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    Friday, August 06, 2010

    Michael Hayden on track NSA

    Former NSA Director: Countries Spewing Cyber attacks Should Be Held Responsible.

    Not gonna work.G

    Retired General Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency, said Thursday that one solution being discussed in government is to simply forget about trying to determine if the source of an attack is state-sponsored and hold nations responsible for malicious activity coming from their cyberspace. His words were greeted with applause from the audience of computer security professionals.


    Sounds good, why wouldn't  this work?

    Counter deployment: Iran sets up bots in
    Afghan to attack US, and US blames Afghan.


    I set up bots in every country ( confliker ) in the world
    and attack US, cutting off all the rest of the
    countrys effectively cuts US off also.

    The individual bots where ever they are
    need to be attacked, and owners held
    responsible for cleaning up their PC's.
    There is an out of the box over the
    top solution to bring down the bot
    PCs en mass during an attack.

    This discourages bot masters
    from attacking US because they
    would loose all their bots,
    and wouldn't make any difference
    what country the bots were in.

    The USA has a significant number
    of botted, zombie PCs.
    Is the DOD going to close
    down US WWW if attacked
    by them?

    The presidential authority
    to shut down the WWW,
    as far as I can see is worthless.

    However the authority to shut
    down individual PC's doing a bot
    attack is Golden.

    And it looks like
    Retired General Michael Hayden
    just tacitly acknowledged
    Fort Meads ability to selectively
    cut off most of a countrys access to the
    WWW on demand.

    A very usefull tool in ones arsenal
    of weapons.

    Internet Anthropologist


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    Spank or Kill

    Spank or Kill

    Ban paddling but OK to execute.

    Congresswoman wants to ban paddling.
    Its legal in 22 states.
    There has been no study to see
    what effects paddling has had
    in the 22 states.

    Teenagers demeanor today
    is so gentile and well mannered.

    "F**K you."

    The tin hats argue that
    corporal punishment imbues
    violence in children.

    I argue the opposite,
    it imbues respect.

    My generation understood
    physical punishment, Dad
    used the belt, the nuns
    use a ruler.

    While I don't support
    the use of a belt, I
    had an understanding
    of consequences for
    my actions.

    Today there is no consequences
    for kids actions till they
    reach the age of majority
    and are jailed.

    Only Gangs exercise
    any control over the
    kids and that thru
    corporal punishment
    beat ins.

    The gangs have a better
    understanding of child psychology
    and what it takes to control them
    than Congress, while I'm not
    supporting Beat ins, as a method
    of corporal punishment for some
    kids exceptions could be made.

    The lack of corporal punishment
    leads to violence, bullies
    and gang membership.

    Some kids view the Gangs
    as families. Which is sad.

    While the congresswoman
    decrys paddling they approve
    of execution of the very same
    children for capital crimes.

    That strikes me as a cultural
    Paddling NO
    Execution YES.

    There is a measured middle
    ground, where there
    is attached a consequences for
    teenagers actions, some thing
    less than a belt, before they
    get to the execution stage.

    The current paradigm sets
    up the kids for immoral
    punishment because
    they have had no responsibility
    attached to their actions,
    no corporal punishment,
    and when they do go around
    the bend, the Sate legally
    murders them.

    Tries them as adults and
    executes them.

    An uneasy American
    cultural sadistic tradition.

    Internet Anthropologist

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    Wikileaks to suffer horrendously.

    Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell speaks ...Image via Wikipedia

    Wikileaks to suffer horrendously.

    Ass-strange to waste the rest of his life.

    The Hill is reporting that the Pentagon has demanded WikiLeaks immediately hand over  all the classified documents it illegally possesses, including those it has not yet published, and that the website delete those records from its computers. Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell made clear this was not a “request”:

        "We are making a demand of them," Morrell said. "We are asking them to do the right thing."

        "We hope they will honor our demands," Morrell said, adding if WikiLeaks refuses to comply "we will cross the next bridge when we come to it."


    And just what is the US going to do if wikileaks refuses?
    Assange is pissing on a Lion.
    The range and scope of options boggles the mind.
    Here is what we are willing to talk about.
    What we won't talk about would turn your hair white.

    First the FBI will put him into a surveillance cocoon.
    Obtain warrants for him and all henchmen.
    Place them on standby to execute the warrants on demand.
    Penetrate wikileaks PCs, coms, back up sites and mirrors,
    replace core code to include trackers to input virus in all downloads
    at a future time..
    Implement PC destruct commands on all wikileaks PC's.
    Not only delete files but burn the PC's.

    Then post list of all "secret leakers"  who posted
    anything on wikileaks. Anonymously of course.
    Destroy their reputation and any trust in Wikileaks.

    Get Assange's Gitmo cell ready.
    Ass-strange is going to be alot more strange
    by the conclusion of his mess.

    DOJ to compile a list of charges, maybe 20 or 30,
    and prepare for 10 or 20 years of legal battles.
    Ass-strange no bail, can wait it out in Gitmo,
    as additional charges are added over the years
    as the US documents the deaths of people he
    snitched on.

