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    Saturday, May 01, 2010

    To click or NOT, slings, arrows

    Cyber security:

    I've seen many security experts warn to be
    careful what links you click on.

    How can you be careful what link to click on?
    Even with security software checking all the links
    before you click on them, it isn't 100% safe or

    You are only as safe as your dumbest friend's
    dumbest infinitum.

    If your dumbest friend sends you a link,
    do you check where he got the link from?
    Do you click on it?

    Some malware uses your dumb friends
    emails to collect email addys to send
    fake infected emails that look like they
    came from your friend.

    Does your friend click on unknown links?
    Does his dumbest friend click on risky links?
    Has your dumbest friend been infected by
    his dumbest friend.

    How responsible are your friends?
    Do they surf while drunk or on drugs?
    Do they surf and click links when they
    are impaired?

    If they do then they could be innocently passing
    on malware to you.

    And thats not the end or beginning of the problem.

    Is the Adobe update pop up for REAL or
    is it part of a malware campaign?

    Other popups that MS uses are not safe,
    and MS doesn't give you enough info
    to accurately determine if the popup
    is from MS or malware.

    Even if you click on the "X" to delete the
    popup have you just been tricked by some



    And of course don't click on links
    from people you don't know.

    Or from people you do know.

    Hmm this is problematic.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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    Techno Psyops

    US Military isn't using the full bag of techno Psyops .
    If we go outside the box the fear that can be generated
    can be ramped up 100 fold.

    And its surgically targetable.

    The potential exists to cause mass defections.
    And crushing anti-morale Ops.
    One could even trigger mass
    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    Which is better than killing them.

    The Technology exists for Innumerable
    techno psyops, 


    The culture is vulnerable.
    One of our operatives was kicked
    out of a terrorist forum just for posting 
    an evil eye.

    The paradigm and culture exist to
    be exploited.



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    Friday, April 30, 2010

    Omar knew about 911

    Paradigm Intel: 
    Mulla Omar knew about 911.

    Massoud asked Bin Laden to arbitrate between
    the Northern alliance and the Taliban.

    For the Sunni Pashtoons to come together
    and form a new Government with the Shiia
    Northern alliance.

    Bin Laden came to Afghan into a city
    controlled by the N Alliance.

    At this time Bin Laden was not favorably
    disposed towards the Taliban.

    Shortly there after the Taliban over ran 
    the city Bin Laden had moved to.

    At this time Binny was starting the 911

    Both Mulla Omar and Binny are Sunni,
    Binny knew USA was going to do something
    about the 911 attack, He hoped the US would 
    come to Afghan like the Russians did  and
    he hoped to defeat US like Russia was defeated
    in Afghan.

    At this juncture Binny has financial support from
    Saudi Arabia. Big bucks that were needed in Afghan.

    The Taliban could not defeat Massoud.
    Binny knew or hoped war would be coming
    to Afghan, and knew he Binny was at risk.

    Binny could provide Millions of usd, and take
    out Massoud with a suicide bomber. 
    Taliban at that time didn't believe
    in suicide bombings, Binny did.
    And the al Qaeda cult would provide

    Bin Laden made a deal with Mulla Omar
    to take out Massoud and provide Millions of 
    dollars in exchange for protection.

    Omar is an astute tactician.
    And insisted on knowing what
    he would be protecting Binny from?

    They would plan and dream of defeating
    the US. and Omar could come up with
    excuses to protect Bin Laden, Pashtoon
    loyalty to a guest, "didn't know", Binny
    lied to him, said he, Binny wasn't involved.

    And we know the story from there.
    But now Mulla can't allow Binny and
    company to be captured alive,
    the truth about Mulla Omar knowing 
    about 911 would come out.

    So Binny has tacitly blackmailed
    Mulla Omar into continuing to protect
    him, even while hiding from Omar,
    to protect his own life.

    The Taliban talking peace with
    the Afghan Government makes 
    Binny very nervous, as Binny would
    have to be killed first to keep him
    quiet about Mulla Omars knowledge
    of 911 pre attack.

    Mulla Omar's men maybe quietly
    hunting Binny now in order to try
    and bring peace tp Afghan.



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    New Taliban nightmare


    Imagine 100 of these mounted with M16s, lazer sights, 
    high resolution cams and  remote trigger pullers,
    going after the Taliban in the woods.


    Add some music and  project 3D lazer images flying thru the woods.

    And you would have the Taliban surrendering
    in droves.


