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    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Feds can violate the Constitution.

    U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker

    A federal judge, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is dismissing lawsuits accusing the government of teaming with the nation’s telcos to funnel Americans’ electronic communications to the National Security Agency without warrants.

    “A citizen may not gain standing by claiming a right to have the government follow the law,” (.pdf) Walker ruled late Thursday.
    He noted that the plaintiffs include most every American connected to the internet or to have used a telephone — meaning the lawsuits boil down to a “general grievance” and are barred. The decision came days after a government audit showed the telecom companies and FBI collaborated for four years, between 2003 and 2007, to violate federal wiretapping laws.
    Judge Walker said that the lawsuits, in essence, cannot be brought because they are “citizen suits seeking to employ judicial remedies to punish and bring to heel high-level government officials for the allegedly illegal and unconstitutional warrantless electronic surveillance program or programs now widely, if incompletely, aired in the public forum.”
    Cindy Cohn, the legal director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation that brought one of the cases, said the decision means “when you’re trying to stop the government from doing something illegal, and if the government does it to enough people, the courts can’t fix it.”

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    “[I]njuries that are shared and generalized —— such as the right to
    have the government act in accordance with the law —— are not
    sufficient to support standing.” Seegers v Gonzales, 396 F3d 1248,
    1253 (DC Cir 2005).
    Accordingly, these actions must be, and hereby are,
    DISMISSED with prejudice. The various other grounds advanced by
    the Unites States are not ruled on herein and form no part of the
    basis for this order. Judgment shall be entered against plaintiffs
    in both actions.



    The Supreme court gives corporations unlimited rights to bribe 
    congressmen and Courts are blocking citizens from stopping illegal government


    Paradigm read: The letter of the US law does not meet generally
    accepted standards of Justice.



    Follow up:
    More on the Law Suit:

    FBI Broke Law Spying on Americans’ Phone Records, Post Reports

    The FBI and telecom companies collaborated to routinely violate federal wiretapping laws for four years, as agents got access to reporters’ and citizens’ phone records using fake emergency declarations or simply asking for them.

    The Obama administration retroactively legalized the entire fiasco through a secret ruling from the Office of Legal Counsel nearly two weeks ago.

    Read More


    The question becomes how far the US people want the FBI to go in pursuit
    of terrorist that would use WMD when they get them.

    As a boy I remember the FBI pre-Hoover disclosures Days.
    Never wanted to be a Junior Gman, but I did join Captain
    Midnight and got a decoder ring. Loved it till I got my first
    secret message, "Drink Ovaltine" a secret commercial Uggh.
    It was a huge disappointment.

    But back then most people really did believed in the FBI.

    The current FBI paradigm is focused on results.
    And they want the agents to do everything to get
    those results. If an FBI agent gets caught breaking the
    law the FBI will prosecute them, so the unspoken rule
    is if you break the law don't get caught, just don't
    embarrass the Bureau.

    And in a world of non-state actors willing to use
    WMD, FBI's is a survival paradigm that will make sacrifices

    of individuals to try protect America.

    The Bureau's Armour has gotten dirty and rusty
    at times. Nixon is a good example.

    The FBI knew he was a crook, committed felonys.
    And didn't arrest him, that would make an interesting
    movie, The Gov. can't be arrested if they are on their
    way to a Gov. meeting, or something like that.

    So if the FBI had gotten a secret arrest warrant for
    Nixon and executed it while he was on vacation say,
     would the FBI have sent one man in relying on the
    force of the rule of law to make the arrest?

    Or surrounded the President and Secret Service so he couldn't
    escape, its Nixon remember, and rely on the SS to honor the

    Guess they probally would have just phoned it in, then let
    the lawyers and Lobbyists fight and rewrite the laws.

    Great movie idea.
    But that didn't happen, but the FBI didn't let the President get
    away with it either, one of the top FBI agents stepped forward
    and became "DEEPTHROAT", for Woodard and Burnstein,
    Post reporters who eventually brought down Nixon.

    Deepthroat recently confessed his part in the Nixon affair.
    Something I always wondered did he volunteer to be a
    sacrificial lamb, in case he was discovered his career would
    have been over. And how far UP the chain of command did the FBI
    know about his releasing info on the Felon Nixon?
    Or was he a lone wolf?

    I wonder how congress would behave now if the FBI had
    arrested Nixon?

    FBI arresting a sitting President certainly would have set
    some new legal precedents.

