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    Saturday, January 01, 2011

    Cyber war = more US collateral dead

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    War just got a lot harder.

    The speed the US Military can
    adapt and change is genius cutting
    edge paradigms.

    The speed feels almost Geometric.
    The next paradigm adaption increases
    at higher rates each cycle.

    Civil war was manual. Hand to hand.
    1860s to 1940 WWII was the industrialization of warfare. Assembly line.
    1945 to 1946? Japan was the nuclearization of war. Atom bomb.
    1946 to 2000? Iraq is the technicalization of war.  Surgical strike weapons.
    2000 to 2011 Afghan is almost the socialization of war. Anthropology
    2010 to 2011Iran is the Cyberization of war. Stuxnet

    The cyberization of war has set a new high mark for
    a successful war.
    US took out Iran's nuke capability without a death,

    Of special note two of these paradigms were still ongoing
    when they started the next paradigm.

    Using the surgical strike paradigm, and started the 
    anthropology paradigm, and while testing both of those
    started and ran a new successful paradigm cyberdization or
    War. Took out the nuclear objectives and without casualties.

    And the US is proficient and experienced in them all.
    The Iraq / Afghan war has been going on for twice
    the length of WWII, and with a fraction of the deaths.

    The last three paradigms have not been used in theater
    in the same war, yet. 

    We are going to see a new form of warfare.
    The paradigm will be to take out targets without
    any collateral damage. 
    Leaders killed, Command and Control out,
    Invisible surgical strikes against hardened
    military targets. 
    And no occupation and low expense.
    The cyber option is by far the most economical,
    cleanest and deniable.

    Yup warfare just got a lot harder.

    Note the cyber option doesn't work well
    out side the gap. 
    So is of limited use in Afghan.

    There is an expectation of no collateral damage
    during war, forming as we read.

    Remarkable part is its blowback proof.
    Hard to argue war with no collateral damage,
    none zero.
    And US troops are trained and experienced in
    NOT bringing the full force of war against even 
    the Taliban. US could raise the kill ratio 100 fold
    if needed. But the Militarys feed back Lupe 
    recognizes that as counter productive,
    and they refrain from massive slaughter.

    With no collateral damage the option of war
    is a little easier to make.
    Cyber option may increase the number of wars
    while decreasing the deaths, to almost zero.

    Very easy to become a bully with that kind of
    power, and it won't be the Military making those
    decisions, just following orders.

    And a conglomeration of Democrats and Republicans
    will be making those decisions. 
    Some how thats just NOT reassuring.

    And during a recession the Republicans voted in
    a $700 billion tax break for Billionaires and voted
    against unemployment benefits, DURING A RECESSION.
    And a criminal Wall St Banking cartel controlling Congress.

    This cyber option is going to be a problem.
    As soon as they get comfortable with it.

    The only effective counter move is kinetic sneak
    attack against CONUS.
    The only attack option open to them, and at US
    softest target. Coast lines?

    Which Iran could be planning now.

    The cyber option could result in more American collateral
    damage. From sneak kinetic attacks.

    That should move our DHS and US coastal defense
    paradigm towards a more focused threat.

    War Anthropologist.

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    Paki won't go after the Sanctuarys.

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    Gen. Ashfaq Kayani isn't going after the Taliban 
    and al qaeda sanctuaries in North Waziristan.
    ( former head of ISI, and head of Paki Military )

    While Pakistan is a nuclear power they don't 
    act like one, their actions more bespeak of
    a 3rd world WWII armed nation.

    Half their defense forces are on the border with
    India, and fear to remove them. Worried like 
    an old matron of an invasion from India.

    And their pre-nuclear history speaks to their
    reasons to fear India, their history with India
    is problematic.

    But they are a nuclear power, and still they
    fear an attack form India, maybe a deficiency
    in Military self esteem.

    So Paki uses India as an excuse not to go after
    the bad guys in North Waziristan. 
    But even that maybe just a cover.
    They view part of the Taliban as Paki shock
    troops, to be used for adventurism in Afghan
    or undercover troops in covert battles with 

    And Paki saw what US did after helping Afghan
    defeat the Russians, US abandoned Afghan,
    and the war lords and drug lords took power.

