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    Saturday, November 24, 2012

    Anonymous visits our blog

    Its cold out there. Fully cloaked Anon visits.

    Note "unknown" 43% = to All US visits 43%

    Thanks for reading. Why I think Anon mistake
    on Gaza.


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    Thursday, November 22, 2012



    In the past USA has opted for short term
    political gains over longer term human rights.
    While supporting 'friends' dictators USA has
     maintained regimes which acted favorably
    in terms of USA polices.

    The state Department is now leaning on
    allies with human rights violations.

    Iran is a good case in point.
    The USA support for the Shah was
    short sighted, and lead to long term
    set backs for USA by ignoring human
    rights violations.

    And lead to the seizure of the US embassy.
    US understood the motivation that lead 
    to the seizure and nobody was killed.
    And just over looked it after the return 
    of the hostages.

    Iran how ever saw that as weakness, fear
    of Iran. Which lead Iran to more adventurism.
    Exporting terrorist technology,IEDs and high
    explosives to terrorists in Afghan and Pakistan.

    Again US response was muted, again 
    viewed by the Iranian regime as weakness
    on the part of USA.

    They also supported terrorists in Iraq and
    do to this day.

    USA intervened in Libya but not in 
    Syria. Iran viewed this again as USA weakness and fear. 

    Now comes into play Stuxnet and flame,
    and their children still in play in Iran.

    Iraq fought a war with Iran for 7 yrs.
    And they fought each other to a stand still.
    USA invaded Iraq and took the Military 
    down in 7 days, Iran would take maybe 4 days
    with a cyber strike first.

    So USA has the power but the will
    seems to be lacking.
    but why?

    Its my opinion that after 5 years on Iran's
    networks Stuxnet etal know Iran's 
    counter strike plans and this has stayed 
    USA hand.

    Again Iran views this as USA weakness.
    But EVERY time Iran has had an 
    opportunity for direct conflict with 
    USA they have backed down.
    Like with their taking US hostages.
    Like the hikers, USA paid fines and
    the hostages were released.

    Again Iran viewed this as weakness 
    but backed down from a direct 

    Now we have the case where IRCG 
    and Iran have admitted arming
    hamas in Gaza with rockets and
    anti-aircraft missiles.

    Iran: IRCG; "as many as ten Israeli F16 jets have been hit by Iranian antiaircraft missiles given to hamas by Iran.' 
    Iran: Hamas militants are equipped w/Iranian Fajr-5 missiles,which have a range of 50 miles and a warhead of 385 pounds
    Iran says it has armed Hamas w/antiaircraft missiles,hamas have hit and damaged several sophisticated Israeli warplanes
    IRCG;Iran has long armed and trained militias in the Palestinian territory for terrorist attacks against Israel. 

    The Gaza up rising is part of Iran's 
    plan to obtain a nuke.

    And again view Israeli and USA inaction
    on supplying arms to terrorists as weakness.

    On the other hand the sanctions are having
    an impact on the Regime, as the value
    of their currency plummets.

    Which also confuses USA as sanctions
    have never had this effect before.
    But US is willing to wait and see where this
    goes. Especially as they have Stuxnet watching
    from the inside.

    Iran has had some banks fail which
    they have kept secret and fear this
    could spread, and it will.

    مردم ایران حمایت های مالی
    “Chi mikhad beshe?” IRANIANS TAKE FINANCIAL COVER 

    Iran feels Israel can't maintain two
    fronts, one in Gaza and attack Iran.

    Something they didn't count
    on was their economic problems.
    They have had to put many 
    Afghan business deals on hold
    because of the lack of funds.

    And Egypt provides more funds for 
    hamas through the Egyptian Muslim
    Brotherhood than Iran does, and
    had enough influence to start Gaza
    war but Egypt holds the real
    purse strings for hamas.

    But Iran still has wholly owned terrorist
    groups opperating in Gaza independent 
    from hamas.

    As a counter to Iranian MOIS and IRCG
    terrorists the FBI and NSA have intel
    collection processes only hinted at in
    the press, but not enough to handle
    all of IRCG and MOIS operatives.
    And Iran has started running by 
    Russian rules, no phones, or PCs,
    all hand delivered DOCS.

    As soon as CIA,FBI,NSA have Iran's
    counter strike agents in their sights
    Iran needs a GOOD BITCH SLAPPING,
    to dispel Iran of the notion USA is weak
    or fearful, this will help bring Iran
    to do some real negotiating over Nukes.