    Dept of State to prepare punitive options for Ass-strange
    "home land's" defense of the Traitor.

    CIA prepare other options for contingency's.

    Aiding and abetting the deaths of US troops
    and Afghan patriots is a NO NO.

    That will be made crystal clear to the world.
    Ass-strange's penalty will be long, costly
    and a waste of the rest of Ass-strange's
    natural life.

    Use of 500 FBI agents world wide, 100 CIA agents,
    50 DOJ attorneys, and entire cyber command,
    etc not a problem.

    Anybody remember CIA's renditions?

    Better buy your popcorn by the box load
    this is going to take a long time to play
    out while Ass-strange rots in Gitmo.

    May God have mercy on him,
    the US Military won't.


    Internet Anthropologist

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    New al Quada target

    LocationFujairahUnitedArabEmiratesImage via Wikipedia
    We adjusted photos brightness and contrast.

    Damage control: The M Star oil tanker owned by Japanese shipper Mitsui OSK pictured at sea near Fujairah port in the United Arab Emirates July 29. After Mitsui OSK said it believed the M Star might have been the subject of an unidentified attack in the Strait of Hormuz, U.A.E. port officials examining the ship said it may have hit a submarine or a mine. Port officials had earlier suggested the damage might have been inflicted by natural causes such as a post-earthquake wave.

    Evidently its a double hull. Epic al Qaeda cult fail, AGAIN.
    Next time may be different. If the hull had cracked the
    world press would have many stories about the oil leak
    and environmental damage and al Qaeda's success and power.

    The blast is curious, no penetration, not a Iranian type IED,
    probably home made, pirates?

    both a joke, evidently there is no perimeter security on the oil
    ships and the attack ducked radar, this is only the first.
    The oil tankers need self defense security teams, and
    in dangerous military/naval security surveillance.

    Iran has got Obama's message, they were quite alarmed
    they may be blamed for the attack and took great
    measures to deny responsibility and help track

    Some al Qaeda branch claimed responsibility,
    after quite some time. Suspect the claim is false.
    But they and we now have proof of concept.

    Any lessons learned form the anti-pirate



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    Thursday, August 05, 2010

    Genius readers 07.05.10


    unusual number of unknown.



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    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    Los pepes and Iraq:

    Los pepes and Iraq:

    There are some similarities
    between Iraq and Colombia
    re-establishing order.

    Los Pepes in Colombia
    helped cut Pablo's drug cartel
    down to size.
    And reduced support for
    Pablo. But their methods
    were just as violent as the
    drug cartel actions.
    But they were able to do things
    the Government couldn't do.
    And brought a powerful hurt
    to the drug cartel.

    In Iraq some of the neighborhood
    movements were armed
    and drove al Qaeda out,
    the neighborhood intelligence
    was more advanced then
    even US Intel. They had
    defacto spies already in
    place. And also brought
    a powerful hurt to al Queda.

    There are enough tribes
    in Afghan that have had
    their leaders killed by
    the Taliban ( over 200 )
    that they may
    at some point if armed
    and given air support,
    like in Iraq would take
    on the Taliban.

    At some point the Taliban
    suicide bombers may bring
    a suicide response from
    their victims, against the
    very tribes sheltering the
    If the victims get organized.

    While many would view this
    as counter productive this
    empowerment of the Taliban's
    victims will cause great fear
    among the Taliban rank and
    file, and their support systems.
    While returning a feeling of
    self protection and power
    to the 'victim' tribes.

    The Taliban may ask
    for talks, and abide by treatys
     if they were faced with
    their own insurrection/destruction.

    The Taliban are functioning as
    gangsters in many parts of
    Afghan, looting, robbery
    and kidnapping, bank
    robbing, drug lords, etc.
    Just criminals, with out

    These groups must be
    aliened with the Afghan
    Government first,
    Sysadmin function.
    To prevent just another
    level of insurgency later.
    If they can see an advantage
    to working with the Afghan
    Government, its a third
    front against the Taliban
    and embedded within the

    A huge advantage in
    intelligence collection.

    And maybe the final turning
    point against al Qaeda and
    the criminal Taliban.

    Suicide bombing, bombing
    market places, bombing Mosques,
    killing women and children.
    Using even children and female
    suicide bombers.
    A slaughter of civilians by the
    Taliban has an hidden even
    secret effect.

    The hatred and anger against
    the Taliban is real and its there
    but maybe hidden by fear and a
    feeling of powerlessness.

    This indigenous civilian force doesn't
    seem to have been tapped,
    and this maybe a necessary interim step
    towards self governing,
    just as it was in Colombia and

    Winning the hearts and minds
    may have an element of empowering
    the victims, to seek revenge and react
    offensively for a while against the
    Taliban criminals.
    Indigenous take the lead
    with US support and backing.



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    US is loosing the GWOT. BS

    US is loosing the GWOT. BS

    After almost 10 years al Qaeda cult and the Taliban
    are just holding on.