    The Taliban with the help of Paki swept in
    and took over from the Drug lords and War 

    Paki fears US may do it again, just abandon Afghan.
    Hell Karzi has spoke of going over to the Taliban
    side. Afghan even with US as a partner isn't all
    that stable.

    If US just dumps Afghan again then Paki has
    do deal with the after math.
    And who wants to rely on American Congressmen?
    I suppose they could Buy the Republicans off like
    the Wall St Banks do.

    But thats expensive even if the Supreme Court
    opened the door for them to do so.

    So Gen. Ashfaq Kayani sees the Taliban
    in Paki as providing some control
    over what happens after US leaves Afghan.
    The tactical ability to tamp down any war lords
    or drug lords causing problems for Paki.

    So the US struggles with its past actions
    and short sightedness in its recent history,
    and searches for a way to deal with past
    bad decisions.

    If he takes out the Taliban then he is left with
    his flank left open, and cross border incursions
    against the Paki Government.

    If he leaves the Taliban alone in N Waziristan
    then the US is left to deal with cross border 
    incursions into Afghan.

    He views his best tactical decision as leaving
    the Taliban and al qaeda in tact for use after
    the US leaves Afghan.

    His decision leaves a sanctuary for the Insurgents
    in Paki for incursions and supplying the insurgency
    in Afghan. US has grown tired of these sanctuaries
    and have recently been targeting insurgents in
    N Wazirstan with drones, leaving Paki to its

    The paradigm is fairly clear and no easy solution
    presents its self.

    One side view the Taliban as hosts for the real
    Enemy al Qaeda and the other side view them
    as auxiliary forces for emergency deployment.
    Every time a drone kills key insurgents, they
    will pressure and threaten Paki General Kayani to
    stop the drone attacks, expect escalating protests
    to killing terrorist leadership in N Waziristan.

    Karzi wants to adopt the Taliban and Kayani
    wants to employ them.
    And US would like to kill them or force
    them to hand over al qaeda.

    The problem seems to be how to get
    all; Afghan, Paki, Taliban to want to hand
    over al qaeda or execute them.
    A minimum win, for all maybe.

    Of what use is the al qaeda cult to
    Afghan or Paki?
    al qaeda cult does directly connect both
    Afghan and Paki to the US multi-billion dollar anti-
    terrorism Teat.

    Our paradigm Intel on what happens when US does leave.

    War Anthropologist.


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    Friday, December 31, 2010

    Anonymous on the ropes

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    Anonymous has no idea of the shit storm headed their way.
    Our "paradigm engine" and BSU's picked up the intel.
    This paradigm intelligence is predicated on those findings.
    The last time Anonymous went up against the Gov. was
    that "Scientology" incident, that was pre- 911, and pre-cyber
    armed US Intelligence forces were even in existence.
    They have server logs from 3 seized servers. and they
    are playing with the guys that did "Stuxnet" NSA.
    ( I think anyway, G  Paradigm Intel on NSA )
    and the FBI with their new invisible
    all encompassing real time surveillance cocoon. And using
    CIA connections overseas. And operating under the new
    "sharing" guide lines.
    The only question remaining is what the US DOJ wants to
    do, issue warrants for everyone that fired up a cannon?
    A RIAA type mass court attack?
    Or maybe just take out the brains, biggest activists, best hacker,
    few sub leaders, just read the emails or IRC logs you can see who is who.
    Or maybe take out some of the prime top cadre of the Org.
    Maybe some up and down the line.
    We have had no hand in this, its just our paradigm intel,
    and a heads up for those that will listen, I do request they
    not "light up" jester as a humanitarian gesture, it would put
    his life at risk from the anti-terrorism work.

    Good Luck Guys

    The Post

    Wikileaks and Anonymous current cyber war is doomed.

    It is not a fight for free speech,
    They are not publishing material wrong doings,
    they are publishing everything, just to violate privacy.

