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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Working with Feds Cyber Corps

    Whats it like to work for the Feds Cyber Corps?

    They are very professional, and demand results yesterday.

    Enough time has passed I can discuss in General our work

    with them.

    They were working undercover, and did not disclose who they

    To the Public they were civilians.
    Our BSU's picked up one of their
    guys running without full cloaking.
    And i reported our discovery through
    back channels.

    I joined the "civilians", and disclosed
    whom I am, they were interested in our
    capabilities, And I was put through a
    very brief but though vetting, even
    threatened if I didn't disclose our
    full capabilities. I declined on
    Opsec basis and even offered to report
    for said "destruction",

    I did button everything down hard.
    And they declined my cyber destruction.
    They asked if I would provide security.
    As they suspected they had a non-friendly
    operating in their group.
    I said I would look into it.
    My mistake, we ran a brief recon
    and penetrated the objective on
    a 'look-see" basis. I wanted to see
    if we could accomplish the assignment
    before I accepted it.
    Seems they took my "look into
    it " as acceptance of the assignment.

    My prelim report found what they had
    requested but not the security leak.
    And the report was found lacking.
    And I got an ASS chewing, not the
    first and not the last, but I recognized
    a Military ass chewing when I get one.

    To try and make up for my blunder
    I set a herd of Black BSU's loose.
    I pulled all the IPs and used proxy
    work arounds, and further reduced
    the list of possible perps, and was
    able to disclose their operating area.
    And probable perps reduced to 3 IPs.

    I then reported the IP's to my contact,
    taking the security request very seriously.
    It seems my Black BSU's broke their
    opsec and revealed them also.

    They promptly broke off all communication
    and much to my chagrin left me in the

    To complete my opsec all info on the
    operation was deleted to NSA standards.
    No trace remains on my PCs.

    We have learned much from our
    brief association, and no longer do
    "look see's" we just get the job done.

    And their com channel remains closed,

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why wouldn't they provide their own
    Just wondering

    12:29 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Not sure felt like they were boot
    strapping this, and under staffed.


    12:30 PM  

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