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    Saturday, December 25, 2010

    Paradigm Intel NSA.

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    Paradigm Intel NSA.
    There was a quiet name change at NSA
    to better define its mandate.
    New name: Nationial Security Agency and Central Security Service.

    NSA is the biggest intelligence agency in the Government.
    And also the most secret.
    We think they built Stuxnet.

    In pegging NSA on the cyber meter is difficult.
    We can see the bottom, us, and the hackers giving
    us pain, but where do you put NSA on that line.

    We are privy to info the public hasn't seen.
    And paradigm intel reports based on it.

    I would place us at about 3, the public us,
    the hackers at 4 and 5.
    Malware, rootkits, exploits etc.

    But NSA has no upper side easily knowable.
    But our best estimate puts them at 6 and 7.

    And they have secure OS or have a crash
    program to develop one.

    We also think there are secret super, super
    uber hackers maybe a 9 or 10.

    To operate at that level there are certain prerequisites,
    Money, intelligence, tech knowledge, social skills.

    Statically speaking he or she is there.
    The reason we feel enthusiastic about him,
    is we have seen NO indication of him.

    He knows if he shows his head 'they' will
    be after him. If he steals, and we think he does,
    it won't draw attention, and its not a lot.

    He is systemic he's not a threat to the system.
    He views him self more as a guarding angel.
    He will not take his Raison d'être, reason for his existence

    He can't be caught but he also can't afford to
    leave traces or tracks. 

    In his case its not only NOT getting caught
    but also keeping the possibility of his existence
    out of public consciousness.

    If 'they' don't know he is there, 'they' won't hunt

    So that establishes an upper level.
    Now NSA has demonstrated creative out of
    the box thinking on Stuxnet, just carried old
    paradigms to the extreme. 

    By playing the Stuxnet card they have exposed
    at least this hand. And they didn't show anything
    I would consider NEW.  But it is the OLD brought
    to the cutting edge.
    And some "junk" code, I suspect NOT, the professionalism
    of this OP precludes leaving "junk" code in the program.

    Stuxnet while not new has opened the door for the next
    dimension of warfare. 

    Civil war was manual.
    WWII was the industrialization of warfare.
    Japan was the nuclearization of war.
    Iraq is the technicalization of war.
    Afghan is almost the socialization of war.
    Iran is the Cyberization of war.

    And the US is proficient and experienced in them all.
    The Iraq / Afghan war has been going on for twice
    the length of WWII, and a fraction of the deaths.
    US surgical strikes are acknowledged world wide.
    And is part of the reason the globalization sees US
    as warfare humane. 
    And employees the US as the worlds policeman,
    which the US has been reluctant to accept except
    in self interests, hence the experience of a few cases
    of genocide while this cop was on patrol.

    Jean Kambanda (Rwanda, 1994)800,000
    Hassan Turabi (Sudan, 1989-1999)100,000
    But it is this acceptance of a humanitarian warfare 
    that keeps the US in the lead as a world power, 
    and sells our Treasury Bonds which fund the Government 
    and economy.
    And this power Iraq in 100 days, Afghan just a few days.
    That power the world relies on when using the USD as
    the world currency for world trade. Russia doesn't
    buy oil with Ruples, but with US dollars.
    The world ( my error I mean the Core here, G ) 
    wants a strong Military power to back the worlds
    currency. For stability, strength, security of the currency.
    All uncertain, but higher probability with US Military power.
    al Qaeda attacked and US has gone after them for 10 yrs.
    al Qaeda attacked in Europe, England, Russia, Africa, China
    India, and many other smaller countries. 

    US is the Cop going after the bad guys, with the gun
    he bought and for Free. And using state of the art
    technology he developed on his own dime.

    The US needs to formalize this policy and method
    of payment, right now the US is acting as cop, buying
    his own gun and uniform pro-bona.
    Not good business.
    But does the purchase of safe good yield US Treasury 
    Bonds cover the cost. When these countries, Europe, 
    England, Russia, Africa, China, and India buy US Treasury 
    Bonds does that cover the costs?
    Actually it might.
    The question becomes how much of the costs of war do
    the purchases equal?
    The cash from the sale of these bonds is used to run
    the US Government. They are a loan and earn good
    interest with high security. 
    And the US has borrowed this money and has
    to be paid back when the Bonds Mature.
    Short term, these countries have paid for US
    wars by investing in US Treasury Bonds.

    But long term the grand kids will have to pay
    this money back, the principle, while we have 
    been paying the interest.

    But is it enough?

    But this explains NSA's budget.
    And how they provide world stability.

    With out US Military it would be a much
    more Evil world, more death and more wars.

    Not saying there haven't been mistakes,
    but the Natizs are not running the world
    because of USA Malitary, Intelligence agencies and other

    The alternate world with out US Military would be much 
    different, the Natizs or Imperial Japanese might be fighting the
    Taliban  now.

    NSA type paradigm has tried to keep the
    world safe. With some success.
    They have taken out Iran's Nuclear bomb process,
    without bombs, troops or bullets.
    Stuxnet assumes the genius and tactical paradigm
    and technology, it also assumes a technology a step
    above Stuxnet.

    The Recon for this OP, is mind boggling, these
    bugging  OPs worked, prior to the attack.
    When Stuxnet came in it knew where it was and where
    everything else was and how it all worked.
    They took out items NOT connected to the Internet.
    And have prevented its removal, or at least immediate
    Iran is blocked from building a nuke, for now.
    Iran is not the only one that can stall for time.

    So we peg NSA's capability a couple notches
    above any of the other individual or state hackers.

    But the natural paradigm for the secret super, super
    uber hackers limits them.
    They are limited in manpower, the more that
    know the higher the risk of exposure.
    There is just so much he can look at in 24hrs.
    And He will not take his Raison d'être, reason for his existence
    down. Its his LOVE and life, but still a love /hate relationship.
    The more professional he is the less likely a significant risk 
    he will be to the WWW. His highest priority will be
    to remain invisible, which significantly limits his 

    Statics aside if he isn't there then there is no risk.
    His discovery will be a count down to a fight before

    WWW Both a bane and boon to human existence.
    NSA's intuition about the Cyber paradigm has
    been right on, unavoidable shot gun approach,
    but injures only the surgically targeted systems,
    in the right countries. And very little blow back.

    China and branches of the RBN have both shown
    glimpses of this level of Operation, but not at NSA's
    continued proficientancy.

    Stuxnet has saved thousands of Iranian lives,
    Cyber attack vs a kinetic attack to take out Iran's

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Stuxnet Non-Proliferation ...

    Sep 25, 2010 ... Stuxnet Non-Proliferation Treaty rootkit Enforcer

    NSA will not provide the technology to secure
    the WWW, for the public, asking them to do so,
    violates their mandate.

    NSA's idea of a secure WWW is not an OS that
    prevents penetrations.
    Their Security paradigm defines it as 'all OS penetrated'.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Stuxnet's wet dream.

    Congress has mis-interpreted NSA's function in asking
    them to help protect the US infrastructure.

    The primary method to secure the US infrastructure  
    is to protect the WWW with a secure OS, which NSA
    will try and bust.

    That Secret super super uber hacker could make
    trillions though by putting one out, a secure OS.

    Now to get that guy to read my blog? PLZ RT.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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    Friday, December 24, 2010

    To Google

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    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Google employee strangles hits 

    Internet Anthropologist
    ad Magnum


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    computer viruse infects humans

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    Apparently it's not good enough for bacteria to cause leprosy and tuberculosis any more, as scientists have been hard at work adapting the microorganisms for use as everything from microbial fuel cells to really, really small gears

    Now, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a way to use a colony of E.Coli for data storage and encryption. The technique involved placing data (in this case, The Declaration of Independence) in the DNA of bacterial cells, and can even harness site specific genetic recombination to encrypt the data. 

    That said, the technology is still in its infancy: retrieving the info is "tedious and expensive," according to Cambridge University's Tim Middleton, and there is still the possibility that as organisms mutate, so will the data. Currently the only application of all this is the storage of copyright info in genetically engineered organisms, although further research might yield a bacterial storage medium that could survive the electromagnetic pulses and radiation of nuclear fallout.


    But E coli could die or it kill you.
    And the Chinese are embedding encrypted code in E Coli.
    What could go WRONG?

    Echo "SKYNET" "SKYNET"

    War Anthropologist


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    Thursday, December 23, 2010

    Christmas treat for our readers.

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    Wednesday, December 22, 2010

    Wall St Banks steal homes with impunity.

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    Wall St Banks caught stealing homes through fraudulent
    They are moving people out of their homes before foreclosure 
    complete even emptying homes of possessions before foreclosure
    Bank 'steals ashes of dead husband and ransacks house' after ...

    Telling people they have to be in arrears before they will help
    under new anti-foreclosure laws, then foreclosing because 
    When people call for help the people are given fake phone
    numbers to call for help.
    And faking foreclosure documents.
    Foreclosing on homes that have been paid off.
    Even setting up boiler room courts to rush through
    illegal document to get foreclosures.

    Where is the Dept. of Justice, the FBI's natural paradigm
    is to go after these guys, WHY is DOJ holding
    them back.

    States Attorney Generals are going after
    the criminal banks stealing homes and peoples

    Have the Banking lobbyist got to the DOJ?
    Or is it the White House telling the DOJ not
    to go after the Criminal Wall St Banks.
    Did Obama make a deal with the Criminal
    Wall St Banks?

    I just don't understand how this mystery stands?

    The crime is PUBLIC, and no action is taken.

    How have Wall St Banks become beyond the
    reach of the Arm of Law?
    Exempt from criminal investigations?

    This lack of action puts a pall over the Obama
    Administration, questions the integrity of the 
    Office of the President.

    460% payday loans, loan sharking.
    Sub-prime debacle 
    Gambling instead of investing
    Bail outs by tax payers
    Bail outs by the Federal Reserve.
    Flash Crash.
    Dark pools trading in secret.
    Billion dollar bonuses.
    Billion dollar tax breaks.
    Hiding Madoffs stolen funds.
    Mortgage fraud, selling as sub-prime paper
    Mortgage fraud, foreclosure on home owners.

    The criminal Wall St Banks know NO criminal
    limits and are exempt from Federal Investigation,

    The lack of Federal Investigations in and of its self
    is criminal and will haunt the Obama administration
    and GOP in history.

    How long will the people allow this criminal Wall St
    banking Mafia to continue without check?

    Does the Federal Government think no one sees
    their errors of omission? 

    Does the Federal Government think the public
    doesn't notice this criminal conspiracy between
    Wall St Banks and the Law arm of the Government.

    How long can the Government continue to ignore
    this Criminal combine?

    YOU are noticed, your collusion is evident.
    The people Know.




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    Google runs afoul of CIA

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    Is Google Evil?

    They seem to be siding with Wikileaks.

    BOSTON, Dec 22 (Reuters) - Apple Inc (AAPL.O) has joined a growing number of U.S. companies that have severed ties with WikiLeaks, removing an application from its online store that gave users access to the controversial website's content.
    But Google Inc (GOOG.O), which operates the second-largest online mobile applications store, has kept more than half a dozen apps available on its Android Marketplace that make it easier to access the confidential U.S. government documents WikiLeaks had released on its site.
    The two distinct approaches highlight how it is far tougher for developers to get on the iPhone's platform than Android's. Some of the Android programs provide direct access to the WikiLeaks cables, and one of them even alerts users whenever a new leaked document from the WikiLeaks repository is made public.
    In past weeks, a host of companies from Inc (AMZN.O) to Bank of America (BAC.N) has withdrawn services for WikiLeaks, which has outraged U.S. authorities by releasing thousands of confidential State Department cables. [ID:nWIKI]
    But not Google they are backing Wikileaks, helping to disseminate "Secret Gov.Docs.

    Read more: Both worth the read 3 min.
    You decide.
    BSU's have seen indications CIA has special Wikileaks team.



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    Our Genius Readers 12.22.10

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    On my home page Google is no longer displaying 20 days of posts
    only 3 days. So here is an Index:

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    I'm on your PC,know your IP

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    Ok you have rootkit sweepers, malware sweepers and couple of anti-viri programs
    Maybe even cloud security and one of the fancy Security Suites.

    And your data is encrypted, so your safe, Right.

    NSA US pre-eminent cyber warriors say NO.
    Some may view my warning as fear mongering.
    I don't think I can say this loud enough or enough

    We have been saying this for years.
    Security:hyper endemic Epidemic:
    NSA with all their expertise don't think their Secure Networks
    are secure, so what chance have you?

    Little to none. But who would want your info?
    No uber hacker is going to come after you.

    Its not uber hackers going after individuals. 
    Its uber hackers attacking en mass, automated
    attacks on millions and millions of IPs.

    Building bot farms, planting malware, harvesting
    banking logins, etc.
    They sell the info in bulk, your Credit Crard #,
    and passwords etc, sell them by the thousands.

    And the companies who are in a position to notify
    won't even if they know its a criminal porking you.
    The Credit reporting Agencys, they want $10 a month.
    To tell you about your OWN data and information.
    Cost to them is near zero, just send out automated
    emails. But its a Trillion dollar scam, and they benefit
    from the ID theft.

    MicroSofts operating system is not secure and all
    the security vendors in the world have been unable
    to secure it.

    But Google has a new OS on the horizion, if you trust
    them, lot of talk about if Google is Evil.

    I so want to believe Google's Evil is attributed to a rogue employee,
    I want to TRUST Google, I need to be able to trust at least ONE corporation,
    after the Wall St Banking mafia crime spree.

    A secure OS would be another Trillion dollar industry.
    It seems Google is shedding its trustworthiness
    as fast as a lady of the night looses her panties.

    "Is Google Evil"

    So what is one to do?
    Take a tip from NSA.
    Assume your PC is penetrated, your OS compromised
    and  your info on your PC is not secret.

    Only use Debit cards on WWW they can only steal
    whats actually in the account, and can't run up a credit
    bill like on a credit card.

    The National Security Agency (NSA) is working on the assumption that all of the most sensitive computer networksunder its guard have been compromised.
    Speaking at a cyber security forum sponsored by the Atlantic and Government Executive media organizations, Debora Plunkett of the NSA said that they have to build computer systems based on the assumption that adversaries will be able to penetrate them. "There's no such thing as 'secure' any more," she said, reports Reuters.

    She heads the NSA's Information Assurance Directorate which is tasked with protecting national security information systems and networks across the world. "We have to, again, assume that all the components of our system are not safe, and make sure we're adjusting accordingly,"she said. 

    Stuxnet could break out into a private sub-version any time now.
    Its not new just a new application of old technology carried to the 

    The current version of stuxnet was designed to walk through all known
    security programs. READ THAT AGAIN.

    Stuxnet could bring down Iran's nuke program, then
    another version of some one else's Stuxnet could bring
    down US back bone, and infrastructure.

    We are at the beginning of a new era of cyber war.
    The paradigm is just now being understood, and comprehension
    dawning on the risks it exposes our civilization to.

    US used to have a policy of not negotiating with hostage
    takers, but have recently changed the paradigm.
    They do pay, and then go after the kidnaper's and money.
    This sets the US up for an attack on a few utilities
    and collecting ransom for not taking down others.

    NSA has grasped this and the world has a grace period
    they are wasting.
    Eventually the real cyber assault will begin, 
    and the world is not prepared for it.
    They have built their cyber houses on sand
    and a Cyber Tsunami  is coming which could wash
    everything away.

    The world needs a CRASH program to develop
    a secure OS before it hits, every thng is vulnerable.
    Why don't we have a secure OS now, cause Stuxnet
    wouldn't work.
    Error in Cyber security Paradigm.

    War Anthropologist

    Please RT

    Every thing Google knows is subject, suspect, Vulnerable.