    This act against WWW privacy will have deep and
    long reaching effects on Anonymous and Wilileaks.
    Very negative impacts.
    Wikileaks and Anonymous fight against privacy is EVIL.

    Wikileaks primary motive seems to be profit $$$, 
    just like the Wall St Banks, without morals.

    They are at risk in this fight, because their cause is BAD.

    Even Gov.s have a right to privacy, now I'm not talking about
    releasing reports on US wrong doing, that they might be able
    to get away with. But releasing EVERYTHING just cause its
    private or "Secret" is going to cause a huge backwash.
    And both groups will find it very expensive.

    You don't take a willow switch to a sleeping Lion.
    Posting wrong doings is one thing,
    posting everything just because its private (Secret) is
    quite another.

    If their paradigm was solid then public support might
    protect them to some extent, but they are just violating 
    privacy, a very big NO NO on the WWW.

    Trying to out Jester a known cyber terrorist warrior
    would put him at risk and another major violation
    of the WWW paradigm.

    These organizations just don't respect any ones privacy. 
    And they are trying to hide under the Freedom of press
    Shield, Julian will pay the price.

    How much of Anonymous is left after may put them
    in jeopardy. I think there is a function in society for
    the Anonymous Group, but the Internet paradigm finds
    their stand against privacy offensive.

    And the public tide is turning against them.
    And the Law and Intelligence agencys of many
    countries have them in their sites.


    This will not turn out well for Anonymous,
    I hope their core can withstand the assault.
    Privacy is a call to action on the WWW.
    Wikileaks ignores this at its own peril.

    War Anthropologist
    Disclosure: We have worked with Anonymous on other
    operations, we hope they will survive.

    Used Anonymous Low Orbit Ion Cannon:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Wikileaks, 
    Anonymous burning members W/ low orbit Ion cannon  it LEAKS  IPs...
    Suckered by Anonymous. Poor kid.



    Noise chatter:  being investigated for embezzlement. $1.2 million went where? Mannings got ZERO $, despite wikileaks promises,  Around $600,000 missing,

    One very bad sign is "Smoking Gun" did NOT carry the full indictment.

    And if you get busted Anonymous can't help, you will be shunned, cut off as a matter of opsec,
    you pay your own legal bills, maybe Mom and Dad will? G
    UPDATE: 02.01.10
    Anonymous dosing Britains Gov.
    Our BSU's indicate one of the Targets is Scotland Yard.
    This is a suicide mission for anonymous.
    Paradigm intel forecasts hundreds more arrests.
    They brought a knife to a gun fight.
    We are only observing.


    update 02.08.11

    Anonymous has stepped up their game, doing
    some real hacking.Went after a security group 
    stalking them hunting IPs and IDs.

    Firm stalking  hacked by anon,  hacks computer security firm -  This is real hacking not DDos, G

    Prelude to a small cyber war?

    Anonymous ( ) just released a 
    decompiled version of stuxnet.
    His helpers:
    DCoderLT (author)
    Laurelai (committer)

    The question is Why?
    This is related to "Operation Payback"
    Does Anonymous have a suicide wish?
    Death wish?
    "Now that pieces of that code become available, 
    it's not a far step to others developing their own 
    attack kits, Gregg told

    Is Anonymous trying to make the code available
    to bring down crucial aspects of US infrastructure?
    That may be considered and act of WAR.
    Anonymous maybe inviting Black Wet operations
    against them, the guys they are tempting don't play nice. 
    Just a strong heads up, but get it out of your ass.
    I really don't want to see any of you dead, by accident
    or other wise. 
    Where is the supervision?

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    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Bin Laden loosing on all fronts

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    Bin Laden, cult leader: With edema

    The next 911 on the calendar is the 10th anniversary of the event.

    And in passing represent some significant milestones.

    The job the CIA, FBI and NSA and many others has been
    outstanding. But after this is over will we regret the loss of privacy?
    What we gain in security we lost in privacy.