    Another Info War concept:


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Israeli EMP attack on Iran

    Israel still pondering that attack on Iran

    WORLD NEWS: "Israel Weights Merits of Solo Attack on Iran: Officials, Seeing Impending Policy Split With U.S., Debate Prospect of a Military Strike Without Washington's Consent," by Charles Levinson, Wall Street Journal, 21 April 2010.
    Yet another story on a now familiar story.
    If and when it happens, this will be the least surprising surprise attack in human history.
    SOURCE:by Thomas P.M. Barnett on April 30, 2010

    Israeli EMP ( non-nuclear ) attack on Iran.
    The electromagnetic pulse generated by the blast would fry microchips, which are at the heart of electronic devices.
    Without that infrastructure, the military would find it difficult to operate as well. Since microchips control vehicles, trains, and airplanes, most would become inoperable.
    No one could get to work.

    An EMP attack “could not only take down power grids, which are fragile anyway in this country, and telecommunications networks, and financial networks, and traffic controls and many other things, but in addition, there is a very close interrelationship among those national infrastructure capabilities,” Graham says.
    “So, for example, we need telecommunications to re-establish the power network, and we need the power network to keep telecommunications going for more than a few hours. And we need the financial network to continue to operate to maintain the economy, we need the transportation system, roads, street lights, control systems, to operate just to get people to the failed power, telecommunication and other systems,” he adds.

    Life after an EMP attack “would probably be something that you might imagine life to be like around the late 1800s but with several times the population we had in those days, and without the ability of the country to support and sustain all those people,” Graham says. “They wouldn’t have power. Food supplies would be greatly taken out by the lack of transportation, telecommunication, power for refrigeration and so on.”

    ....computers are connected to things that either are antennas or look like antennas,” he says. “Even a mouse cable looks like an antenna to an electromagnetic signal. Certainly power lines, telecommunication lines, all act as antennas to pick up EMP signals and check them in the computers. And we have done tests with computers, and EMP tends to burn out the computer circuits.”

    Stock and banking transactions would also be wiped out.


    The EMP attack would set Iran back 5 years or more.

    Enough time to replace the current regime.

    Internet Anthropologist

    Tehran hears a loud clap of thunder, and Iran scrambles jets
    as the Israeli jets retreat back across the Iranian border.
    Fluorescent lights and television sets will glow eerily bright, despite being turned off. 
    The putrid smell  of ozone mixed with smoldering plastic will seep from outlet covers as electric wires arc and smoking telephone lines melt.  Your MP3 player and cell phone will get hot, their batteries overloaded
    hot enough to burn your skin if left in contact with them..  Your computer, and every bit of data on it, will be gone deleted to a crisp. Suddenly you hear the birds as silence decends.  The background noise of civilization, the mufflers of autos and trucks will have stopped, engines that will never start again.  
    You check your body for damage and you feel well, just an feeling of creeping disaster as you recognize
    you are back in the 1800's. 
    ATMs, Banks phones, cell phones, computers, TV, radios, all transportation DEAD.
    Never to run again.
    Data bases wiped clean, deleted, financial records, medical records, police records and most
    of the Iranian Governments electronic records destroyed, unretrievable.

    The regime unable to communicate to its armys, un able to govern, Society reverts back
    to tribal methods of governance the regime decapitated and replaced.

    Citizens elect a new Government and world governments revert to a rescue effort
    to restart the Iranian culture, minus any nuclear capability.

    And not one Iranian killed by the NNEMP.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    The world beyond PC's

    Moores law dead, well not yet.
    But soon.
    states that transistor density on integrated circuits doubles about every two years, Moore said this morning: "It can't continue forever. The nature of exponentials is that you push them out and eventually disaster happens.

    "In terms of size [of transistor] you can see that we're approaching the size of atoms which is a fundamental barrier, but it'll be two or three generations before we get that far - but that's as far out as we've ever been able to see. We have another 10 to 20 years before we reach a fundamental limit. By then they'll be able to make bigger chips and have transistor budgets in the billions."

    Military lost the EDGE. G

    Moore also scorned the technology used by the military. He agreed that the military drove advances in computing when costs were very high as it gave them capabilities they couldn't get in any other way, through the 1960s. "Since then it hasn't had much impact as the commercial business timeframe is so much faster than the pace at which military systems change - they use obsolete electronics in modern military systems."