    Would that have changed the current paradigm now?

    At sometime the Corporates discovered they could buy
    almost any one for $1.5 million to $3 million dollars, and worked
    out a way to give Congressmen these huge bribes legally.
    Of course its nothing as coarse as an envelope of cash.
    The bribes, err I mean donations are made, above board and the Congress
    man is preped with a salable cover story of why its good for the
    public to use banking loan sharks charging 402% Vig.
    A little something, propaganda, a cover story to soothe the Congressman conscience.
    And Lobbyist to hold their hand and explain the "RIGHT" VIEW, before
    they vote.

    The key was de-regulation; de-regulate "loansharking" and
    suddenly its legal. 402% percent,or VIG as the Mafia used to call it,
     and they bought the Congressmen to de-regulate loansharking.
    And more importantly to stop any Federal laws, or even prohibiting
    states for passing anti-loansharking legislation.
    And in the NEW BANKING REGULATION LAWS, now get that in the new
    Banking "REGULATION" laws they prohibit States from passing anti-loan
    sharking bills against the banks. WTF.

    They Repealed Glass Segal Act , deregulate Banks to open the door
    for the sub-prime swindle.
    If its deregulated, the FBI can't touch them, its legal.

    Where did this change from "The Customer is always right"
    to "how bad can we legally screw the Customer".

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Greenspan father of the Sub Prime Debacle

    Was the FBI paradigm pioneered by the Bureau or was it
    the byproduct of the era?

    Did Corporates pick it up from the Bureau?
    How much influence does the FBI have on Corporate
    integrity? Not by prosecution but by example?

    One of the problems of the paradigm is the President
    appoints the Attorney General, who is the FBI's boss.
    And under Nixon his Attorney General ran the FBI.
    Resulting in extraordinary action by "Deepthroat" and
    still ensuring Nixon's downfall  although the official
    FBI were under orders to the contrary.

    I suspect the FBI is the BEST under current conditions.

    What we seek in security we give up in freedoms.
    and there are guys out there that would use WMD.

    Paradigm Intel says the world will have some form
    of "terrorist" from now on, its the "DARK SIDE" of

    Will USA ever get its freedoms and privacy back?
    Is the "Dark Side" to "stopping terrorist attacks"
    the loss for privacy for ever after?

    Something else the World can thank that Asshole Bin Laden for.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    URGENT, ask the correct Islamic Questions

    Here's the full text of the letter from Abdul Hakim Muhammad, the man who murdered an Army recruiter in Little rock and tried to kill a second, to the judge presiding over his trial. I've transcribed it as written, hence all the mispelling, capital letters, and lack of paragraphs. Emphasis, though, is mine:
    To Judge Wright Jr.
    From Abdul Hakim Muhammad
    I'm writing this because I wish to plead guilty. To all charges I'm facing. Without deals without respite. I wrote the prosecutor and Federal Buerau of Investigations and TBI (Tenn. Buerau of Investigation. Informing them of all of the acts I was involved in around or about May 29 - June 1 2009. I do not wish to recieve funds for my defense. I don't wish to have a trial. I'm affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Member of the Abu Basir's Army. This was a Jihadi Attack on infidel forces. That didn't go as plan. Flat out Truth. I plead to capital Murder, Attempt capital Murder and The other 19 counts without compulsion without Deals. My lawyer and prosecutors have fail to comply. I wrote John Johnson informing him of this. He responded I couldn't plead guilty to capital Murder Case. Which I think is a lie. That's why I'm writing you my lawyer has no defense. I wasn't insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this Act. Which I believe and it is justified according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religious Jihad To fight Those who wage war on Islam and Muslims. At the next hearing I look forward to pleading guilty and Await sentencing.
    Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad
    11 pm 1/12/2010
    From Jawa report:


    URGENT, ask the correct Islamic Questions 

    His religious paradigm is correct in Islam,
    but the motive is Haram. 

    "Jihadi Attack on infidel forces." is not a defense in Islam, 
    Attacking them just because they are "Infidel" is HARAM.

    I hope the prosecutor gets some Islamic scholar to prepare
    for a rebuttal, it would be a double victory if they can show
    the attack and murder were haram even in Islam.

    Need to face this Bastardized Islam straight on,
    don't back away or ignore it.
    He was in violation of the Quaran.
    USA is not at war with Islam,
    there are a multiplude of proofs.
    This is a war of vengeance,
    to KILL al Qaeda for 911.
    ( I would expect the prosecutors
    wording would be different but
    same paradigm. G )

    USA does not fear Islam, they are not the Enemy.