    The hardest threat to defend against is the Lone Wolf.
    And they have been very good at picking up some of
    the Lone Wolfs before any damage.

    Someone listening to the News spin goes to
    the Internet and gets caught up in some terror
    site or forum or video on YouTube and gets him
    started. Someone acting alone, plans an attack.
    And the FBI is inside, and makes an arrest.

    Thats very remarkable, and exactly what the
    public wants.  I've faulted the FBI before for
    being too bricks and mortar oriented and not
    more cyber surveillance oriented. And in this
    case seems to stand them in good stead.

    Stuxnet puts NSA on the cutting edge of cyber
    domain, ( If they made it G). And points out
    just how vulnerable the world is to cyber WMDs.
    The anniversary also points to 10 yrs of
    al Qaeda cult failures, and I would expect
    an all out effort by Binny to pull something off.

    The split between al qaeda and its cyber
    arm remains split, they don't release vids
    on 'its'sites, lack of trust.
    The "Official sites" are second rate proxies,
    trying to reflect /mimic terrorist policy. 
    Its a matter of setting up a 'Brand' site
    then waiting to see if al qaeda cult recognizes
    you. Very similar to setting up an al qaeda franchise
    in another country, and waiting for the recognition
    from the cult, but very little real connection.
    But they run semi successful info war and propaganda 
    sites tuned to recruiting  Poisoned "imitation Muslim" 
    authorities targeting lone wolfs.
    Binny has been bastardizing Islam for 10 yrs now.
    Al qaeda failed
    Their measure of success is a lone wolf attack
    every two to three months. Out of a possible
    demographic audience of millions.  
    While their measure of success is set at a
    very low threshold, every couple of months,
    its the most difficult type of threat to intercept,
    the "Lone Wolf".

    But many wana be terror sites post propaganda,
    links to YouTube videos and violence inciting 
    speeches. Twisting the heads of wana be lone wolfs.

    Children getting the Keys to Heaven?

    Though the record speaks to a seemingly well balanced 
    paradigm. The majority have been caught.

    But the cult only needs one to get through to
    trigger a terrorist response. "Terrorism".

    Wana bees often are people with low self-esteem who turn to
    religious extremism after experiencing a crisis.

    But there is terrorism and TERRORISM, 
    Olde Binny keeps lowering his goals, setting
    his sites lower. From 911 commercial jets
    as bombs to fire crackers in NY.

    This alone points to the success against the

    So even if Binny gets a hit in before the next
    911, he still hasn't won, 



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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    What is IATT?

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    What is IATT?

    Civilian counter terrorism force.

    What is our mission at IATT?
    They center around 4 paradigms.
    #1) Info War getting the Truth out.
    #2) Collecting and Reporting actionable Intel
    #3) Policy change.
    #4) Limited defensive cyber warfare.
    We have been changing, re-inventing
    ourselves every couple of years.
    As needed. 
    Our Mission:

    Our operations deal with three paradigms:
    Your equipment war tools are obsolete.
    Your being commanded by bad leaders.
    Your human rights are being suppressed.
    In this venue we hope to avoid interference
    with any Military operations.

    We also offer 24 hr kill notices for sensitive data.
    Gov is offered 24 hrs in which they can kill our post/
    Its only happened a couple of times they asked
    for data/intel NOT to be published.

    And we assert the right of self defense on the WWW.
    And stand ready to enforce it.

    So how does Anthropology fit into all this?
    Observation, synthesis and action are the essence of applied Anthropology.
    There is a open field in the study of Internet anthropology and its uses in the GWOT.

    I started out as an Internet Anthropologist studying
    the culture and Tribes, so to speak on the WWW.
    There is a classification of "Security Anthropologist" but the work I do is a little different,
    it is Internet Anthropology.
    And its application to the GWOT I'm calling
    "War Anthropologist".

     Our Record? Not Bad.

    Two of our public best.

    And you can read our OSINT here:

    Hope this helps in understanding IATT.

    War Anthropologist


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    Monday, December 27, 2010

    Genius Readers 12.27.10