    As the doubling continues we will see a cross pollination between products.
    Cell phone, PC, TV, movies.
    The cell phone will become your PC and the cell phone will have a 70" screen.
    Mystic applications will take away most of the drudgery from the Internet,
    We will click "buy that" and the app will take care of CC #'s and mailing adr.
    and tracking the package, no more hand input.
    Nano size Ic's will allow huge security apps and significantly improve security
    with heavy security in depth.
    New apps will request a outline of research and provide links to solutions
    and research in depth.
    A personal assistant app. will know your Email, fav sites, interests; know YOU,
    and scan TV, Movies, WWW and report to YOU.
    With a 70" screen on your Cell it will finally make sense to watch
    a movie.
    Beyond PC is a GLASSES HEADSET, with mic and radio connected
    to the WWW and your WATCH/TERABYTE HARD DRIVE.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    The Iran circus

    The official says the Iranian jet buzzed a Navy aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower, coming within about 1,000 yards of the ship ( 3 times ). The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said the April 21 incident occurred in international waters.
    The jet was described as a maritime patrol aircraft generally used for surveillance.

    W.H. seeking to soften Iran sanctions


    The US Fifth fleet and USS Eisenhower refrained from shooting an Iranian spy plane ( 250 ft ) collecting intelligence from the American carrier on April 21 because they are under orders not to respond to hostile Iranian acts without permission direct from Washington. Gulf governments fear US military passivity will encourage Tehran to be bolder and more provocative, emulating Pyongyang which got away scot-free with sinking a South Korean vessel.




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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Working with Feds Cyber Corps

    Whats it like to work for the Feds Cyber Corps?

    They are very professional, and demand results yesterday.

    Enough time has passed I can discuss in General our work

    with them.

    They were working undercover, and did not disclose who they

    To the Public they were civilians.
    Our BSU's picked up one of their
    guys running without full cloaking.
    And i reported our discovery through
    back channels.

    I joined the "civilians", and disclosed
    whom I am, they were interested in our
    capabilities, And I was put through a
    very brief but though vetting, even
    threatened if I didn't disclose our
    full capabilities. I declined on
    Opsec basis and even offered to report
    for said "destruction",

    I did button everything down hard.
    And they declined my cyber destruction.
    They asked if I would provide security.
    As they suspected they had a non-friendly
    operating in their group.
    I said I would look into it.
    My mistake, we ran a brief recon
    and penetrated the objective on
    a 'look-see" basis. I wanted to see
    if we could accomplish the assignment
    before I accepted it.
    Seems they took my "look into
    it " as acceptance of the assignment.

    My prelim report found what they had
    requested but not the security leak.
    And the report was found lacking.
    And I got an ASS chewing, not the
    first and not the last, but I recognized
    a Military ass chewing when I get one.

    To try and make up for my blunder
    I set a herd of Black BSU's loose.
    I pulled all the IPs and used proxy
    work arounds, and further reduced
    the list of possible perps, and was
    able to disclose their operating area.
    And probable perps reduced to 3 IPs.

    I then reported the IP's to my contact,
    taking the security request very seriously.
    It seems my Black BSU's broke their
    opsec and revealed them also.

    They promptly broke off all communication
    and much to my chagrin left me in the

    To complete my opsec all info on the
    operation was deleted to NSA standards.
    No trace remains on my PCs.

    We have learned much from our
    brief association, and no longer do
    "look see's" we just get the job done.

    And their com channel remains closed,

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    legalize ALL DRUGS..

    USA has lost its Virginity.

    Ok America is no longer a virgin lets take the next step.
    But lets review the progress so far.

    America has legalized LOAN SHARKING.
    There can be n o doubt or argument about it.

    Banks charging 30% vig on Credit Cards,
    and 460% on payday loans.

    A 63 year old blind widow ( a Neighbor, G )
    went to them when her husband was dying,
    and 4 years later they are still collecting
    400+ interest. 

    She had to quit paying to make other
    bills rent food etc. and they are coming
    after her Social Security checks now.

    USA has legalized a criminal enterprise.
    Usury is legal in America now.

    And Obama's advisors have convinced
    him that floating interest rates like this
    are necessary for the Banks survival. 
    BS, Obama needs to use his own
    head on this.

    The Banks barrow at the Fed window
    for 1/2 of 1 %, 
    The banks were bailed out at tax payer expense,
    and they charge tax payers 30 an 460%
    But THEY pay only 8% on the loan.

    OK USA has lost its virginity and legalized

    The next step is just as easy and pays
    bigger dividends. 

