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    Thursday, November 22, 2012



    In the past USA has opted for short term
    political gains over longer term human rights.
    While supporting 'friends' dictators USA has
     maintained regimes which acted favorably
    in terms of USA polices.

    The state Department is now leaning on
    allies with human rights violations.

    Iran is a good case in point.
    The USA support for the Shah was
    short sighted, and lead to long term
    set backs for USA by ignoring human
    rights violations.

    And lead to the seizure of the US embassy.
    US understood the motivation that lead 
    to the seizure and nobody was killed.
    And just over looked it after the return 
    of the hostages.

    Iran how ever saw that as weakness, fear
    of Iran. Which lead Iran to more adventurism.
    Exporting terrorist technology,IEDs and high
    explosives to terrorists in Afghan and Pakistan.

    Again US response was muted, again 
    viewed by the Iranian regime as weakness
    on the part of USA.

    They also supported terrorists in Iraq and
    do to this day.

    USA intervened in Libya but not in 
    Syria. Iran viewed this again as USA weakness and fear. 

    Now comes into play Stuxnet and flame,
    and their children still in play in Iran.

    Iraq fought a war with Iran for 7 yrs.
    And they fought each other to a stand still.
    USA invaded Iraq and took the Military 
    down in 7 days, Iran would take maybe 4 days
    with a cyber strike first.

    So USA has the power but the will
    seems to be lacking.
    but why?

    Its my opinion that after 5 years on Iran's
    networks Stuxnet etal know Iran's 
    counter strike plans and this has stayed 
    USA hand.

    Again Iran views this as USA weakness.
    But EVERY time Iran has had an 
    opportunity for direct conflict with 
    USA they have backed down.
    Like with their taking US hostages.
    Like the hikers, USA paid fines and
    the hostages were released.

    Again Iran viewed this as weakness 
    but backed down from a direct 

    Now we have the case where IRCG 
    and Iran have admitted arming
    hamas in Gaza with rockets and
    anti-aircraft missiles.

    Iran: IRCG; "as many as ten Israeli F16 jets have been hit by Iranian antiaircraft missiles given to hamas by Iran.' 
    Iran: Hamas militants are equipped w/Iranian Fajr-5 missiles,which have a range of 50 miles and a warhead of 385 pounds
    Iran says it has armed Hamas w/antiaircraft missiles,hamas have hit and damaged several sophisticated Israeli warplanes
    IRCG;Iran has long armed and trained militias in the Palestinian territory for terrorist attacks against Israel. 

    The Gaza up rising is part of Iran's 
    plan to obtain a nuke.

    And again view Israeli and USA inaction
    on supplying arms to terrorists as weakness.

    On the other hand the sanctions are having
    an impact on the Regime, as the value
    of their currency plummets.

    Which also confuses USA as sanctions
    have never had this effect before.
    But US is willing to wait and see where this
    goes. Especially as they have Stuxnet watching
    from the inside.

    Iran has had some banks fail which
    they have kept secret and fear this
    could spread, and it will.

    مردم ایران حمایت های مالی
    “Chi mikhad beshe?” IRANIANS TAKE FINANCIAL COVER 

    Iran feels Israel can't maintain two
    fronts, one in Gaza and attack Iran.

    Something they didn't count
    on was their economic problems.
    They have had to put many 
    Afghan business deals on hold
    because of the lack of funds.

    And Egypt provides more funds for 
    hamas through the Egyptian Muslim
    Brotherhood than Iran does, and
    had enough influence to start Gaza
    war but Egypt holds the real
    purse strings for hamas.

    But Iran still has wholly owned terrorist
    groups opperating in Gaza independent 
    from hamas.

    As a counter to Iranian MOIS and IRCG
    terrorists the FBI and NSA have intel
    collection processes only hinted at in
    the press, but not enough to handle
    all of IRCG and MOIS operatives.
    And Iran has started running by 
    Russian rules, no phones, or PCs,
    all hand delivered DOCS.

    As soon as CIA,FBI,NSA have Iran's
    counter strike agents in their sights
    Iran needs a GOOD BITCH SLAPPING,
    to dispel Iran of the notion USA is weak
    or fearful, this will help bring Iran
    to do some real negotiating over Nukes.

    Iran's malformed paradigm needs to be
    Why I think Anonymous policy
    towards Iran is in error.

    War Anthropologist


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