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    Saturday, May 08, 2010

    My recruitment: to the Dark side.

    My recruitment:

    Back when US was invading Iraq, I was almost recruited.
    Not to the terrorist cause but the first steps to some

    I distinctly remember the two or three days of confusion.
    I had been surfing the Terrorist sites.
    One of my favorite sites for war info and observing the
    Other was "Infovlad Forum".

    There were a lot of bad guys on there and they were
    approachable, one could talk to them.

    My second visit there I read a post about the English
    SAS, and how they had been found in possession
    of IED's, and dressed like Iraqis. It had a link
    and story to a news site, which I read several times.
    I was very surprised and confused. SAS planting

    The next day there was another story about the
    arrest of more SAS officers running from a sniping
    of Iraqi civilians, and a nother link to a News site
    with the full story.

    Great Britain's SAS crack anti-terrorist acting
    as terrorists.

    I left the Infovlad site very angry, and didn't
    visit it for many days. The more I thought about
    them the more angry I became and I didn't
    want to read any more about the dirty disgusting
    things going on.

    On about the fourth day something snapped.
    I did my archaeology field study in Marlam Tarn
    in England, I had recovered the remains of 7
    British Ramano troops from about 2,000 years
    ago. I knew the English people intimately lived
    part time in their pubs. Something
    was wrong, and I felt I needed to dig further
    I just couldn't believe the SAS were terrorist.

    I logged back on to Infovlad and took another
    look at the posts, all the credibility came from
    the NEWS sites they had linked to.

    So I started an investigation of the News sites,
    and was able to track both news sites back to
    al Qaeda control/front.

    The sites looked very real and authentic.
    Took me in completely. I thought they
    were legit news reporters.

    And I think this same process is the
    start of recruiting Jahddies.

    Our response was to expose the "news
    sites" in my posts on Infovlad, and
    confront any one using them as source
    for their posts.

    Eventually my efforts lead to the
    jahiddies on Infovlad abandoning
    the use of those fake news sites.

    I can't take full credit, Bill did most
    of the work.

    But the process was so real and
    engaging it moved one to action.
    The propaganda was very effective
    and suckered me in completely for
    a while.

    Bill and I started a campaign to
    expose the propaganda on Infovlad
    which lead the lil jahidders to file
    at least 3 different complaints
    against Bill and the moderators
    asked Bill to lighten up on the
    wana be terrorists and threatened
    banning and when the Jahidders
    took over Bill was finally banned,
    and Infovlad was shut down shortly

    The thing that drove them nutz was
    pointing out that al Qaeda was killing
    women and children in their market
    place bombings.

    They knew it was true and wrong
    and it drove them to distraction
    to hear it.

    A good Info war cuts both ways,
    And US has been remiss in the
    attention to terrorist propaganda
    and exploiting its weaknesses.
    If they are not going to run a huge
    info war against the Propaganda
    then the sites need to be shut down.

    It doesn't take a weak mind to
    fall for the Terrorist propaganda;
    it just takes presenting it in a
    format that the reader believes.

    Its human nature to want to right
    a wrong, and the more wrong the
    act is the stronger the motivation.
    Regardless whether the supposed
    wrong is true or not.
    It just has to be presented in a format
    the reader will believe, without
    any opposing comment or suspicion
    it is a lie.

    And now the terrorist are working
    to get the ones they have hooked
    ( the Lone Wolf ) into performing
    some violent act.

    The dupe really believes he is
    acting on the side of good.

    I experienced being duped,
    and bought into it for a few days.

    Its a very un-nerving experience.
    I love the British and was most
    pleased to find the SAS stories
    were just propaganda,  but
    the context suckered me.
    It was so well done.

    I wonder how many Muslims have
    the same kind of experience?

    Internet Anthropologist

    More on Jahidders Motives: IATT

    Our BSU's track about 12 to 25 a day
    looking to join al Qaeda,
    but almost none want to join the Taliban?

    Guess the Taliban isn't sexy? G


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    N.Waziristan Taliban fortress.

    The Two Talibans:
    Taliban play Paki against US.

    There are 2 Talibans.
    One fighting in Pakistan.
    and a different force fighting in Afghan.

    And the Taliban in Afghan are under
    tremendous pressure. And have
    publicize upcoming  attacks in Afghan.
    They will be mostly against undefended
    politicians, villages, market places and NGO's.
    They have no guts for a real fight.

    "The military situation is getting worse. There were 400 attacks in the past week in Afghanistan, 60 percent of them by roadside bomb There were over 1,000 roadside bomb attacks in April 2010, twice as many as in April 2009."

    The Paki army is fighting the Paki Taliban,
    and giving the Afghan Taliban a safe haven
    to launch attacks in Afghan against US forces
    and Afghans..Thousands of Taliban coming
    from Paki N. W Waziristan.

