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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Hunting the Taliban, finding sick children by the score

    A catalogue of pediatric suffering quickly formed into queues: children with grotesque burns and skin infections, distended scrapes and scorpion and spider bites, bleeding ears, dimmed eyes or heavy, rolling coughs. Some were bandaged in dirty rags. Others were brought forward in wheelbarrows because they lacked the strength to walk.

    In one village, Zarinkhel, the villagers begged Captain Christopher DeMure, the commander of B Company of 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry, for vaccines. Seven children had died of measles in the last three days, they said, including two the morning that the patrol had arrived.....

    "The Taliban has made it abundantly clear that no outside doctors, no outside medical help, can work in this district," DeMure said.

    Before late 2001, a few international aid organizations worked in the area with the consent of the Taliban. They dug wells, built clinics, distributed small amounts of aid and administered vaccines. Now few outsiders venture here; the area is considered too dangerous. ( kidnappings )

    Maybe get a Pediatrician in country for out calls. THIS IS AN INFO WAR OPPORTUNITY.
    The Taliban can't do this.

    What USA gets if they ignore the hearts and minds ie no INFO WAR.


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