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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Thousands of terrorist names

    Note new search box top of posts column

    it searches data bases with thousands of terrorist

    names and data, bio etc. UN, State Dept, etc.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    This is how Marine should come ashore.

    Marine's should have a power ride in style and safety. YES

    This is force projection...
    20-knot speed in the water and a 345-mile range
    Think about how much the Marines have done for the US Military.

    The enemy couldn't sink it but Congress will.
    Are Marines expendable?



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    What old is New again.

    It just struck me that the body amour the troops wear
    looks similar to that worn by the knights of old.

    Helmet, shoulder and chest shields.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Yes there are invisible persistent rootkits IPR


    In fact several kinds.
    The ones NSA uses no one else has.
    RBN and Chinese are less persistent
    but still invisible.

    Some Uber hackers have a different version also.

    The top of the line IPR ( Invisible Persistent Rootkits )
    Are impossible to rid your self of.
    To use a medical analogy, the security systems
    white cells see them as part of the body not
    as an intruder. They hide in plain sight.
    You can format your drives, erase them to
    NSA standards, reinstall the OS from a clean
    CD and the IPR will still be there.
    And the method or vector for deployment is
    classified, and very successful.
    It only needs an IP to to implement.
    We developed this method and sent
    the Air Force a White Paper on it in 2008.
    We had been experimenting  with this
    method since 1999. And developed a
    proof of concept. And it provides a
    universal method to defeat an ongoing
    Bot attack , regardless of size.

    Others on the next level are just very stealthy,
    And have various places to hide, some very
    surprising niches.
    And are kept hidden from security antibodies.
    Many can even hide under a virtual OS.
    These can be spotted when they connect to another
    IP; sometimes.  The trick is to use a faked acceptable
    IP, one that won't cause alarm upon a cursory inspection.

    The Uber hacker IPR I've seen are corrupting the security
    systems, making them lie about whats there.
    Some times these can be spotted by the sound of the Fan
    and comparing the high speed sound of the fan to the 
    performance chart in the Task manger.
    Generally an increase in fan speed and noise will be 
    accompanied by an increase in the use of CPU. as
    indicated on the Task manager chart.
    When the fan increases without an increase in CPU
    usage in the performance chart of the Task manager
    the system should be suspect. The Resource overview
    in the Task manager may also give some clues.
    A IPR may be making the OS lie to you, cloaking its

    I differentiate between them on primary
    method of survival, hiding in plain site,
    stealth, and take over of OS reporting.
    Even though there maybe some over lap.

    IPR's exist, and are a serious threat.
    And I'm not aware of any security suite that
    aquatically addresses the problem.
    There is not even a security suite that addresses
    all known exploits.

     Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Cyber attacks growing in number and sophistication

    By HP
    "Few victims realise they are under attack until it is too late. It is increasingly common to hear of attackers remaining inside a compromised organisation for months, gathering information with which they design and build even more sophisticated attacks," TippingPoint said.

    Read more

    Some are never found. G


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Maybe "They" hear.

    We know they read.

    We said:

    Once they have power ( elect. ) then
    it becomes a question of popularity,
    not just listening to religious prayers,
    because of the cost of batteries.

    As we have said we do not fear
    what the terrorist say,
    We fear not anserwing their lies.

    You can't win the hearts and minds
    if your not taliking ( broadcasting ) to

    Once the power grid covers Afpaki
    "They" will have a choice of what
    to listen to, and hear both sides
    of the "INSURGENCY".


    The Power ( elect. grid ) will
    give the people the power
    to hear a balanced view.

    The hearts and minds are
    waiting, ears open, but not
    enough elect power or Batteries
    to listen.

    This is the KEY to breaking the
    hold of the Taliban, ending the
    support for the Taliban, and
    turning the people to Allah.
    And true Islam.

    They did:

    US radio takes on Taliban in Afghan propaganda war
    KABUL, Afghanistan — A U.S.-funded radio station is hoping a small hand-cranked radio can help turn the tide in a propaganda war against the Taliban, handing out thousands of the devices in the hopes of winning over ordinary Afghans.
    "In most of those places there is no electricity, and batteries are expensive," Knapp said. The radios, a version of which was distributed in Haiti after the earthquake, are powered by both solar panels and a hand crank.
    Radio is key to reaching the majority of Afghans: With only a limited access to television, newspapers and the Internet, most depend on radio programs to get their information. In rural areas, where three-fourths of some 28 million Afghans live, 90 percent of women and 60 percent of men are illiterate, according to the latest surveys.
    International forces say they are fighting a two-pronged war in Afghanistan — one against the insurgents' weapons and the other their propaganda.
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in 2002 launched Radio Azadi — Pashto for "Liberty" — in Afghanistan. The station — broadcasting in Pashto and Dari languages — claims to be the most popular source of news in the country, with a 43 percent market share and some 7.9 million listeners weekly.

    Genius, just Genius, G
    You like to think they know a good idea 
    when they hear one?

    Internet Anthropologist
    Its good to know even our paradigm Intel
    is heard, and appreciate our contacts for
    actionable Intel  at FBI, NSA, CIA, DOD,
    DHS, MI5, Saudi Intel, German BKA,
    among many others, Thanks.

    Still looking for contacts in Afghan and
    India and Pakistan.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Quinn you Prick

    Everything on standby for 168 hrs, pending
    physical delivery of data disk.  03:30 PM est

    Your on my shit list, you won't know how or when or where.
    You won't even know it was me.
    BSU's tracking you for 4 months now.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban webmaster, IPs ...

    Were working, waiting, watching, planning.
    3,000 pages of research? GONE;

    When the time is right.
    A day, month, a year.
    I have infinite patience.
    When everything is a lined.

    Say hi to the Russian mystic. HA ha ho ho lol.
    Tell him he might want to get that off his hard

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Terrorist force projection as InfoWAR

    Terrorist al Qaeda cult and the Taliban force projection.
    Why the US military needs to bitch slap the press.
    Eating our own News and Info War feeds.

    A Taliban squad 10  men can cover an area of 3,600 miles
    effectively, thats 60 miles by 60 miles. A square one hour wide
    and one hour long traveling at 60 MPH on motor cycle..

    It would be a light heavy weapons squad.
    Taliban squad arms:12 K-47, 8 bolt-action rifles WWII or earlier,4 PKmachine gun, and 2 semiautomatic pistols. 1 RPG-7

    They post night letters thru their area by motor cycle at night,
    and have civilian listening posts with radios thru their area,
    60 miles by 60 miles, radio repeater every 10 miles, 12 radio

    They have maybe 20 hanger on-ers wana be's.
    They roll into a town with 30 men armed with above,
    and can control the town. Even set up a fake Jirga and
    do some public executions.

    Of the 10 men in the Taliban squad may 2 have military
    training, and they earn $300 a month.
    Cost around $5,000 a month to run a US county size operation.

    If one of the squad is killed they bring in one of the wana bees,
    and he is no longer working for free but making $300 a month.
    Most are former farmers and some criminals.

    So in effect they can loose the rank and file twice over and
    have on hand replacements. Taking out the squad leader
    causes a little more difficulty, someone has to step forward
    and take control, able to read and write, and set up
    communications with Taliban pay roll and supply.

    Taliban Drug problems are rampant, and cheap.
    kilogram of heroin in Afghanistan ranged around $2,405

    PTSD is also rampant, and they use those that are suicidal as
    an asset, they strap a bomb vest on them not provide treatment.

    The indigenous people the civilians don't like the Taliban 72%.
    And local spies are plentiful as evidenced by the recent uptick
    in drone strikes along the Afpak border.

    But the feeling you get from the world news agencys is that
    some how these Taliban farmers are a match for US forces,
    and maybe even winning, its Bull Shit, News no longer is objective
    its headlines, even Drudge Report fudges head lines for hits.

    And all these head lines get cycled around among Congress and
    the Pentagon and it sinks in, defeatist thinking or at the very minimum

    The Military needs to bitch slap some of these reporters that
    are most egregious offenders of the truth, of accurate reporting
    to keep this damaging reporting in check, call them out, spank
    them in public, PR.

    Bin Laden is NO longer the head of the al qaeda cult.
    The press seems to not have noticed he has been
    AWOL for 5 years. Missing in action, he has deserted
    his own cult, al qaeda. Duh.


    This is not some force of super Russians Spazna,
    but a force of Afghan farmers and business men dedicated
    to a false cause, supporting a cult the leader that has abandoned.

    911 was done with just 11 men, al qaeda is still dangerous,
    but a fading paradigm.

    This is winnable, take out al qaeda and make peace with the
    Taliban. Its do-able.

    Since September 2, there have been 13 strikes by unmanned spy planes in North Waziristan — the highest number in a month since the US began using drones to hit targets in Pakistan in 2004, the Dawn newspaper reported.
    The number of drone strikes this year has already crossed 70, the highest figure for a single year.
    TALIBAN leaders have taken to hiding in Ovens from the drones..



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    MS, Google Email screw up

    I'm so damn mad I could spit nails.

    I'm not sure who's fault it is, Google or Micro Soft?

    You know how your cursor jumps around like hell,
    like I'm spastic. It just jumped around and clicked
    discard in Gmail and that is not retrievable.
    Its an unrecoverable ERROR.
    It doesn't go to TRASH or Spam, Google
    kills it.
    Even though I clicked "Save" many times
    during the writing. SOB.

    I spent 2.5 hrs on this report and its gone. Vapor...
    into the either, on the wind.
    I guess I blame Gmail for having a irretrievable
    "Discard" button Without a warning confirm button... WTF?

    And MS for the spastic cursor, curse them both.
    May Micro Softs colon work as smoothly as their
    cursor, May Googles servers discover their "Discard"

    DAMN Damn damn.
    Screammmmm. UGHHHHHH.
    It was genius stuff too.

    And Google USED to be my fav Co.

    I need to recover a DRAFT c. 4 PM today -- accidentally the DISCARD button was clicked -- I can't imagine that with all the "delete forever" and trash recovery capabilities on everything else that gmail has no recovery option for DRAFTS which are crucial !!!

    Perhaps the DISCARD button needs to be removed and someone at gmail needs to be fired if (with all the complaints reported for as long as this seems to have been a problem ( YEARS)

    I just had this happen unexpectedly today. I did NOT hit the discard button and must have shortcuts enabled because I went to look for a draft that I have had saved for OVER 2 YEARS today and it was suddenly gone. This is ridiculous that these are not in the trash or somewhere to be recovered. I have lots valuable information that I did not store anywhere else, including dates, times and codes that I needed!!!!!! Very angry.

    By mistake, I mis-click the next button over (oh no! It's the dreaded "Discard" button) and my hours of work are gone! No "Are you sure?" prompt. Poof. It's gone. 
    There was one window of opportunity before I panicked -- I could have clicked the "Undo" link. But why can't Google let me find my saved Draft in Trash like every other mail program does?

     Ok, WHEN is gmail going to have the capability, by default, to send deleted drafts to "trash" instead of being completely gone when deleted. Users have learned via many various other software products the past fifteen years, that things go to a "trash" location. Gmail breaks that familiarity. Here's another "question" - please explain why this ability is not implemented. It certainly is not for lack of space with all the "8gb and growing" etc. statements. 

    Google: please pick one of the following:
    1. We never read these posts and never listen to customers because we know best
    2. We ignore the request to have discarded drafts put in the trash because we know best
    3. We are too proud to implement things requested from us and also we know best
    4. We do not know how to implement this change - the code is so brittle we are afraid it will break if we do this change - and besides we know best

    SOURCE: Google support???


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    Mil dot security ISN'T

    Security lapse.


    I just noticed this.

    US site asking for SS# with out Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encryption and secure identification of the server..

    The MIL dot server generates its own security credentials.
    And it asks for your Social Security Number.
    From the login page:
    • Why do we need your Social Security Number?
    We request your Social Security Number (SSN) and Date of Birth (DoB) during the registration process only to authenticate who you are. The information you provide is compared with your information in the Enterprise Dictionary Database (EDD), and the information is used solely to verify that you are authorized to have an account. This data is already in the EDD and the Secretary of the Army is authorized to use the data for verification purposes. Your SSN will be stored with your account when it is created, but it is not shared with any other agency or organization, it is not part of your user name, and it is used only as a discriminator during multiple identity instances.
    • Is it safe?
    Security during registration is ensured using a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.
    This is the highest industry standard and establishes an encrypted session between your computer and . We use the same technology that other major companies operating on the World Wide Web (WWW) use to protect personal information and guard against identity theft. Look for the little yellow padlock at the bottom of your browser window to ensure that you have established a secure connection. There are no alternate means of registration as this is the most secure method of protecting your information.

    128 SSL is NOT the highest security standard.

    SSL - a Quick History
    In the earlier days of the World Wide Web, 40 bit keys were used. Each bit could contain a one or a zero -- which meant there were 240 different keys available. That's a little over one trillion distinct keys.
    Because of the ever-increasing speed of computers, it became apparent that a 40-bit key wasn't secure enough. Conceivably, with the high-end processors that would come available in the future, hackers could eventually try every key until they found the proper one, which would allow them to decrypt and steal private data. It would take some time, but it was possible.
    The keys were lengthened to 128 Bits. That's 2128 keys, or 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 unique encryption codes. (That's 340 trillion trillion trillion, for those of you keeping track at home.) It was determined that if computers kept advancing in speed as they have in the past, these 128-bit codes would remain secure for at least another decade, if it not longer. DigiCert certificates don't stop there though. DigiCert SSL Certificates are also compatible with the new AES 256-bit encryption.

    Should be upgraded to 256.

    And they are asking for your SS# on a NON https page.

    Other DoD Service Portals

    BulletAir Force Portal BulletDefense Online BulletMarineNet BulletNavy Enterprise Portal -- Coming Soon
    I didn't check the other portals.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Sunday, September 12, 2010

    Counter Surveillance 09.12.10

    Company C's Cyber over watch picked up an anomaly,
    turned it over to Counter Surveillance Section they
    spotted a Fan in Iraq with an over abundant amount of interest
    in things he shouldn't be poking his nose in.

    We have BSU's watching you, why not drop
    me a line and say Hi let me know what your
    up to... I like RICH friends.

    Barb doesn't like you, that should concern you.
    I'm willing to withhold judgement till I hear from

    Barb took care of it.
    BSU's withdrawn.


    Bristol were watching you too.58.141