    The Paki army has been in a fight
    to burn the Paki Taliban, and bring
    them into some kind of control.

    While the Paki's view the Afghan
    Taliban as possible allies against

    Afghan Taliban in N. Waziristan
    has been no threat to Paki cities.
    And the Paki's are content to let
    them run free in N.Waziristan.
    And turning a blind eye to their
    attacks into Afghan.
    But Paki army has attacked S
    Waziristan where the Paki Taliban

    Now some how the Paki's
    don't think the Paki Taliban
    will find shelter or aid
    in N Waziristan?

    And Paki pushes a lot
    of BS about needing
    forces on the Indian
    Border to protect them
    from India. While they
    have had problems with
    India in the past US could
    guarantee the Paki/India
    border freeing up 2/3 rds
    of the Paki army to fight
    the Taliban.

    So the Taliban successfully play
    Paki against US and get a
    safe haven in Paki to fight
    in Afghan.

    The loss of the Taliban's
    safe havens might bring them
    to peace talks.
    But the Taliban are notorious
    for using peace treatys to
    regroup and rearm for
    future attacks.
    They have never kept even
    one of the 7 peace treatys.
    At least the Paki Taliban haven't.
    And the Afghan Taliban
    have exhibited even less
    honor than the Paki Taliban
    who have NO honor.


    Its going be very hard to win
    if they have a safe haven and
    times running out.

    Paki doesn't see the risk of the
    Taliban over running Afghan then
    teaming up with Paki Taliban
    to take on Paki Gov.

    Of course that would give Paki
    an excuse to invade Afghan
    and annex them.

    And I think they like that Idea.
    Going from the frying pan
    into the bee hive.

    Internet Anthropologist


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    -1000 pt decline, how it was done.

    How it was done.

    Paradigm Intel on the -1000 point decline.
    A lot of market mavens are expressing the
    Idea that the buyers just disappeared.

    The chart shows how a major support level
    was broke. And that could contribute to
    a drastic fall, especially  one of such long
    standing. And that could contribute
    to pre-programed selling.
    I've found a logarithmic scale to give a
    better view. But you can clearly see the
    support level. Bottom blue line.
    And there is no support level below that.
    A Fibonacci calculation would produce
    a reliable mark for a bounce.
    I no longer have access to my charting
    But the problem with this hypothesis is
    the fast bounce. That is very suspicious.
    Unless the Fibonacci number comes
    back at the bottom of the crash.
    Then that may indicate it was just
    pre-programed mathematical response
    of many unrelated traders.

    The alternative is a group of big insider
    traders know that a decline of X%,
    weakens the market enough to scare
    buyers, and they agreed to operate
    from the dark pools to exacerbate
    the problem by dumping every
    thing when the pre-agreeded
    percentage was reached.
    And buying back in at the
    -1000 point level.
    Profiting hundreds of billions
    if not Trillions of USD.
    And if done in the Black
    pools would be untraceable.

    Except in the tax records.

    They maybe able to hide
    the trades, but it will be
    much harder to hide the

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7

    Who are these Criminal Wall St Banks?
    Are they a National Security Risk?
    Wall St Banks = "systemic risk"
    Loan sharking, 40% CC, 460% payday loans
    sub-prime debacle
    World economic system on brink
    Trading 70% of NYSE in dark pools
    -1,000 pt crashes in 8 min.
    Two sets of books, fake balance sheets
    Bail out for their criminal activities.
    Too big to fail
    Protected by FDIC ins.
    Who are they?

    How to fix this mess: by Thomas P.M. Barnett


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Dark Pools, skinny dipping.

    Dark Pools, skinny dipping to the Tune of -1000 points.

    Secret Sources indicate that Wall St. Bankers
    are positive the regulators have been so
    emasculated they will not be able to trace
    the cause of the -1,000 point decline.
     National Security Issue.
    We await their response, and will weigh
    it for truth, honesty and veracity.


    Around 70% of the trades on NYSE
    are done in the secret, in "DARK POOLS".
    ( sites located in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.
    We've seen hacking  into US biggest Gov, and Corportate
    sites, and have no idea about their security, or hacks. G ) 
    Beyond regulators eyes.
    No transparency.
    But the public trades in the full
    light of day.

    Once again the Banks win.
    Will the American citizens
    ever get back control of

    Series 3 & 7.
    Sources welcome and protected.

    How it was done.IATT

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Taliban kills spy: NOT

    Did Taliban torturer a false confession out of Mula Omars Spies?

    ISI agents Khalid Khwaja and retired Colonel Amir Sultan Tarar (popularly known as Colonel Imam), and Asad Qureshi, a British journalist of Pakistani origin, were sent to North Waziristan.

    It seems the two ISI agents were well known and were major
    messengers and negotiators between the Paki Government,
    Taliban and al Qaeda and maybe even the CIA.
    We think they were involved in several hundreds of deals.