    Iran's malformed paradigm needs to be
    Why I think Anonymous policy
    towards Iran is in error.

    War Anthropologist

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, November 19, 2012

    Why i think Anonymous is wrong on Gaza

    Why i think Anonymous is wrong on Gaza/
    Micro Blog; Our Hypothesis;

    Hamas Charter: "#Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it”  lift blockade?

    Palestine lost to Israel in 1967 six days war,Egypt,Syria, Jordan all attacked Israel,let Palestine keep Gaza,hamas terrorist took over.

    Israel set up blockade to try & prevent hamas
    terrorist bringing in weapons to Gaza to be
    used against Israel

    Iran smuggled in 5000 rockets to hamas.

    hamas terrorists firing rockets into Israel since 1993, 19 yrs, when Israel targets rocket launchers hamas screams victim, keeps firing


    @AlqassamBrigade, hamas why U targeting Jerusalem w/ rockets, Islam holy place, U no better than taliban bombing Mosques, TERRORISTS

    Palestinian terrorist groups launching rockets from #Gaza into #Israel. All from populated areas.

     hamas Political Bureau, based in Damascus, SYRIA, 

     What is same in this group?;" Iran, Assad, taliban, hamas,@AlqassamBrigade "

    hamas = taliban = terrorists, don't give a damn about civilians, places rocket launchers in civilian areas, G

    Hamas talks "of hudna [temporary ceasefire], not of peace or reconciliation with Israel

    PALESTINE; When children at schools and mosques,parents are required to sign oaths of allegiance TO HAMAS terrorist, . 

    Anonymous cyber attacks;NO hAMAS SITES JUST ISRAELI SITES, G
    hamas are terrorist that killed their way to power, check out Wikipedia

    Iran regime behind Gaza rockets, US watching Iran nukes, G RT @Iran: #Iran expects countries to arm #Palestinians

     Taliban Spx support @AlqassamBrigade Co-terrorists

    @AlqassamBrigade hamas only interest in civilians is cannon fodder, for PSYOPS, even fake photos, WORLD KNOWS

    Israel and Egypt imposed an economic blockade on Gaza, grounds that Fatah forces were no longer providing security

    Human Rights Watch have denounced Hamas for human rights violations against Palestinians

    Hamas was founded in 1987 (during the First Intifada) as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

    Gaza, hamas;defeated the Fatah political organization in a series of violent clashes,took control.

    Hamas takeover and the end of January 2008, 697 rockets and 822 mortar bombs were fired at Israeli towns

    Gaza Strip has no elected Gov. terrorist hamas killed their way into power,G  WIKIPEDIA

    hamas & Iran planed civilian deaths, Psyops,G

    Iran to hamas;rain rockets on Israel,Use up Iron Dome missiles,will stop strike on Iran, defense missiles used up,ME heat off Iran on Israel

    @AlqassamBrigade hamas STRATEGY hundreds of rockets on Israel, get pics from Israel counter-strike, already caught posting FAKE photos 2x,G

    Anonymous reply: 
     We are not supporting a org like Hamas, we are 
    supporting the people of Palastina 

    But they don't attack hamas sites, just Israeli sites.
    But we don't think anonymous actions rise to
    terrorist levels, but we are concerned about
    deleting data bases.

    We have decided to engage Anonymous using
    the Socratic method rather than the Cyber domain.

    Their actions give Israel a cyber security check
    before the Iranian attack.

    Rebuttals welcome; Post in comments.

    Why Iran ordered Hamas to start 
    WAR w/ Israel

    War Anthropologist


    Egypt's Morsi denies permission to Iran FM to travel to Gaza via Rafah: says not in interest of the Palestinians 

    Arab paper: Syria, Iran instigated Gaza conflict #Iran

    Embassy of Israel ‏@IsraelinUSA
    Israel lets Supplies enter #Gaza while Hamas fires rockets … #IsraelUnderFire

    .US fought war w/ Mexico,got Texas, 
    what would US do if Mexico fired 
    ROCKETS inti USA for 19 yrs? =Israel/Gaza. G

    Are Muslims racists? Muslim killing Muslim OK, Syria 25,000 dead,minor reaction. Gaza vs Israel 200 dead major reaction. G

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Palestine & hamas don't realize how serious Israel is,they cannot have two fronts when attacking Iran,motive for land invasion&Iran support

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Palestine is not land for PEACE, but land for TERRORISMS, hamas, G

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Palestine is headed by terrorist, hamas, G

    Anthropologist ‏@Geraldanthro
    Palestine authority ha refused to negotiate for 4 yrs now, G

    The Anonymous group biggest strength
    is also its greatest weakness, it accepts
    all comers, and is infected with spies
    like a dog with fleas, US intelligence,
    Israel, hamas. Iranian etc.

    During the Anonymous Iranian
    operation we were asked to help
    with security, they felt there were
    Iranian agents among them.
    We were able to ferret them out
    and reported the IP addresses for
    both Agents and another 10 IP's
    from Anonymous members which 
    they were trying to recruit under the
    ruse of having some Lutz.

    Anonymous wasn't grateful
    they were furious about us
    pulling IPs, soundly verbally
    thrashed me for "Exceeding
    my Authority" And have
    cut all ties since.

    Anonymous are autonomous
    grouping of people and the groups
    don't always get along.
    Some groups report they have DOX 
    files on other Anonymous groups.

    I foresee a time when some Anonymous
    groups may go to cyber war against 
    each other. 
    To be fair controlling a group of
    Anonymous members is a lot like
    herding cats. In some groups
    discipline is brutal in others almost
    One group managed to bring down 11
    Israel banks and 3 credit card cos.
    Some are using the low-orbit cannon 
    in the clear and will result in arrests.
    Gaza hamaz is alot like a wolf, nobody
    notices them killing live stock but howl 
    like wounded puppies at counter strikes.
    And Anonymous loves the underdog.
    There have been arguments among 
    Anonymous members about engaging
    operations against Israel in support
    of the terrorist government in Palestine.

    Iran's motivation starting war in Gaza.

    USA complicity with Iran.

    Our Genius READERS;
    Our Blog;

    We are NOT "Pro-Israel" we are "Anti-Evil"

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Benghazi Investigation;PROBLEMS

    Revealed some real problems.
    Investigation HERE;

    First was the confusion over security
    between State Dept. and the CIA.
    CIA thought State was providing
    their own security and State thought
    CIA would provide security as needed.
    There needs to be a survey of all 
    embassy's to be sure this problem
    doesn't exist else where.

    Second is why there wasn't sufficient
    Military back up in theater, no excuse
    for this.

    Third is question about Rice's statements.
    It becomes obvious Whitehouse changed
    Intelligence assessment about terrorist
    assault on Benghazi.

    As nutso as the GOP was during the election
    its understandable.
    And also didn't make any difference.

    The GOP will still have you believe
    al qaeda is still strong.

    It is not, our BSU's Bot Surveillance 
    Units maintain world wide watch 
    on al qaeda wana bees. 
    OPSEC won't allow me to explain 
    But interest in aq is almost NIL 
    world wide. But many other groups
    criminals are picking up the aq flag.
    Its not new interest, just rebranding
    of current bad guys.

    The Benghazi attack was not well 
    planed. The attack each time was 
    repelled by a weaker and under 
    gunned force. The attack while not 
    spontaneous, was not professional.

    They broke off quickly, retreated
    when under fire from an inferior

    On the heels of this incident was 
    the Gen Petraeus  resignation.
    He and the other commanders of
    the Afghan conflict remained oblivious
    to the self defeating paradigm they were
    operating under. GOOD READ;
    Taliban can't be defeated

    Pakistan allowed and covered Osama Bin 
    Laden when he retreated from Afghanistan.
    Providing intelligence and cover for 
    him & AQ.
    Pak Mil & ISI defense in depth is cover
    story for disruption of the Afghan Gov. 
    when US leaves Afghan.
    The ISI is not under the control of the
    Pakistan Government.


    Ineffective ISI compromised by TTP blackmailing ISI over OBL,

    Pak Gov,Mil is not fighting, going after TTP taliban,Paks deserve to know WHY … 

    Look at leaders of TTP. morons, tell me ISI isn't guiding them, couldn't tell left hand from right w/o nose,

    I trace Taliban from 7000mi, but ISI can't find Taliban,but they couldn't find OBL either, #Malala

    US backed legit war in Libya,
    but is not backing legit war in Syria.
    Why? IRAN connection.

    Gaza sitrep;
    hamas & Iran planed civilian deaths, Psyops,G

    War Anthropologist