    USA has legalized one criminal activity
    allowing the second criminal activity
    must be even easier.

    I want to be clear the USA Government is not
    involved in criminal activities, it only
    legalized it.

    Some one will have to bribe congress,
    hire the Lobbyests but it can all be done

    Legalize all drugs.
    The drug cartels will all fold
    with in a month.
    Mexico's drug insurgent war
    will end, and USA will have
    deprived the terrorists of a
    huge source of funds.

    Back in my Hippie days
    a Nickel bag of Mary Jane was just $5
    After a few phone calls
    I discovered a nickel bag
    is now around $250,
    and much better quality
    I've been assured.

    So much for the Drug war,
    USA lost.

    Certainly if we can legalize banks
    preying on blind widows and
    stealing their social Security
    checks we can legalize Drugs
    to help end Terrorism,
    Maybe part of the Patriotism Act.

    By legalizing drugs one can so
    effect the prices as to make drug
    smuggling unprofitable.

    If Drugs were legal the it could
    end the 1500% markup in prices.
    Drug cartels would be like hippies
    a thing of the past.

    Certainly if we can adjust to USA
    legalizing Loan Sharking, it
    can't be a big step to legalizing

    Heroin or Loan Sharking, the shame
    is about the same.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Material support, Moral support?

    he knew that a man staying with him was planning to deliver outdoor gear like ponchos, sleeping bags and waterproof socks to Al Qaeda for use in Afghanistan.

    He also acknowledged lending the man $300 to buy a plane ticket to carry the gear to South Waziristan, an area of western Pakistan, for use by Al Qaeda.

    In a letter, the government said both parties agreed that 15 years would be a reasonable sentence.

    OK lets get some of these bloggers arrested for "conspiracy to provide material support"
    or maybe "conspiracy to provide moral support"



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:


    In April, one year after his pledge in Prague to seek “a world without nuclear weapons,” U.S. President Barack Obama told the New York Times that he would not use nuclear weapons against a non-nuclear state, even if that nation attacked the U.S. with biological or chemical weapons.

    Anthro look:
    YES , don't believe it, remember America and the Japanese citizens imprisoned during WWII.
    Or the American treatys with the American Indians, America still does not honor?
    Or USA allowing loan sharking in America, 460% interest rates, against Americans.

    You hit America with a big enough bio or chem weapon and kill a significant number
    of Americans and you WILL EAT A NUKE. DON'T PISS OFF AMERICANS.







    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    American Cyber Militias


    cannoneerno4 said...
    There already are American cyber militias. Pretty much the entire Psychological Operation effort intended for the American domestic target audience is entrusted to them. American cyber militia Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

       . . The Jawa Report are outstanding American cyber militia Computer Network Attackers and counterpropagandists, specializing in monitoring and taking down Jihadi websites.  

    Most of the conservative and libertarian blogosphere wouldlove to be involved in disseminating information that annoys the Chicoms and spreads internet freedom behind the Great Firewall. But who amongst the .gov/.mil Regulars dares to work by, with and through Irregular Information Operators in the current political environment?


    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    5 miles per second

    Mach 25 is 5 miles per second.

    Thats DC to Bethesda in one second.

    Lockheed Martin and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are investigating why contact with the first HTV-2 test vehicle was lost soon after launch on a mission to demonstrate technology for high-performance, long-endurance hypersonic flight.
    The third stage of the Orbital Sciences Minotaur IV Lite booster successfully completed energy-management maneuvers, released its clamshell payload fairing and deployed the HTV-2 at the edge of the atmosphere, but telemetry signals from the hypersonic glider were lost about 9 minutes into the mission, DARPA says.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Greece cut to JUNK

    April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Greece’s credit rating was cut three steps to junk by Standard and Poor’s, the first time a euro member has lost its investment grade since the currency’s 1999 debut. The euro weakened and stock markets throughout the region plunged.
    Greece was lowered to BB+ from BBB+ by S&P, which also warned that bondholders could recover as little as 30 percent of their initial investment if the country restructures its debt. The move, which puts Greek debt on a par with bonds issued by Azerbaijan and Egypt, came minutes after the rating company reduced Portugal by two steps to A- from A+

    To bad S&P didn't rate the sub-prime paper this well. G



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Ops and Intel update 04, 27,10

    Note how none of  the Goldman boys, blinks or looks to the right or left.
    They have been prepped,  trained and walking the Goldman talk.