    They functioned as a safe conduit for all parties,
    and maybe more?

    But the Taliban got them and "QUESTIONED" them
    till they got a confession, then killed one of them.

    Our sources indicate Mula Omar dispatched a security
    team to protect the one remaining agent ISI agent
    in Taliban custody.

    The death has been blamed on a relative new comer
    group to the Taliban ranks.

    The agents who gave the tip off for their capture
    may never be known, they had made many enemies
    among those who didn't like the out come of their
    work which covered maybe a 5 yr period.

    The Taliban are well known for double crossing,
    double dealing, and even selling out their own,
    the Taliban have no honor.

    Currently Paki and the Taliban have an agreement
    which allows the Taliban all of N Waziristan.

    The DEAD ISI agent was an very important
    contact used by all involved.

    N Waziristan will pay a heavy price for
    his death. He was some what trusted
    by all sides.

    Taliban has finally learned the same
    truth about water boarding and false

    But the Press ignores this when
    done by the Taliban.

    Taliban tricked into stepping on its
    own D**k. And will pay a heavy price.
    ISI believes in retribution.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Friday, May 07, 2010

    New Stock Market Paradigm:

    New Stock Market Paradigm:

    The recent 1,000 point crash in 8 min.
    points to the possibility the Market could
    be run down to "0" in 80 min.
    ( a system that can handle a trade in 16 microseconds, divide
    a second into 1000 parts and it takes 16/1000 of a second to
    do a trade, for an unlimited number of shares. G )

    I believe they could do it much quicker.
    But we have no evidence that that
    could do it any quicker.

    To you and I we store our wealth there.
    Historically stocks have always been
    the best place for the creation of wealth.

    Wall St Banks have turned it into a casino.
    -1,000 points in 8 min.
    Deregulation has been a big boon to
    Wall St. the corporate statesmen at
    Enron said they did every thing for the
    stock holders. Cheat, lie, steal buy

    Wall St Banks are still using that paradigm.

    But some didn't buy into that:

    The derivatives genie is now well out of the bottle, and these instruments will almost certainly multiply in variety and number until some event makes their toxicity clear. Central banks and governments have so far found no effective way to control, or even monitor, the risks posed by these contracts. In my view, derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction, carrying dangers that, while now latent, are potentially lethal. (Berkshire Hathaway annual report, 2002) Warren Buffett...

    Buffett's reputation is as a straight shooter. For years he had only contempt for fantasy finance securities that contain nothing but air and risk. He was among the first to see that if we let toxic securities like synthetic collateralized debt obligations run wild, we'd soon be engulfed in a financial crisis. (For an easy to read account of these "financial weapons of mass destruction" please see The Looting of America.)

    But times have changed. Today, Buffett is all about the bottom line. He's taken to defending the biggest shysters in the country--and argues that his own questionable derivatives should be shielded from government regulators.

    There's a genuine populist upsurge that might force the Senate to pass legislation that would bust up the largest banks, reintroduce Glass-Steagall, control dangerous derivatives and provide consumer financial protection. Buffett has decided instead to lend his credibility to defend Wall Street against Main Street.

    AIG to pay off its debts in full to Goldman Sachs: $12.9 billion went straight to the company's bottom line and bonus pool. And pass those interest payments over to Mr. Buffett!

    Is Warren Buffett Main

    Street's Benedict Arnold?

    The Wall St.Banks control Congress, through lobbyist and
    payola, legal bribes/donations.

    There is a rising populist tide against Wall St criminal banks,
    and congressmen who support them.

    When will the Banking Crimes end?

    Sub-prime debacle.
    Bail out of their criminal mess.
    Too Big to fail.
    Two sets of books, faking bottom lines.
    Loan sharking, 30 CC and 460% payday loans.
    -1,000 point decline on Wall Street.



    This is a very significant risk to National Security

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    People Prison , Banks Bailouts:

    People Prison , Banks Bailouts:


    Over a month has elapsed since the years-long investigation and prosecution of TJX hacker Albert Gonzalez came to a dramatic end, with Gonzalez sentenced to 20 years in prison for the largest identity theft case in U.S. history.

    On Friday, 27-year-old Christopher Scott, who helped Gonzalez crack TJX and other retail chains, will surrender for a 7-year sentence, leaving behind his wife and young step-daughter.  Later this month, Damon Patrick Toey, 25, will also surrender for a 5-year-sentence for helping Gonzalez breach the networks of numerous companies and sell stolen card data.
    Of all the defendants now walking into the prison system under their own power...

    Now a little-noted postscript to that high-profile case is unfolding away from the media spotlight,  as a handful of convicted accomplices in Gonzalez’s schemes, who’ve been free on bail since the case began, say goodbye to their families and friends, and check themselves into federal prison for years.

    Prosecutors don’t dispute Watt’s claim that he wasn’t paid for the code, nor do they assert that he earned any profit from the stolen card data. But U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner felt the enormity of the TJX intrusion, which she called “mightily, mightily malicious and irresponsible,” demanded jail time.
    The sentence would serve a clear message to Watt and others, Gertner said during one hearing, that “you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing … even if you didn’t get a dime for it.”


    "you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing..." Unless your a bank then you can steal with impunity, loan shark, 30% on CC and 460% on payday loans, even crash the Stock market 1,000 points in 10 min. and get away with your crimes...
    While if your a bank you can get away with bringing the worlds economys
    to the verge of collapse,  defraud investors with "D" rated sub-prime paper
    rated AAA, and then get bailed out by congress.
    You can be classified to big to fail ( or prosecute. G ).
    And NOTHING has been done to prevent another banking debacle.
    Congress did pass banking regulation forbidding States from
    regulating the Banking loan sharking.

     But if your a NON-bank:
    “you cannot be a cog in this wheel knowing that someone else is stealing … even if you didn’t get a dime for it.” You go to prison.

    Internet Anthropologist


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, May 06, 2010



    I was watching Cable news, when the Dow
    began to slide, it felt like seconds, but was
    actually min. about 10, I think.

    Gerald, center, trading floor NYSE

    The last crash I was in the market fell
    508 pts in one day Black Oct.
     8 hrs to decline -508 points.

    At that time as a Broker I was well plugged
    in and couldn't find a reason for the slide.
    But my research pre-crash had prepared
    me for it. The market was way over extended
    In terms of support/resistance numbers and
    the Fibonacci  levels.

    It had been running at an over extended level
    for around a month when it collapsed.

    But to day it was much different.
    When it was over I thought manipulation.
    Computerized trading.

    Its much worse now then when I was a broker
    back then the big houses didn't have the
    advantages they have now.
    In effect the big houses are allowed to front
    run prices.

    The speed of the decline today left me
    slack jawed.
    The speed of the recovery smelled of
    a SKUNK.
    Through short trading and "puts", they can
    make dollar for dollar , on every tick of the
    decline, for every dollar you were loosing
    they were gaining.

    But worse "puts" allow huge leverage.
    So some one made huge profits on the
    way down, they also made huge profits
    on the way back up with "calls" tremendous

    This is a prime example of the criminal
    greed on Wall St, and a prime example
    of the effects of deregulation.

    An Investigation will find some Banks
    made Billions today, from this 1,000
    point decline. Both on the way down and
    on the way up.

    Deregulation and technology has upset
    the playing field, it is no longer level.
    Stock trading is tilted in favor of the
    Banks and Investment houses and
    Against the individual trader.

    I've been avoiding getting into this
    and will post more; the sleaze factor
    for stock market trading is disgusting.

    In effect today they were able to "TILT"
    the trading system, and rake in huge
    profits when it collapsed, and
    make huge profits as it righted its
    Those of you that were smart enough
    to use stop loss orders were just herded
    up and screwed, sold at a loss, and in
    10 min came back up above your sold
     prices, some one just bought up your
    stock at a 1,000 point decline fire sale prices.
    And made a profit at your expense as
    the market recovered. You got screwed
    on the way down and back up.

    This was CRIMINAL manipulation
    but made legal through deregulation.

    It feels like it started as an accident, but it exposes
    huge security risk to the Nation and our economy.

    Moreover, trading takes place not only on the main exchanges – the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq – but on a plethora of other platforms, including “dark pools” and systems operated by brokers themselves. Less than 35 per cent of trading in NYSE-listed shares actually takes place on the New York Stock Exchange these days.  ( SECRET trading WTF, G )

    When did corporations switch to the dark side?
    Corporations are getting away with loan sharking
    and fraud.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bank regs, Mafia so proud

    They are committing felonys and getting away with it.
     Fraud is rampant in US corporations.

    As much as I complain about Charter Cable company
    I just found out they are actually OK.

    I thinking of switching to "Dish Network".
    I got spam in the snail mail and they looked
    pretty good, but I thought I should check them
    out on the WWW first.

    It looks like they are getting away with
    outright FRAUD.
    And law enforcement is doing nothing
    to stop them.
    Check them out:
    you decide...

    This corporate crime wave is impacting the GWOT.
    The banks almost crashed the US economy,
    with criminal manipulation of credit ratings
    on "D" sub-prime paper, marking it up to
    And were BAILED OUT.


    And now we see the Banks  can crash
    the stock markets.
    And I'm sure it was all very legal, unethical
    and criminal, but legal.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7

    THIS shit, HOLD ON TIGHT.g
    Wall St Banks = "systemic risk"

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    How to join the Taliban

    How to join the Taliban 

    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    From one of our sources:
    So you want to join the Taliban

    You will need to make contact over the Internet, post your request in one of the forums.
    or maybe you have some personal connections.

    There will be a lot of hurry up and wait
    weeks and months, while you are checked

    You must be in very good shape as you will
    be walking 4 to 6 weeks.

    And in various climates, from sub-zero temps
    to over 110 degrees. As you are smuggled
    walking thru many countries,over well know routes.
    Thru high low O2 mountain passes with ass deep snow,
    frost bite is common and not treated, medical services
    are non existent.
    And you will cross deserts with just enough water to keep you

    You will learn the smell of your body, no toilet paper,
    thats what Allah gave your your left hand for.
    And the food will be just enough to keep you alive,
    expect huge weight losses.

    Your kit is subject to inspection time and time again,
    And your possessions will be seized by handlers
    for "Donations" to the poor. Often the handlers.
    They profit from fleecing recruits.
    This includes your money and passport,
    they can make good money reselling your
    passport on the black market.
    These funds do not go the the 'cause'
    but to the pockets of the criminal handlers
    along your route.
    Who are also drug smugglers and herion addicts.
    But hash, mary jane, black herion all are very cheap.
    The terrorist LIKE drug users.

    You will be cleaned out, hiking boots and
    thermal underwear, watches jewelry, sleeping bags,
    and warm clothing.
    And expected to buy your own weapon,
    Which will be taken form you if you don't
    meet muster.

    Don't expect warm hugs for your sacrifices,
    they don't konw you and don't trust you.
    And if they kill you they MAY get a verbal
    tongue lashing. And your body will just disappear.

    They will isolate you, and treat you as the unknown
    you are. You are suspected spies or informant, and treated in
    a hostile manner.

    If you are expecting a hero's welcome, you will
    be shocked.
    Are your a Sunni or Shia?
    If the wrong group gets you it could be very bad.

    You may receive minimal training and asked
    if you want to be a fighter or suicide bomber.
    They may use you unknowingly for either.

    Squalid housing, foul meals, fleas and sickness,
    diarrhea are the norm. Malaria is common, and 'they' may

    If you are not tough enough, read no complaints
    and willing to suffer 24/7 and go with out food,
    and be expendable, you will be turned loose.

    Robbed and treated disrespectfully is standard.
    The ranks of handlers are smugglers, criminals.
    No triumphant reception..Grilled for hours and
    boring repeated lectures.
    Then you maybe allowed to be used as cannon
    For some PR article or propaganda, after all
    Terrorist have Suicide bombers dance the "dance of death" for a few media bytes in a video or
    news story.


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Bombers motives: Time Square

    Bombers motives:

    Only real anger Shahzad Faisa expressed was passive aggressive tearing up his foreclosed house, leaving most of his things behind, no posting in forums, no jahidist leanings or background preceded attack..
    No under pinings for extremism. He made no jahidie statement
    about the bombing, only the Taliban have attributed any motive
    to the wana be bombers actions. Not even a note in the SUV.

    Sloppy IED, Maybe no real intent to hurt people, but he gets
    all the glory back at home without the guilt NO injuries or Deaths.
    He was using M88's, I would like to see the probability  for
    a successful detonation  using M88's, Maybe the Mythbusters
    could test it.

    He was a failure in America, MBA reduced to selling jewelry, lost
    home,  and $55,ooo down payment, just moved wife to Paki and
    he would be a hero at home, and he never killed or injured any one.
    The $55,000 down payment came from Daddy what did daddy
    have to say? New Intel Shahzad

    M88's are a joke. They were not even M80's.
    This act would vent his anger and shame and
    make him a hero at home.

    He's just taking advantage of cultural hatred in Paki,
    towards America and venting his anger and shame
    at his failure in USA.

    This hypothesis seems to fit with all the facts.
    And seems to explains his motives and actions.


    Background for the Hypothesis.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    New Intel Shahzad

    From inside the Beltway
    Sources welcome and protected:

    Shahzad, a Pahktun, was born in June 1979 in Pabbi, northwest of the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

    Family has a residence in Hayatabad, Mohib Banda in Pabbi, Nowshera, about 25 km from Peshawar.

    Shahzad married Huma Mian from Mardan, NWFP. His mother is from Charsadda, NWFP.

    His older brother is an engineer living in Canada.

    Shahzad worked for about three years as a junior financial analyst in the Norwalk, Connecticut, office of the Affinion Group, a marketing and consulting business, the company said. He left the company in June 2009.

    Shahzad hasbeen using three passports -- two of them Pakistani -- since 2003. He left for the US by an Emirate Airlines flight from Benazir International Airport in Islamabad in the first week of February.

    Shahzad received militant training in the nearby town of Kohat. 

    The area around Kohat is a stronghold of Tariq Afridi, the main Pakistani Taliban commander in the region.  Sheikh Mohammed Rehan, a member of Jaish-e-Muhammad, drove with Shahzad from Karachi to Peshawar on July 7, 2009 ( 687 miles as the crow flies, maybe 15 hrs G ). They returned to Karachi July 22, 2009.  That appears to be the only exposure he had with militants, 3 weeks.

    The other two persons taken off the plane were FBI agents that followed Shahzad onto the plane that was then allowed to leave the terminal. After determining that the suspect, having let his guard down as the plane taxied, did not communicate or make eye contact with any other associates on the plane, the plane returned to the terminal and Shahzad was removed.
    Real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber

    From sources we have found reliable in the past.


    Times Sq bomber all around failure.

    His degrees:

    University of Bridgeport with a computer science degree in 2000 and an MBA in 2005. What was his MBA in? Email me.
     Thanks ".master’s in business administration".
    Computer Science degree and he tries to make a car bomb?
    Shahzad's father, Baharul Haq, a retired air vice marshal in the Pakistan Air Force, has since settled on hundreds of acres of farmland in Dera Ismail Khan, close to the tribal belt.
    Mr. Shahzad resigned in mid-2009; government officials said he was unemployed and bankrupt by the time of his arrest.  Where did the $1,300 come from to buy the

    He and his wife had bought a newly built single-family house on Long Hill Avenue in Shelton in 2004 for $273,000, with a $218,400 mortgage, according to court papers.( Where did the $55,000 down payment come from? His Dad? G )
    They tried to cash in on the real estate boom, listing it for sale for $329,000 in 2006. It did not sell, said Frank DelVecchio, an agent who picked up the listing in 2008. The price then was $299,000. Later it was marked down to $285,000, and finally, $284,500. ( It didn't sell. G )
    Davon Reid, 17, who lives next door, said the family moved in December: “It seemed like they picked up everything very quickly.” A few months later, a real estate broker let him in to check the place out, and it was a wreck.

    “There was spoiled food and milk everywhere,” he said. “They just left everything. They left clothes in closets, the kids’ shoes, the woman’s shoes. And the kids’ toys.” ( sign of lots of passive aggressive anger there, expression of anger and shame and maybe when he gave up on American dream. Goes to motive? G )
    Three months ago, Mr. Shahzad signed a one-year lease on the two-bedroom apartment in Bridgeport. Mr. Chomiak, the landlord, said he usually saw Mr. Shahzad only when the rent was due, but he described him as a nice guy who furnished the apartment sparsely, and said he made a living selling jewelry in New Haven. ( He has a MBA, and he is selling jewelry. G )

    But shortly after becoming a U.S. citizen a year ago, he gave up his job, stopped paying his mortgage and told a real estate agent to let the bank take the house because he was returning to Pakistan. ( He should have said he was leaving
    with a BANG. G

    His failure to succeed in USA may be as much key to his
    terror attempts as any Taliban influence. There maybe a 
    part of him that did not want to harm any body, as much
    as make a statement about his anger.  A key in this maybe his
    fathers response to loosing the $55,000 down on his home. G

    Key Taliban Group denys any connection to the would be IED bomber.
    "I think junior felt he was a failure and that his future was back in Pakistan and that he felt he could get away with it and be a hero back home."
    And no one really got hurt, he may have intended that no one get hurt, but he didn't expect American Intel , law enforcement
    could track him so fast. He's gona EAT it now for his EGO anger shame and rage.
    Bad choices. G

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, May 04, 2010

    Shahzad Faisal all around failure

    Shahzad Faisal has said he was trained in bomb making in Pakistan.

    Highly doubtful.

    He was using a pile of M88s for a detonator.
    The M88's ( not even M80s )  were going to blow up the propane canisters. NOT..

    M88 fire cracker:

    Does this sound like Taliban trade craft?
    And used a non-explosive fertilizer as explosive booster.
    And his two timer triggers malfunctioned.

    He left the SUV running, with flashing warning lights,
    keys in it along with the keys to
    his personal car and 3 residential keys. 

    It seems his Americanization precluded him
    from being a suicide bomber.
    He was smart enough not to be a Martyr.

    MBA  and ends up selling Jewelry ,
    then tries his hand at IEDs.

    But the American criminal Banks did get him,
    in the fall out of the toxic sub-prime loan debacle.
    They foreclosed on his $40,000 home for failure
    to pay $200,000 mortgage.

    And Shahzad Faisa did open the Youtube site,
    Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel
    before the attack. Someone from Connecticut did?

    Evidence still missing, how he made connections
    to his Taliban contacts in Paki to get the videos
    to post on the Youtube site. Maybe he just sent
    the password for them to upload the vids themselves?
    His cell phone has been recovered and all calls.
    Do they have his PC?
    His Email accounts should be a treasure troves.

    And we are sure he must have posted on some
    Jahiddie forums.

    I'm hoping the evidence is there to expose the
    Taliban for the Liars they are.

    So far there is no evidence to the contrary
    that he WAS a lone wolf, wana be Taliban.

    He seems to be willing to let the Taliban milk this
    and him for propaganda, and terrorist potential.

    There have been cases where the Taliban
    have refused to train wana be American terrorists.
    And we think this is one of them, but they are willing
    to exploit his Epic Fail for propaganda.

    I just can't see any Taliban training in his sad
    attempt. Pathetic and pitiful sad little man.
    Reached for the American dream and failed,
    settled for infamous tag as failed wana be
    Taliban bomber. Not even a martyr.
    Just an all around failure.



    Our sources inside the beltway tell us Intel and law
    enforcement are still in a full crash program 24/7
    on the leads from this case. NO rest or pause
    just cause they have an arrest.G

    His Motive wasn't religious terrorism.

    Key Taliban Group denys any connection to the would be IED bomber.
    "I think junior felt he was a failure and that his future was back in Pakistan and that he felt he could get away with it and be a hero back home."
    And no one really got hurt, but he didn't expect  American Intel , law enforcement
    could track him so fast. He's gona EAT it now. G


      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber

      US real time surveillance cocoon on the bomber
      was a huge success. ( new intel, 05.05.10 G )

      This was the most difficult kind of operation
      to field, a defacto lone wolf, minimal connection
      to the Taliban and done in real time.

      If he had good connections to the terrorist
      he would have shown up on Intelligence radar.
      The lack of any noise or chatter points to the
      lone wolf scenario.

      They were able to surveil him real time even
      though he made Plane reservations on the
      way to the airport.

      The surveillance cocoon was loose enough
      he never saw it, and tight enough to stop him
      leaving the USA.

      We have seen the surveillance cocoon before
      it is very complete and all encompassing.

      In this surveillance cocoon you can't make a move
      without US intelligence knowing what your
      doing and in real time.

      Its a tribute to US real time surveillance
      of perps, methods which will amaze
      the public when disclosed.

      Great team work and mastery of many
      technologies and expert field craft in
      real time on a very fast basis 24/7.


      Internet Anthropologist

      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Paradigm Intel; Taliban's Times Square fail.

      Paradigm Intel; Taliban's Times Square fail.

      The Taliban videos were posted on YOUTUBE .
      The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel on YouTube was created on April 30.
      The videos were uploaded by some one from Connecticut.

      Did Hakeemullah Mehsud email the video to ,
      Shahzad Faisal whom lives in Connecticut,
      and he posted the vids, and created the site?

      Paradigm Intel indicates Shahzad Faisa, did not recieve any
      bomb training during the 5 months he was in Pakistan.
      But he evidently did make a connection with the Taliban.
      The Taliban didn't trust him enough to train him.
      But his big connection was 'post' Times Square attempted bombing.

      After the bombing he contacted his Taliban connections
      and they seeing the propaganda value rushed some
      videos into production after the Times Square attempt.

      This was not a Taliban operation.

      And Shahzad Faisa did open the Youtube site,
      Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan News Channel
      before the attack.

      It shapes up like Shahzad Faisa was a wana be
      Taliban, and they didn't take him seriously
      till after the failed attack.
      He was too high a security risk to train.
      American  Muslim, from America maybe
      a spy.
      But then the Taliban scrambled to take propaganda
      advantage of his failed actions and of the Press.

      Shahzad Faisa is a one man show in the USA,
      or very close to it and the Taliban recognized the
      his actions after the fact as an object of opportunity.
      Even though he was an epic fail.

      His Taliban contacts in Paki have been arrested.

      This points to the Taliban's nimbleness to take
      advantage of even a failure wana be Taliban.
      And they even pulled Hakeemullah Mehsud out
      of recurpuation in a comfortable residential setting
      to rush a video to the perp.

      Taliban Comedy

      Taliban spin continues, but as a failed effort.

      Internet Anthropologist

      Update: 05.04.10 0924 pm EST:
      I've heard what Shahzad Faisal has said under interrogation,
      but it maybe more important to look at what the
      actions were VS what he says.



      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      BUSTED; Time Square bomber

      Shahzad Faisal, 30 yr old, has been taken into custody.
      Lived at 119 Long Hill Avenue in Shelton

      Two officials familiar with the case say Faisal, who is of Pakistani descent, was arrested in Long Island, N.Y. He is a Connecticut resident and a naturalized citizen. He recently returned from several months in Pakistan.
      Three weeks ago, Faisal bought the 13-year-old SUV on Craigslist from another Connecticut man. He paid cash for the vehicle and never filed any of the paperwork necessary to register it.
      Officials say there were fingerprints found in the vehicle. They also found forensic evidence that linked Faisal to some sort of international group but they didn't give many details on that connection.

      He went to Paki for 8 months.
      ...picked up at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens.
      Traced him from his IP.(  UAE flight 202,
      flight to Dubai, removed from plane.  As of 2:28 am EST Plane Not yet departed. 
      Scheduled to depart 11:23 pm EST. Final destination Pakistan. New departure time 4:30 am EST G )

      We forecast on the basis  of paradigm Intel he would be
      identified with in 24 hrs, they got an arrest with in 24 hrs.
      Great job guys.



