrepreneurs.

    This social change engine, shareware program is in response to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank polices of loaning billions of dollars to developing countries to increase exports of raw unfinished materials and products to the West. This social change engine is based on my six years of research and participant observation as an Internet anthropologist and stockbroker.

    My goal is to empower those in developing countries, to sell their goods direct on the Internet.
    This is an "Internet University" I set up in 2003, for this purpose. I no longer do consulting, ignore Fees.

    Be your own boss,
    Entrepreneur, have your own business, or a suicide bomber?

    Free web pages etc.

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