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    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    R.Davis Interrogation

    More of our INTEL

    More coming.
    Paki granted him a diplomatic classification/passport,
    now trying to revoke diplomatic immunity retro active,

    Paki now holding American Diplomat hostage.

    Back Ground.

    Seems like we had diplomatic immunity problems with Iran in the past,again we have a country
    holding US diplomat hostage.
    What was the solution US used for the captives
    Iran was holding?

    Guess we have to dig up Ronnie, FEAR can be
    an effective diplomatic tool.
    Who fears Obama, ummm I'm thinking,
    somebody must fear him?
    Get back with you on that.



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    Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    al qaeda's dying paradigm

    More of our INTEL

    Binny with edema 

    Alot of talk about Al Qaeda 2.0 as bigger threat recently.
    al qaeda proving irrelevant.
    Our paradigm intel says its not 2.0 but al qaeda's cult
    disintegrating, fracturing.
    New leadership isn't even Arabic its American,
    Maghreb GSPC and in Yemen.
    The failed cult is basing its hopes on spontaneous 
    lone wolf in CONUS. 
    The act of a desperate demoralized cult grabbing 
    at straws.
    The Islamic populations of the Muslim's regimes
    are rejecting terrorism as an agent of change and
    adopting mass demonstrations.
    al Qaeda is a failed paradigm gasping at anything
    that will prolong its existence.
    As al qaeda fails so will the Taliban diminish in
    power and credibility. 
    There are elements in Paki and even Afghan that
    will seek to use the Taliban to their own ends, as an 
    adjunct force, and motive to continue feeding at
    the GWOT teat.
    There is a insurgent promoted movement in Paki
    under the guise of Paki nationalism running a destabilizing
    info war, winning minds an hearts to a anti-American program.
    The issue of the Davis problem is symptomatic of this
    Looking to fill the power vacuum when US leaves the Theater.
    And Paki's anti-American movement may problematic in the
    nuclear arena.
    The failure to take on this force directly in an info war engagement
    will prove expensive for US interest and Paki stability in the region.

    War Anthropologist

    U.S. commander: Taliban ‘beaten’ by surge - Navy News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Navy Times 
    As the  paradigm spreads  Insurgents will loose influence, new social freedom paradigm will form, spreads very fast, with in months.
    Paradigm hurricane 

    ISI waving the Taliban Flag


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    Tuesday, February 08, 2011


    More of our INTEL

    Great film, very good production values.
    And my long term readers will have heard
    every thing in the film from my posts.
    But here it is condensed into a great film.
    Worth the time to watch. G

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran will push the button

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 'Iran's Divine Nuclear mission'



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    Wall St Banks over ride Obama: Egypt

    More of our INTEL

    Mubarak calls on Wall St Banks criminal combine to over
    ride Obama's foreign policy.

    And the State Dept caves.

    Wall St Banks sends in bagman Frank Wisner Jr.
    Uber fixer.

    Wisner says "Mubarak must stay."
    Obama says: "That's not official ..."
    Wisner says: "Yes, it is."

    And Wisner's words became US 
    foreign policy, over Hillary's and Obama's objection.

    The power of Wall St Banks.

    And the President of the US, Obama backs down.

    Just WOW.

    Who is Frank Wisner Jr?
    His dad was CIA 
    Vice Chairman, External Affairs, AIG Inc.
    board of Egypt's largest bank, Commercial International Bank Egypt SAE 
    member of the board for EOG Resources Inc. Egypt gas and oil, EOG Resources Egypt Ltd.

    Forbes profile:

    The Fixer:

    Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nomi Prins writes about this banking sector, “From 2004 to 2008, as the world economic crisis was being stoked by the U.S. banking system and its rapacious toxic asset machine, Mubarak’s regime was participating in a different way. Mubarak wasn’t pushing subprime loans onto Egyptians; instead, he was embarking on an economic strategy that entailed selling large pieces of Egypt’s banks to the highest international bidder. The result was a veritable grab-fest of foreign bank takeovers in the heart of Cairo…

    Egypt attracted $42 billion worth of foreign capital into its borders, as one of the top investment “destinations” in the Middle East and Africa. “Hot” money entry was made easy, with no restrictions on foreign investment or repatriation of profits, and no taxes on dividends, capital gains or corporate bond interest…

    So are Wall St Banks running US Egyptian foreign policy?
    We see, in Public, in broad daylight where the power is.

    Doesn't pass the smell test, does it.

    Total Immunity for Wall St Banks criminal activiti...

    USA criminally Bankrupted, by US Wall St Banks.


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    Monday, February 07, 2011

    Ops and Intel Update 02.07.11

    More of our INTEL

    Paradigm Intel

    Davis detention is a result of the failure of US Infowar in Paki.
    ISI had a motorcycle tail on this diplomat with a diplomatic passport & visa.
    And they evidently tried to scare him with a gun for crossing some line?

    Not a robbery or attempted kidnapping. How would Davis know?

    Paki is in violation of International law holding Davis, under
    diplomatic immunity the only option they legally have is to
    deport him.