    Top level leaders are more removed from
    the actual battles ore than ever before, and
    volume and quality of messages has
    dropped considerably, there is very little
    connection between leadership and actual
    field troops.

    The age of the Taliban and al Qaeda troops
    have been droping from mid 20's 7 years ago
    to mid teens today.

    As PTSD takes its toll on the Taliban.
    The secret Taliban wounded.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Taliban secret wounded.

    The Taliban pay more per solider
    than the Afghan army or police.
    But the insurgents funding has been
    cut as US has cut funding connections.
    And the insurgents go begging for funding.

    60% of the Afpak people hate or fear
    the Taliban, Paki has been wrachting
    down on the Taliban both in Afghan
    and more in Paki.

    The drones have decapitated
    Taliban and al Quada again and
    again, resulting in troubled leadership.

    The age of suicide bombers also has
    continued to slide as the Taliban
    have had to change is demographic
    to younger more gullible stooges.

    Drugs have taken its toll on the rank
    and file, as well as the leadership.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban leadership loosing control...

    And there is a disconnect between the
    actual Taliban and the webmasters.
    Most of the recent messages and videos
    have not been released on the Terrorist
    sites but released to news media.
    The webmasters have had to establish
    a separate, unguided cyber rank and file,
    with out any real 'connect' to the actual
    insurgent rank and file.The webmasters
    continue to guess at what the leadership
    want and attempt to support the insurgents
    the cyber side faking any real connection and
    authority to the Taliban or al Quada leadership.

    The webmasters have a closer connection
    to Western porno than the to the Taliban.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban Porn #1

    The US has moved a huge force into the
    Taliban's home land in Afghan and the
    Paki a large military force into the Taliban
    home land in Paki.

    The Taliban have been routed, killed, attritted,
    exposed, hated, spied on, bombed, droned,
    and is loosing its support,  demographic and funding.

    Stubborn yes, but a shadow of its former
    self. And desperately striking out.

    Wikileaks has exposed just how evil
    the US military is; in 10 years there
    were 8 Blue on White incidents.
    Military killing civilians.

    Not even one a year, and during
    war time.
    And 148 accidents, civilians
    caught in cross fire incidents.
    No country in the world, at war
    has a record this clean.
    And this data is from the
    secret classified side of
    the US Mil.

    Wikileaks can kiss my ass.

    Internet Anthropologist


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    Monday, August 02, 2010

    "Government Emergency Google Blog" GEGB sites.

    "Government Emergency Google Blog" GEGB sites.

    A hardened emergency web site.

    In case of an severe cyber attack one of the US biggest assets may

    be public PC's.

    Currently there are no provisions for a site that the US public

    could go to enmass for an emergency security program or

    a connection where the public could donate their band width

    thru a Government Bot net connection.

    Or massive public hits to any Gov. web site will bring

    it down as the servers are overwhelmed from the massive public

    hits from people looking for answers during a mega emergency.

    Government servers, congress, Senate and the house servers

    go down regularly, from massive public interest, to many

    hits for the Gov. Servers to handle.

    The only Company set up to handle such a massive surge

    in traffic without bringing down its servers is Google.

    Funny as it sounds a "Government Emergency Google Blog"

    would serve the purpose, they are set up to handle

    massive traffic surges, and allow unlimited down

    loads. Without bringing down its Google servers,

    and they have the band width needed in an emergency.

    The Government has started to use Twitter and Facebook,

    Because of the utility and function the Government can’t

    Match, Google Blogs provide utility and function the Government

    can’t match also.

    "Government Emergency Google blog" GEGB sites need

    to be set up and URL's promoted to the public before

    the emergency, a real Government program that is


    In case or a cyber Pearl Harbor, Google is best

    equipped to keep a site up and connected to the

    WWW, and handle the probable huge volumes of

    traffic such an attack would cause as the public

    seeks info and guidance.

    Google has capacity NSA doesn't even have.

    In an Emergency Google would be a national


    The technology is there it awaits the connection,

    and promotion of the URL's before an emergency.

    Will the US be pro-active?

    Will they make the connection to Google?

    Senate order the connection.?

    Or will the Government wait till after the

    emergency to try and establish GEGB

    and try to get out the word and URL's

    during the emergency?

    Till they do we have set up a GEGB,

    ready to be taken over by the Government

    ( )

    if an emergency arises before they get

    the real GEGB set up.

    Just for reference here is the URL.

    for the interim GEGB, it can handle

    ( Google ) unlimited traffic and the URL is now

    in the public domain. ( You have it )

    If USA gets hit, this has a good

    chance of still being up, functional,

    and will handle almost unlimited hits,

    unlike Government servers..

    Book mark the URL/site.


    Internet Anthropologist

    Google has my permission to give

    control of this blog over to the Government

    at their request. Accepting the widest possible

    interpretation of terms.

    The URL, is now in the public domain.

    Check this URL during an emergency for links

    to Government Google pages.