      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Monday, May 03, 2010

      Taliban fakery

      Additional significant Intel added to post.



      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Taliban Comedy

      Taliban employ 3 stooges for bombing?

      The Keystone cops aspects of this incident
      smells. It's like they intended this to be an EPIC FAIL.
      I've seen reports that the SUV was parked
      illegally, Engine running and flashers on.
      ( Maybe the fuse ignited and he just pulled
      over and ran. G )

      Like that wouldn't draw attention.
      Fireworks, non-explosive fertilizer,
      Failure of two timers.

      The investigators did get a VIN
      number off the SUV, tracked plates
      to a repair/junk yard and buyer 
      on Craigs list, and most
      assuredly investigators got finger 
       prints off the bomb materials.

      They have Identified a Paki/American
      in his 20's and one balding guy in his

      Then we have Hakeemullah Mehsud the liar,
      promoting a video with him and his Bacha Bazi 

      Who ever is running this is non-compos mentis.

      We still think they will have names and photos
      with in 24 hrs.
      ( UPDATE: 05.03.10 10:37pm EST They are 
      watching airports, so they
      have his name and photo. G )

      al Qaeda cult hasn't been able to mount
      a sucessful attack and this is the best the
      Taliban could do.

      I don't feel threatened.
      If this was a movie I'd walk out,
      implausible plot.
      Well if it was a comedy I'd 
      watch it.

      Internet Anthropologist


      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Doomed to Repeat It

      "Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It"?

      Insurgents’ Seizure of a Pirate Base in Somalia Raises Questions About Its Future.

       #1) In the early 1800's there was rampant piracy.
       They started hanging pirates when they caught them
      and by 1830 piracy ended. ( 200 to 300 hanged every
      year. G )

      #2) Could a LGN be the new "commercial plane" of
      a new 911?

      Do harbors use secret passwords to let a LGN approach berth?
      How do you turn away a fused LGN?
      How would someone know if it had been hijacked?



      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Top 10 Ways to Protect Your PC:

      Terrorist Names SEARCH:

      Hakeemullah Mehsud is a liar.

      New Taliban video.
      Flanked by his Bacha Bazi boys, NOT men.
      He  currently has no adult body guards in his current location.
      And is not running the Taliban.
      He was pulled from recuperation to produce this
      propaganda video as a rush job.

      Boys appear to be 13 or 14 yrs old.

      In impeccable white, but with dirty hands.
      He is wearing a tan shirt with stains on it.
      This was shot in a hurry, note one boy has his
      head gear tucked in and the other doesn't.

      Boy on right is excited he is breathing  32
      breaths a min.

      At around 2:40 you can hear a kids voice way
      in the background, he is in a residential area.

      At 2:46 you suddenly can hear the sounds of birds,
      a door has been opened, with well oiled hinges,
      doesn't make a sound, but the birds can be clearly heard,
      just a few then builds to a flock.

      At 4:06 you can hear someone hammering, it goes on for
      several seconds.

      Through the whole tape you can hear the hum of central
      air conditioning. That means he is in an area with reliable
      electric power.

      And there is something wrong with his left hand. Looks
      Fake, maybe prosthesis? Did he loose his left arm?
      ( Further technical  analysis Show his hand is real
      but probably  crippled. 05.03.10 G )

      And something under his shirt.

      See stains near bottom of shirt, man is a pig, and something
      around the shirt pocket. G

      He is using some kind of speaking points list,
      which he keeps looking at, to his upper right,
      his keeps focusing and moving away from that area.
      In his video he stops and restarts at least 5 times.
      He is having trouble keep his train of thought.
      This was done in a hurry.

       He says the al Qaeda cult was seeking shelter
      and USA invaded Afghan. The liar doesn't mention
      USA was seeking vengeance  After 911 attack, and
      the taliban protect them.
      Or that Mullah Omar knew of the 911 attack.

      And this time he does not pick his nose.

      Production dates can be faked, there is nothing in
      this video to support it was made pre-Time Square
      failed bombing.

      We await further proof this was Taliban planed
      attack in Times Square.This is just Info War,

      Why wait till now to send or post the video?

      We think Hakeemullah Mehsud is a liar.
      How can you tell he is lying, his lips move.
      The Taliban have NO honor.


      Tape was sent to the "Longwar Journal"

       More Taliban propaganda , lies and nose picking.

      Paki counter insurgent  50% effort. ( half assed G )

      Additional Intel:
      one video tape was made by top bomb-maker, Qari Hussain Mehsud,
      this was the work of the Talibans top bomb maker?, BS. Both tapes were made
      a few hours after the attack was publicized.  This was NOT Taliban directed.
      Once again we see the Taliban is lying trying to spin facts to their advantage.


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