    Nice find Rusty.


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    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Hillary for a Free internet or not, confused

    Hillary Clinton Extends Foreign Policy To The Internet And Wants Your Help
    In a defining speech today on Internet Freedom, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extended foreign policy to the Internet, calling it a “global networked commons.” Her speech harked back to Franklin Roosevelt’s famous Four Freedoms speech, and updated each one (Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Worship, Freedom From Want, Freedom From Fear) to apply to the Internet. She also added a new freedom, the Freedom to Connect

    Court to FCC: You Don’t Have Power to Enforce Net Neutrality

    Read More


    Verizon Terminating Copyright Infringers’ Internet Access  

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    Paki deaths VS drone strikes, 01.22.10

    Some very interesting graphics and maps. All clickable.

    Number of people killed in Paki by terrorists in 2009, and area.

    Map of these areas:

    Drone attacks by area, 2004 to 2010

    Map of these areas:

    Paki army attacks in N and S Waziristan.

    Now for a big surprise, civilian deaths from drones:

    Paki deaths VS drone strikes, 01.22.10

    Most of the Drone strikes have been in Fata, N and S Waziristan
    The area with the second highest civilian deaths by terrorists.
    The Highest area is NWFP.

    Many of the Taliban are Pashtun.

    Both Paki Army and Drones have focused on N and S Waziristan.
    The Command and control home of the terrorists.
    And in the heartland of the Pashtuns.



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    Yemen Terrorist list, names, 01.22.10

    Yemen terrorist listThis is a featured page

    the Yemeni list that is cleared:
    From inside beltway:

    the Yemeni list that is cleared:
    Name AKA's
    Yaser Naser Al-Homikani Yassir Nasser al-Humaiqani alias Abu Khaled
    Mohammed Sa’eed Al-Omda Muhammad Saeed al-Ammari al-Umdah alias Abu Gharib al Taizzi

    AKA Mohammed Saad Saeed Al-Siam Al-Omari(70)

    Fawzi Mohammed Al-Wajeh Fauzi Mohammad al-Wajeeh alias Abu Musaab al-Taizi

    Zakria Hasen Al-Baihani Zakaria Nassir al-Baihani alias Jaafar

    Abudlrahman Ahmed Basora Abdul Rahman Ahmad Ba-Surrah alias Abu Gharib

    Abdullah Ahmed Al-Remi Abdullah Ahmad al-Raymi alias Uais and Auss

    Fawaz Yahya Al-Rabe ai Fawaz Yahya al-Rabyee alias Furkan al-Tajiki (dead)

    Hizam Saleh Mugli Hizam Saleh Ali Mejalli

    Gamal Mohammed Al-Badwi Jamaal Mohammad al-Badawi alias Abu Abdul Rahman

    Zakria Hasen Al-Baihani Zakaria Ubadi al-Yafee alias Abu Yahya

    Abdulrahman Ahmed Basurah (AQY) Nassir Abdul Kareem al-Wahishi alias Abu Bassir

    Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Hoidi Ibrahim Mohammad al-Huaidi alias Usaid

    Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Mukri (AQY) Ibrahim Mohammad al-Moqri alias Abu Mohammad and Musaab

    Aref Saleh Mugli Aarif Saleh Mujalli alias Abu al-Laith al-Sanaani and Abdul Bari

    Shafik Ahmed Zaid (AQY) Shafeeq Ahmad Zaid alias Abu Abdullah AKA Shafeeq Ahmad Omar

    Gaber Al-Bana’a Jaber Ahmad al-Banna alias Abu Ahmad

    Hamza Salem Al-Kuaiti Hamza Salim al-Quaiti alias Abu Samhar

    Omer Sa’eed Gar Allah Omar Saeed Jarallah alias Abdullah Gharib and Bin Hafeez

    Abdullah Yahya Al-Wa’ adi (AQY) Abdullah Yahya al-Wadee alias Marwan al-Hashidi

    Khaled Mohammed Al-Batati (AQY) Khaled Mohammad al-Batati alias Abu Sulaiman

    Kasem Yahya Al-Remi (AQY) Qassim Yahya al-Raymi alias Abu Huraira AKA Abu Hureira Qasm al-

    Rimi AKA Abu Hureira al-Sana'ani

    AKA Kassem Mohammed Mehdi Al-Rimi

    Mohammed Ahmed Al-Remi Mohammad Abdullah al-Dailami alias Hashim

    Mansour Naser Al-Baihani (AQY) Mansour Nassir al-Baihani alias Aassim al-Tabouki

    Salem al-Radwui (AQY)
    Abu-al-Harith Muhammad al-Awfi (Gitmo 333)(SA 73) Surrenderedlink
    Note: Known members of Al Qaeda-Yemen are designated AQY. A number reside in Yemen and are on the list
    even though they may be from other gulf states.
    This is my rough working list, some are dead but unconfirmed.

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    Genius readers 01.21.10

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Banking: Intel and Ops update:


    Fed Chief in New York Defends Main Office

    New York Times (blog) - ‎13 hours ago‎
    The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York warned Wednesday against auditing the Federal Reserve's interest-rate decisions and curbing its ...


    Fed bought $12 bln net in agency MBS in latest week

    Reuters - ‎1 hour ago‎
    NEW YORK, Jan 21 (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve bought $12.0 billion net of agency mortgage-backed securities in the latest week, the New York Fed said on ...


    Fed to End Overseas Dollar 'Swaps'

    Wall Street Journal - Jon Hilsenrath - ‎2 hours ago‎
    The Federal Reserve is on track to end a program, begun during the financial crisis, that provides US dollars to institutions overseas ...


    FDIC Chief Got Bank of America Loans While Working On Its Rescue


    Obama proposes new limits on big bank risky trading

    MarketWatch - Ronald D. Orol - ‎1 hour ago‎
    The White House is signaling that they want to limit the size of banks, to prevent future taxpayer bailouts, the News Hub panel discusses. ...


    Supreme Court's campaign finance ruling could bring flood of ads

    Los Angeles Times - James Oliphant - ‎1 hour ago‎
    Critics say corporations will now determine who wins elections, but some consultants don't expect a dramatic change. By James Oliphant Reporting from Washington - Viewers in media markets nationwide are already well familiar with being bombarded with ...

    ( Don't know how they did it but S court gives corps more power over
    the people and congress, heads up their asses. G )

    Something we posted yesterday:

    US Banking Crimes by IATT

    Series 7 AND 3

    I must be getting old, I've been posting I have a series 13, it is series 3:

    Series 3 Exam National Commodity Futures (& ForEx)The Series 3 test is for anyone who is going to act as an Associated Person, Commodity Trading Adviser, Commodity Pool Operator, Introducing Broker, or Futures Commission Merchant.  Those who trade ForEx (foreign exchange) are under the jurisdiction of the NFA are a being required to sit for the Series 3 test. 


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Federal Reserve is Suspect: From Dec 03, 09


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    Ops and Intel update 01.21.10

    No new offensives against the Taliban this year: Pakistani Army

    January 21, 2010 11:13 AM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    "We are not going to conduct any major new operations against the militants over the next 12 months" as the military is "overstretched," the top Pakistani military spokesman said. The government has also agreed to a peace deal with the Mehsud tribes in South Waziristan.

    Read more:


    Terror Taxonomy: Re-Emergence of al Ops and Intel update 01.21.10-Qaeda Prime

    By Aaron Mannes

    Since 9/11 there have been innumerable articles on the emergence of al-Qaeda 2.0 or 3.0. The attack in Afghanistan that killed several CIA officials along with a Jordanian intelligence officer, harks back to al-Qaeda prime – the disciplined organization that from the late 1990s to 9/11 carried out a series of sophisticated, meticulously planned, multi-pronged strikes against hard targets.

    The attack on the CIA base in Afghanistan similarly involved a careful analysis of American systems and vulnerabilities and tremendous patience and tradecraft. And it did devastating damage to a particularly sensitive node – experienced CIA operatives are the products of decades of experience, they are not easy to replace. In addition procedures for vetting information and agents will become more cumbersome, further hampering operations.
    Suicide bombers DISGUST Taliban

    Read the full post here.


    Could a ‘Virtual Surge’ Fix Afghanistan?

    We have been virtual surging in Afghan for years. G



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Planes still not safe.

    Statement for the Record - 20 January 2010
    Michael E. Leiter
    Director of the National Counterterrorism Center

    As I have noted, despite our successes in identifying the overall themes that
    described the plot we failed to make the final connections—the “last tactical
    mile”—linking Abdulmutallab’s identity to the plot. We had the information that
    came from his father that he was concerned about his son going to Yemen, coming
    under the influence of unknown religious extremists, and that he was not going to
    return home. We also had other streams of information coming from intelligence
    channels that provided pieces of the story. We had a partial name, an indication of
    a Nigerian, but there was nothing that brought it all together—nor did we do so in
    our analysis.
    As a result, although Mr. Abdulmutallab was identified as a known or
    suspected terrorist and entered into the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment
    (TIDE)—and this information was in turn widely available throughout the
    Intelligence Community—the derogatory information associated with him did not
    meet the existing policy standards—those first adopted in the summer of 2008 and
    ultimately promulgated in February 2009—for him to be “watchlisted,” let alone
    placed on the No Fly List or Selectee lists.


    TSA still does not have access to the TIDE data base names for additional
    hand searching of these suspects.

    The risk has not been diminished.




    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    BSU's tracking people interested in joining al Qaeda

    BSU's indicate these are the people interested in joining al Qaeda
    on 01.20.10. ( See map above.G )

    Surveillance teams deployed daily, collecting IPs and IDs.



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    US Banking Crimes

    The American criminal legal system starts with "Reasonable cause to believe" to get warrants and
    ends with "beyond a reasonable doubt" to get convictions with a Jury.

    The American banks have side stepped the 'Criminal' route through deregulation.
    And have been able to swindle the worlds financial institutions with sub-prime toxic
    paper with the collusion of many Federal Agencys and private corporations and
    subverting Congress.

    The Mafia used to be prosecuted for Loan Sharking and the American Banks
    have been able to just side step the issue through Comptroller of the Currency
    and deregulation with Congressional assist, and now USA has 402% legal loan sharks
    and 30% on credit cards, the American people do not support Loan Sharking but American
    Congress has thru deregulation.

    That makes it clear that the American people no longer control Congress,
    but the Lobbyist do through legal bribes to Congress men.

    The Banks get  Federal  Deposit Insurance to protect the deposits in Banks.
    And they used to be regulated by the Glass Segal Act, forcing the Banks
    to use the Deposit money in conserative investments.

    But the USA Banks got Glass Segal repealed, allowing them to engage in
    Investment Banking on Wall Street, which carries much higher risk.

    The American Banks discovered they could make bad loans, and turn tremendous
    profits. But to do so they needed to expand their markets.

    So they packaged these bad loans to people they knew would forfeit.
    And were able to sell them on Wall Street as tripple AAA grade investments,
    by colluding with the Credit rating agencys, like Moody.

    Moody took the bad loans and as part of their credit evaluation procedures
    assumed the Mortgage and Real Estate markets would never have a down turn,
    despite the historical evidence to the contrary.

    And by making the assumption the Real Estate markets would never
    decline lied to the Investors and gave the Toxic sub-prime paper a
    AAA Credit rating, a credit rating that says they are safe, when in fact
    even the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Allen Greenspan says he
    knew they were in a catastrophic bubble with the toxic sub prime paper.

    And sold them world wide with a fraudulent credit rating.
    Almost causing a world wide credit meltdown.

    And the American regulators still have not imposed regulations
    against a repeat of the Banking disaster.

    As Congress seems impotent in regards to the American
    banks and regulating them maybe the Major Investors in
    the USA can have some impact?

    Could China influence Congress to bring true regulation
    to American Banks?

    The Federal Government gave the Banks 2 Trillion Dollars
    to bail them out of the Toxic paper mess.
    $700 billion in TARP funds and another $1.7 Trillion USD in
    direct loans from the Federal Reserve Coproration.
    Thats 20% of the Gross National Debt.

    The Republicans have stone walled health Insurance
    for all Americans that cost $100 Billion per year,
    but approved $2 trillion bail out for banks without
    even reading the legislation.

    American Banks continue their criminal enterprise
    against the wishes of the American people, through
    Lobbyists and Bribes to Congress.

    Maybe an International Lobby including China and Russia
    and Europe could bring enough pressure on the American
    Congress to force regulation and prosecution of American
    Banking criminal activities.
    To rebalance the worlds Banking system towards non-criminal
    activities, and bring US Banks back under control of the American
    And stop the blatant Banking crimes and loan sharking.


    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bank Loan Shark abuse 82 yr old Blind Widow..

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Federal Reserve is Suspect:

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    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Back soon-BACK

    Were back, couple days debriefing and its back to posting.


    Back soon