    Groups like Ahmed Quraishi's
    has been publishing propaganda of the most erroneous, fallacious,
    nefarious, egregious variety. Out right lies, fake sources, stating opinion
    as fact, and spin beyond the pale. The insurgents are running a very
    successful Info propaganda war against the US in the heart of Pakistan.
    And is turning the population anti-American.

    Paki's economy is suffering and subject to cash flow disruption.
    This is not going to turn into another Iran kidnapping diplomatic

    It appears Paki has no Idea the Shit storm they are bringing on themselves. G


    Ruskies and Chinese


    NO drone attacks for 3 weeks, now.
    Paradigm Intel indicates the absence of
    attacks for this length of time is an indicator
    of the success of the drone program.

    US has pulled back and some where, some
    how is benefiting, got a concession from the
    While the Taliban have demonstrate time and
    time again they can't be trusted, have NO honor
    nor integrity, they have broken every treaty
    they have ever signed.

    Many are laying down arms, the surge and
    drone attacks have driven them to make 
    concessions as they have no other options
    to relieve the mortal pressure on their cadre.


    Some misguided leaders are arguing against
    the US Military providing WWW service when
    a Government cuts their people off, like Iran
    and Egypt.
    The US Mil has the capability to provide remote
    linkage to a country if the current Government 
    cuts it off.
    Many would argue providing WWW services is
    not an act of war, some even go so far as to argue
    a right to have Internet access.
    Providing WWW is akin to broadcasting VOA across
    borders, its just opening a com link to the civilians.
    There is no kinetic effect, damage or violation of any
    treaty, its NOT an act of war.


    Wikileaks it turns out are such a dirty little snitches,
    whining bitches, spreading gossip like old women. 
    NOT wrong doings just spreading gossip & BS.

    Anonymous has stepped up their game, doing
    some real hacking.Went after a security group 

    Firm stalking  hacked by anon,  hacks computer security firm -  This is real hacking not DDos, G

     Assange accuses prosecutor of being a feminist 'is anti-men'...  dumb ass G

    US waiting to snag Asstrange?


    Internet AnthroTT:UPDATE Mubarak's NEW Game plan.  
    Doomed uprising,next step    

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Video: Suleiman Assassination Attempt 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Next Blood in Egyptian streets,done NOW: revolutions next step,unawares yet, G .

    beleidy My aunt asked a question I couldn't answer, why would 3 million people shouting on the street topple a regime?

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Case against Mubarak after he agreed to step down: deceit 


    story on the exploding Egypt “envoy,” Frank Wisner:
    Lobbyist Just got Mubarak off the hook, good till Sept.
    Screwed Obama.


    Marine Lt.Gen. R Schmidle Jr.deputy commander of Cyber Command:an effective cyber defense would require offensive operations. YES YES YES G

    US & Russia working on treaty for Cyber WMD.


    Federal Reserve, obsessed with  masturbation, Fed biggest owner of US Bonds in world NOW, G  Seminal problem tracked to Wall St Banks.



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    Sunday, February 06, 2011

    Cold war was won, didn't just end.

    More of our INTEL

    Donalds tweet:
     Donald Rumsfeld 

    100 years after President 's birth, it is worth remembering that the Cold War didn't just end. It was won.

    When I was a Broker for Dean Witter I had a local TV spot and semi-regular news paper column. One of the columns I wrote was about the "Fall of the USSR" couple of years before it happened.
    The manager of the local office didn't have the depth or understanding of what 
    and how the Markets really worked, just a stock jockey.
    And he killed my article, and wanting to be a team player
    I went along, he was later removed for incompetence.
    He had a habit of stealing accounts when brokers moved on
    rather than passing them out to his brokers, Big no no in the industry.

    In my article I examined the cold war paradigm.
    And Russia was financing the cold war entirely on its
    While the US had the ability to borrow against the 
    countries future earnings by selling Treasuries.
    And the US just spent USSR into the ground in defense
    spending, their economy just couldn't keep up with
    the defense spending levels US was achieving and
    the Russian economy just collapsed.

    Based on the US ability to sell T bonds.
    Nobody was buying Russian T Bonds.

    The manager didn't understand the concept
    and said my premise was false.

    And at the time there was no indication of
    economic trouble in USSR. Few years before
    the USSR collapse.
    He just had no vision and lacked fundamental
    understanding of the worlds economies.

    And I was loyal to a manager when I should
    have gone over his head.

    It was a genius call on my part and I lacked the
    intestinal fortitude at the time to confront him.

    Some times this anger seeps into my articles,
    the desire to be heard. A shame on my part
    for not having the convictions of my ideas.
    and forcing the issue.

    I am still a team player, and afraid some
    times over compensate for that dearth of judgment
    on my part in the aggressiveness of some of my

    But the Cold war was WON, it didn't just end
    and Ron Reagan was a key part in that strategy.
    Happy birthday Ronnie. We miss you.

    Broker Series 7 & 13

    Me floor of NYSE.