    Pentagon: Boost Training With Computer-Troop Mind Meld

    These two programs need to cross pollinate...
    Tell not only who the best analysts are but how they do it. G

    Moscow markets cruise missile launched from a freight container
    Jeeze hope the Chetzins don't get any of these...G

    Five Predictions for iPhone OS 4.0

    Our prediction is for a Hi Res visual jack, gives cell phone users a 70 inch

    Is Jester busted in secret arrest?
    Is he OK? Are they stealing his cyber side arm?
    Anyone knowing his where abouts contact me.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, April 26, 2010

    Cyber War real or Myth?

    Is there a Internet threat?
    Is it a serious condition?
    Could Western, world culture be at risk.

    Over at, the Danger room they
    don't believe the threat is real of serious.

    Even former Home Land Security bosses are confused.
    Do we do it over the internet or would it be easier to send in special forces? Chertoff
    His response was a shock. It showed a total lack of knowledge on the paradigm we are facing.

    Paradigm Intel indicates th3j35t3r  Jester has been arrested for
    using cyber sidearm against terrorist sites. He would take the sites off line for 30 min.
    at a time. And now he is being sweated for the details of his creation a cyer sidearm.
    Its a small European country trying to steal his cyber side arm, instead of buying it.

    One of the US allies have been on my PC looking for data on our BSU's, 
    Bot Surveillance Units, of course a rented PC and secret CD with a little
    war driving allow completely black ops in total secrecy. They saw exactly
    what we wanted them to see. We assume our PC's are not secure and operate

    We have had other US allies ( who thought they were acting undercover,
    ie not a foreign government power ) ask us to take down a Muslim site unconnected
    to terrorism, we viewed as an attempt to entrap us.

    Google got hit hard, and the public still doesn't realize the seriousness of the
    breach and theft. I give Goolge security high marks for recognizing  the seriousness 
    of the threat and taking a self defensive action against the intruders. They tracked the 
    perps and penetrated the attacking PC collecting data on 30+ other penetrations.
    If they had carried the offensive a little further they would have caught the actual 
    perpetrator. They quit just short of the C2 PC.

    There reaction was very professional and real time.

    The risk to the WWW is very real and very serious.
    We have seen proof of concept in the cyber DDOS attacks 
    against Georgia.

    We have measured the scope of Cornfliker and if
    that were turned against the WWW nodes in a super DDOS attack,
    the Internet could be brought down and kept down for prolonged 
    period. Crippling the world economic systems.

    Google is working with NSA and I would expect if they
    wanted to see your emails they would.

    Yahoo is the only email service fighting the Government on 
    this privacy issue.

    All the worlds security structures have been trying
    to kill cornfliker for over a year now and its still there.

    No one owns the WWW and there ain't no sheriff.
    Governments and Internet security companies continue
    to play catch up, banks continue to be robbed of millions 
    of dollars and American ID's are stolen so often the 
    price of Credit card info and ID info have dropped by
    75 %.

    We have assumed the position of Victim.
    Why are these IPs still up?

    Even SANS has bought this victim paradigm.
    90,000 attacks and we do nothing.

    An Email exchange with them.

    Thanks for writing in. 
    Why are those sites up? Usually because they are located in countries that do not have the facilities in place to have them shut down. 

    Why not take them down as suggested in the blog? Well typically because the machine belongs to someone other than the attacker. It would be like shooting the hostage in order to get the gun the baddie happens to be holding at the time. He'll just pick up another. The other reason many of us have is that in many jurisdictions breaking laws to irritate a lawbreaker is generally frowned upon.

    I understand;
    Thanks for replying.

    But I disagree with you on the hostage metaphor.
    Its more like a sniper is someone Else's house.
    Cops don't check to see who own house, don't care they take out the sniper.
    I think the right to self defense applies in most nations.
    And could be applied here, the right to defend ones self, 
    from over 90,000 attacks.

    The excuse is "he would just use another IP".
    does not hold watter.

    That paradigm is letting snipers run rampant 
    because they might move to different IP.

    This is not personal.
    I know its the current paradigm.
    I'm asking these Q to challenge that paradigm,
    there are options other than that of "helpless victim."
    They are working on some alternatives...

    Everybody has been penetrated Government, Big Corps,
    Banks Google even.

    The Government continues to focus on protecting their
    intra nets at the cost of the WWW, they may end up with
    secure intra nets with a DEAD cable connection as the
    WWW has been taken down by a massive DDOS attack.

    The WWW sky is falling, and I'm not chicken little.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst