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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    "Yes, [I Am] a Terrorist - What's the Problem With That?"

    New Paki Company D.
    Recruiting paki civilians.
    Take a look.

    We would welcome any referrals, ideas feedback. G

    "Yes, [I Am] a Terrorist - What's the Problem With That?"

    Interviewer: "So you went to Iraq to wage jihad."

    Jawhar: "Yes. Did you think I went there to join their bowling or basketball team?"[...]

    I Got To Iraq Via Syria

    Interviewer: "How did you get there? Through a mediator? Who was he? Where did you go from 'Ein Al-Hilweh?"

    Jawhar: "From the Syrian border, a Syrian guy took us...The smuggler was Syrian, and he took us to some place I don't know in Damascus, and then a van came and took us to the heart of Damascus. Then one of the brothers in charge of receiving [the mujahideen] came. All this was coordinated in advance. It's not like when you go on a trip. Everything was coordinated - from here to Shtura, from Shtura to Damascus, and from Damascus to Iraq. Everything was coordinated by the brothers in charge of this stuff. They receive brothers and send them on. It's all organized. Nothing is improvised."

    Umar Rabie's bad trip




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