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    Saturday, October 24, 2009

    Taliban Zombies

    Taliban Zombies

    Most recently, US and Pakistani intelligence officials were certain Ilyas Kashmiri, a longtime Pakistani jihadi and a senior al Qaeda operative, was killed. Kashmiri later granted an interview with the Asia Times.

    Yazid was also reported to have been killed during the summer of 2008 but later came back to life.

    Read more:

    A report at Dawn later surfaced that an al Qaeda operative known as Abu Musa al Misri (or Abu Musa al Masri) was killed in the attack. According to a senior US military intelligence official, Abu Musa al Masri is in fact a senior al Qaeda explosive expert and trainer.

    Dawn then identified the al Qaeda commander as Abu al Masri and Mustafa al Yazid - who is better known as Mustafa Abu Yazid and Sheikh Saeed al Masri. Yazid is al Qaeda's top commander in Afghanistan and serves as the equivalent of al Qaeda's chief financial officer. He personally withdraws funds from al Qaeda's treasury, the Bayt al Mal, which was known to be based in Jani Khel in Bannu.

    US intelligence officials contacted by The Long War Journal would not confirm the death of a senior al Qaeda leader but said they were aware of the reports and are investigating.

    ( We made the same mistake and confused the Two.G

    Read more:



    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    To Muslim spies.

    A black turban, really?

    To Muslim spies,
    the true mujahedeen

    “There is no God but Allah; Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah” In the name of God, praise be to God, and praise and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family, his Companions, and all those who follow him.

    You have read the Quran, read Allah's word.

    We all know killing women and children in
    bombings of market places is not the will
    of Allah.

    Suicide bombers in Mosques is not the will
    of Allah.

    Killing Muslims by Muslims is not the
    will of Allah.

    al Qaeda and the Taliban are Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan)

    Those who believe, fight in the Cause of Allâh, and those who disbelieve, fight in the cause of the (false moujadeem), Tâghût (Satan). So fight you against the friends of Shaitân (Satan). Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Shaitân (Satan the false Moujahedeen ). ] al-Nissa:76.

    You are the true mujahedeen .
    Fighting, a SECRET jahid in the cause of Allah against Shaitan.

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work
    righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Bin Laden and the Taliban are sick.
    He fights for personal esteem. NOT Allah.
    His Intellect is Satanic.

    Avoiding the Satanic ‘Intellect’

    This was a piece of advice from Hamad bin ‘Atiq an-Najdi to Muslims in general, written around two hundred years ago. It finds itself very relevant today.

    “…And it should be known that intellect (‘aql) is of three types:

    • Natural intellect
    • Faith-based intellect obtained from the Prophetic light
    • Satanic, hypocritical ‘intellect’

    And the possessors of this last type think they are something special, and this type of intellect is found among many people – most of them, in fact. It is the essence of ruin and the fruit of hypocrisy, as its possessors think that intellect is to please everyone and to not go against their interests and desires, as well as to gain their friendship (at the expense of speaking the truth). They say that the best thing for you is to just be part of the people and don’t cause them to hate you.

    This is the corruption and ruin of the soul, and this is due to four things:

    The first is that the one who does this has gained the pleasure of people by angering Allah, and the people are more important in his eyes than Allah. Whoever gains the pleasure of people by angering Allah will end up with the anger of both the people and Allah. It was narrated that Allah Said: “When I am angered, My Curse reaches the seventh generation of descendants.”

    So, if the one who is able to enjoin the good and prevent the bad abandons doing so, he will bring about Allah’s Curse that will reach the seventh generation of his progeny, and this is proven by the verse: {“The disbelievers from the Children of Isra’il were cursed by the tongue of Dawud and ‘Isa bin Maryam. This is because they were rebellious and would transgress…”} [al-Ma'idah; 78]

    So, it is clear that this compromising person has ruined himself through what he thought would help him.

    Second, it is inevitable that Allah will open a door of humiliation and disgrace for the one who compromises from where he sought honor. And some of the Salaf said: “Whoever leaves off enjoining good and preventing evil out of his fear of people, the respect and obedience people had for him will be removed.” So, if he orders his son or servant to do something for him, they will belittle his status. Just like he belittled the rights of Allah, Allah will belittle and humiliate him: {“…they forgot Allah. So, He forgot them…”} [at-Tawbah; 67]

    Third, if some sort of punishment is sent down, the one who compromises will be one of its targets, as in the verse: {“And beware of a trial that won’t only afflict the wrongdoers among you…”} [al-Anfal; 25]

    …And Ibn Abi ad-Dunya reported from Wahb bin Munabbih that he said: “When Dawud made a mistake, he said: “My Lord, Forgive me!” So, Allah Said: “I have Forgiven you and placed your sin on the Children of Isra’il.” Dawud asked: “Why, O Lord? How can this be when You are the Just who oppresses nobody? I fall into error and You place the sin on others?” He Said: “When you did this error, they didn’t criticize you for it.”

    And Ibn Abi ad-Dunya reported that Allah revealed to Yusha’ bin Nun (Joshua): “I will destroy 40,000 of the best of your people and 60,000 of their worst.” He asked: “My Lord, I can understand the worst of them being destroyed. Why destroy the best of them?” He Said: “They didn’t become angry for My Anger, and they would give the worst ones food and drink.”

    Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr and others reported that Allah commanded one of the Angels to destroy a town. So, he asked: “My Lord, it has such and such a person who is a zahid who worships You constantly!” Allah Said:“Begin with him, and let me hear his voice. His face never once became red for My sake.”

    So, the only way out when punishments descend is to be from those who enjoin the good and prevent the wrong, as Allah Said: {“So, when they forgot what they were reminded of, We saved those who would forbid what was bad…”} [al-A'raf; 165]

    Fourth, this compromising person who seeks the pleasure of people is worse than the adulterer, the thief, and the consumer of alcohol. Ibn al-Qayyim said:

    “The Religion is not just leaving off outer prohibitions. Rather, it is to fulfill what Allah Loves along with this. Most religious people today don’t do this except when it comes to things that the majority of people accept and agree with them in. As for Jihad, enjoining good and preventing evil, giving advice for the sake of Allah and His Messenger to His worshipers, giving aid and victory to Allah and His Messenger and Book and Religion – these obligations don’t even occur to them, let alone evoke a desire on their part to carry them out, let alone be carried them out by them!

    The lowest of people in the Religion and the worst of them with Allah are those who abandon these obligations, even if he practices the most zuhd from everything in this world. It is rare to find from them one whose face becomes red for the sake of Allah, and who becomes angry due to His limits being violated, and who gives all he has to help his religion. Those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than these people.”

    So, imagine that someone fasts all day, prays all night, abstains from all worldly pleasures, and despite this never becomes angry or has his face reddened for Allah’s sake and doesn’t enjoin good and prevent evil – such a man is the most hated of people to Allah and the least of them in religiousness, and those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than such a person.

    And a trustworthy person told me that Shaykh al-Islam, the leader of the da’wah in Najd (Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Wahhab), once said: “I saw some people sitting in the mosque with their Qur’ans, reciting and weeping. However, they didn’t enjoin the good if they saw it and they didn’t prevent evil if they saw it. I saw people sitting near them saying: “These are the source of benefit,” and I said: “These are the source of disgrace.” Someone heard me and said: “I can’t say they are a source of disgrace!” So, I replied to him: “They are blind and mute.”"

    And this is supported by what some of the Salaf said: “The one who is silent about the truth is a silent devil, while the one who speaks falsehood is a speaking devil.”

    So, if the one who compromises by remaining silent comes to know that he is from the most hated of people to Allah even if he thinks he is good, he would speak openly. And if the one who seeks the approval and pleasure of people came to know that by not speaking out against their evil that those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than him – even if he assumes himself to be religious – he would repent from his compromise and would retreat from it. And if the one who is stingy with his tongue from openly proclaiming the command of Allah came to know that he is a silent devil even if he fasts, prays, and is azahid, he would do all that he could to avoid being similar to Satan.

    O Allah, I seek refuge with You from every action that angers the Merciful, and from every trait that makes us resemble Satan or compromise on our religion with the people of doubts, hypocrisy.

    And may peace and blessings be on Muhammad, his Household, and Companions.”

    ['ad-Durar as-Saniyyah'; 8/75-79]

    Any thing one can do to stop al Qaeda supports Allah.

    Allah said: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." 33:Al-Maeda .

    Advice on Dealing with Friends and Family.

    They may caution you against any action and say it isn't your fight.Or warn you of dire consequence, but what of the haram.

    “…And I want to remind you of the saying of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم): “The believer who mixes with the people and is patient with the harm they inflict is better than the believer who doesn’t mix with the people and isn’t patient with the harm they inflict,” as reported by Ahmad and others from Ibn ‘Umar.

    Based on this, what I advise you to do is to be patient with your family and to withstand their harm and to strive to give them da’wah and try to save them from the Fire, as in the verse: {“O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones. It has stern, severe Angels watching over it who don’t disobey Allah in what He orders them with, and they do all that they are ordered.”} [at-Tahrim; 6]

    And I hope you don’t think of leaving the house and abandoning them. Exhaust all means of da’wah with them, especially if staying with them will have some effect on even a few of them.

    Beware of starting off in a harsh and extreme way that will turn them off. Rather, talk to them according to what they understand with wisdom and kindness, as Allah Said: {“Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and kind way of speaking, and discuss with them in the best way.”} [an-Nahl; 125]

    And remember the saying of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم): “Give glad tidings, and do not turn people away,” and: “Indeed, gentleness isn’t found in something except that it beautifies it, and it isn’t removed from something except that it ruins it.”

    And start with the most important issues, and go in order. Don’t get into arguments with them over secondary matters while their principles are messed up. Instead, begin by addressing the principles, and if you happen to come across problems in secondary issues, tie it to the main principles and don’t make your enmity with them except when it comes to the basic principle of the Religion, Tawhid, its nullifiers, and what breaks its firm handhold…”

    Be firm in your thought and action.
    Follow Allah.


    Only Moslems can stop the al Qa'ida and the Taliban.

    Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact
    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Who bitch slapped the Iranian regime.

    Who bitch slapped the Iranian regime.

    The attack on the IRG was a very clear message.
    But stop what?
    The message says your leaders are vulnerable
    to the same tactics the suicide bombers use
    in Pakistan.

    If the regime can't figure out who Bitch slapped
    them, and what they need to stop then they
    are going to get get Bitch slapped again.

    They accused the insurgency, USA, England
    and Pakistan.

    Unless they can narrow it down they need
    stop pissing all of them off.

    Maybe they have figured out who and
    are planning a counter attack?

    Maybe it was Paki ISI, and Iran will invade
    Paki, of course Paki will ask and receive
    USA protection

    In any fight against America the regime
    will get its ass handed to them.

    If they attack the wrong party then they
    risk war.

    Or just launch some of their own suicide
    bombers, and escalate the suicide bombing attacks.
    Iran has some pretty good IED's out there,
    and plenty of them around in Paki and Afghan.
    So there would be no problem hiding the source
    of the IED's, they would all have real Iranian marks,
    on them.
    The ones they marked 'made in America' all
    have been documented, finger printed so to speak.
    as Iranian made.

    Iran maybe producing the very IED's used against them
    if they counter attack.

    I wonder if Abberjonny can catch molten copper with
    his teeth?

    Iran is betwixt a rock and hard place and don't even know it.
    Hope they don't get anything crushed.



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    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Quick world tour.

    Quick world tour.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    China: For the first time in history is reliant on the rest
    of the world for its growth, gas, oil, minerals etc.
    They are no longer self reliant.

    Fears lack of resources, from world sources, they
    care what the rest of the world thinks.
    Pragmatism rules in China they gave up
    Communism for capitalism.
    The only country in the world that has
    had the same language for 5,000 years.

    Iran still a small time player, but a supporter of
    world wide terrorism. Epic fail on nuke stage.

    USA, Income declining, huge deficits, liquidity
    and declining dollar risks, run by Criminal banks,
    loan sharks, 30% CC, and 402% payday loans.
    World worries about lack of control over Americas
    criminal banks.
    If Brenke can't pull the economy back, and the
    huge deficits are outstanding he may have trouble
    attracting money and could lead to further decline
    in economy, and depression and run on dollar, hyper
    World looking to see if USA has the will to fix
    USA criminal banks , if they have the will
    to confront the problems.

    Europe, not one nation but several, never be a big
    player. Always group of countries.

    India 22 official languages, will always be India
    and lacks organization.

    Russia, big nuclear stockpile and not much else.
    Population declining. Criminal leadership.

    Japan, declining population, and rejection
    of immigration leads to stagnant economy.

    New world information paradigm, all the
    world's urban centers are connected,
    via Internet.
    You can't hide problems any more.
    This core connectivity is a prophylactic
    for war and despots.



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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Poor Iran, 8>

    Poor Iran, 8>
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Iranian regime is in deep trouble and
    trying to hold on by force and bribes.

    The recent bombing killing the top leaders
    of IRCG and Qods, Iranian CIA.
    Seems some of the IRCG was involved in the

    Abberjonny is blaming everyone for the bombing.

    Two or more of their Nuclear scientist
    have defected with all Iran's secrets.

    Millions of the Ummah were marching in
    the streets calling for Ayatollah Seyyed
    Ali Khamenei's death.

    In Iraq all the Iranian milatas Just rolled over
    in the face of Iraqi troops and are selling their
    weapons for cash.

    Taliban have had a purge going against Shia's
    in Paki. And Iran is supplying them with IEDs.
    I expect some of those IEDs will be used in Iran.

    And Iran's nuclear stock piles are contaminated
    And close to useless.
    Iran Epic nuke fail? (

    If Iran does get close to testing a nuke Israel
    will hit their nuclear supplies.
    They have a gasoline shortage and are rationing

    And their South American buddy has pledged to
    export gasoline to Iran but sadly they don't
    have the resources to fulfill the order.
    And the religious leaders are starting to wake up
    to the coup Abberjonny pulled off.

    And the Iranian Internet blockade was a total failure
    US citizens made sure the Internet stayed open
    for the Iranian people.
    The Iranian hackers working for the Regime
    are soosool boys.

    The Iranian economy is in shambles.
    And continues in a deep depression.

    The Iranian regime has failed on almost every

    The regime's time is limited, and they will screw
    themselves up. The Regime is headed for a
    bad fall, EPIC FAIL.

    USA doesn't even need to get involved.


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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Ashyaneh, skript kiddies, aka Iranian hackers

    Iranian Hacker: We Work in Cooperation with the Regime

    Behrouz Kamalian, head of a 15-member Iranian hacker group called "Ashyaneh," stated that the group works in cooperation with most of the government and military organizations in Iran, and that during the Israeli attack on Gaza and on 'Qods Day' (September 18, 2009), the group hacked 1,500 Israeli websites, as well as hundreds of Danish websites in retaliation for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

    Source: IRNA (Iran), October 17, 2009

    ( Behrouz Kamalian, who blogs on mathematics, G )


    Iran's hackers are script kiddies.



    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Gov. Paradigm contributes to drug abuse

    Gov. Paradigm contributes to drug abuse
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Government lies about drugs contributes to
    drug use. Stating Mary Jane has no medical use
    is just false.

    My fiancee was a Nurse in a Cancer ward in Boston.
    And at the risk of her career she smuggled marijuana
    into the cancer patients.

    The uplift in outlook and increase in appetite
    was remarkable. Marijuana provided relief
    to people that were deathly sick.

    I was very proud of her actions to help
    her patients even at risk to her career.
    And possible criminal prosecution.

    Lumping marijuana in with other drugs
    like speed, coke, and heroin lead
    younger users to believe if the government
    is lying about mary jane then they are probably
    lying about the dangers of other drugs like
    coke and heroin also.

    Over half of the current prison population
    are there because of Marijuana violations.

    This increases the cost to society for there
    incarceration and cripples society by banning
    them from good jobs making criminal activities
    more appealing, as they can't find work because
    of a marijuana arrest.

    Mary Jane is less dangerous than alcohol drinking.
    I've never seen a fight erupt from mary jane smoking.
    Normally they just get the munchies and veg out,
    go to sleep.

    The GWOT is funded by the criminalization
    of mary jane. The criminalization of marijuana
    leads to the tremendous profits from growing
    the weed.

    Decriminalization of mary jane would reduce
    terrorist profits, cost for imprisoning users
    and allow them to contribute to society with
    good jobs and a better tax base from the
    additional taxes they would pay.

    Cigarettes are legal and so is beer and
    whiskey, both do more damage to the
    public than mary jane.

    The Government needs to quit lying
    about marijuana, and maybe the youth
    will start believing what they say about
    other drugs.

    Disclosure my vice is Cigars.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Greenspan father of the Sub-prime debacle


    The would-have-been hero of this story is Brooksley Born, first female president of the Stanford Law Review, friend of Hillary, and one of Bill Clinton’s appointments to the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 1994. When she became head of this small federal regulatory agency in 1996, Born became aware of the “dark market” of over-the-counter derivatives. These unregulated contracts are not traded on exchanges, and leave behind no records or reports. Thus functioning beyond “all forms of control,”

    Born saw in derivatives the possibility for fraud, that is, the precise domain of the CFTC. When she instructed her staff to look into such activities, however, she was instructed to back down. The edict came from on high, namely the President’s Working Group, a committee that discussed and essentially set financial policy called at the discretion of Secretary of the Treasury, at the time, Rubin. With a membership that included Larry Summers, Arthur Levitt (SEC Chairman from 1993-‘01), and the “wizard” Greenspan, this group was “not welcoming of someone who looked at the world differently,” says David Wessel, author of In Fed We Trust. A special meeting of the Working Group was called, the “clear mission” of which was to keep the CFTC from issuing its report, recalls Michael Greenberger, director of CFTC after Born

    Born might have known what was coming as she and Greenspan were famously at odds. The Warning lays out their opposing ideologies, noting as well the “odd” circumstance that Greenspan was Fed Chair, the most powerful “central banker,” given that, as Joseph Stiglitz of the Council of Economic Advisors (1993-‘97) says, “central banking is a massive intervention in the market, setting interest rates.” The program recounts one particular meeting between Greenspan and Born in 1997, when she took over the CFTC. Though Greenspan (and Rubin and Summers, et. al.) declined to speak with Frontline and Born won’t speak about “the Alan Greenspan lunch” on camera, the program floats the story—via the New York Times’ Joe Nocera, among others—that Greenspan told Born that her agency was not supposed to pursue fraud, that the “market would figure it out.” This laissez faire approach didn’t hold up, as Born read it, when Procter & Gamble sued Bankers Trust over fraudulent derivatives trading.

    But even this exposure didn’t lead to new regulatory legislation. As The Warning has it, Born’s refusal to drink the free-market kool-aid resulted in a series of difficulties for her and her office, not least being some hostile congressional hearings during the summer of 1998. Born recalls now, the Working Group and other financial players in the administration “were totally opposed to [the CFTC report]. That puzzled me. Why did it have to be a completely dark market? So it made me very suspicious and troubled.” As the New York Times’ Tim O’Brien describes the ordeal, she was “stepping into the maw of the most well oiled and highly financed lobby in the history of Washington, DC, the financial lobby.” That these dark markets have not been made completely transparent and that this lobby is currently resisting efforts to regulate Wall Street now

    Allan Greenspan said he didn't believe in policing fraud,
    the market would take care of it.

    Greenspan lead the way for the scam of all time, toxic subprime paper.

    Derivatives had just come on the scene and I as
    a stock broker couldn't understand them.
    I even had a series 13 license for commodities
    and futures.

    The Federal Reserve , and Rubben and Somers
    were of the thought there should be separation of
    economy and state, no regulation.

    Derivatives are not regulated,
    they operate from within a black box.
    And one bank fraudulently took Procter and Gamble
    to the cleaners to the tune of several millions.

    As a broker at this time I refused to sell any
    investment that contained any Derivatives.
    At the time I was an avid reader of prospectii.

    Even as a broker I recognized a pig in a poke.
    With Derivatives one had NO idea what they were buying
    or what the risk was.

    Brooksley Born said her investigation was trying to protect the American public.
    By investigating the derivative market.

    And hedge funds were leaders in using Derivatives.
    USA had an unregulated hedge fund selling unregulated
    investments. Black boxes that produced huge returns,

    LTCM debacle was the foreshadow of what the
    criminal banks would do in the future on a really huge

    And Greenspan didn't want it regulated.
    He said it was important not to regulate this.
    Congress declared a regulatory freeze on the only
    agency trying to investigate the fraud.

    Greenspan let the Banks run wild, virtual no
    regulation , no transparency.

    The economic leader of the worlds greatest super power
    reduced regulation, blocked regulation and let the banks
    run wild, Allen Greenspan.

    Rubben and Somers now Obamas advisers,
    Had fought hammer and thong to avoid regulation
    of banks, and banks still have no more regulation
    now than before the toxic paper debacle.

    Obama is getting advice from those that lead
    the no regulation idiocy that lead to a melt down
    of the worlds economys.

    And the Banking lobbyists still control congress.

    And the criminal banks still run FREE.
    Capitalism without regulation is a breeding
    ground for criminals.

    Series 7 & 13


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Mehsud tribes; PEACEFUL ?

    Bet you thought Paki's were going after the Taliban?

    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani
    General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani clarified on Monday that the objective of the operation in South Waziristan is not to target peace and country loving people of Mehsud tribes, instead the aim is to eliminate Uzbek, local and foreign terrorists.

    In a message addressed to Mehsud tribes, the COAS said he admits that the tribes in question including the Mehsud tribes are loyal to Pakistan. “The tribes have always served as Pakistani troops without remuneration,” he added.

    He said the objective of the military operation in South Waziristan is to pull the Mehsud tribes from the clutches of terrorists elements and provide an opportunity to the Mehsud tribes to live in their area in peace.

    A surge of terrorist attacks in the country has led Pakistan to begin military operations in the South Waziristan, a place increasingly identified as a launchpad for the terrorists attacks throughout the country.

    However, concerns remain whether Pakistan Army is ready for another major operation code named Rah-e-Nijat after a successful operation in the Swat valley (Rah-e-Rast) only a few months ago.

    From Paki forum...


    Aren't the Mehsud tribes central to the Terrorist?

    Mehsud, I've heard that name some were before.


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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Al Qaeda in Germany

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    Bin Laden, paradigm intel and psy profile

    Al Qaeda is Bin Ladens Psychopathology.

    Bin Laden, paradigm intel and psy profile
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Research by Bartender team.

    Bin Laden spent the 1980s fighting a secular government (which was backed by Soviet troops) in Afghanistan. Then he returned to Saudi Arabia where:
    "After Iraq's invasion of Kuwait he lobbied the Saudi royal family to organize civil defense in the kingdom and to raise a force from among the Afghan war veterans to fight Iraq." ('Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,' 23 September 2001 Sunday, Two Star Edition, pg. A-12, "How a Holy War against the Soviets turned on US" by Ahmed Rashid)
    In any event, it was clear bin Laden was not upset by the notion of fighting Iraq. Why then, according to the official story, did the Gulf War so upset him?

    The official answer is, because it involved a Saudi-U.S. alliance, which he felt desecrated Saudi Arabia.
    Because (according to the official story) the war brought tens of thousands of U.S. troops into Saudi Arabian bases and this massive infidel invasion desecrated Saudi Arabia's sacred soil. Horrified, he broke with the Saudi Arabian 'royal family' and the U.S."

    FACT #1)

    "The sacred soil that the U.S. infidel soldiers supposedly desecrated was located in a series of top secret facilities built during the 1980s by the U.S. military at a cost (mostly to Saudi Arabia!) of - are you ready? - over 200 BILLION dollars. This was the largest U.S. military construction project ever attempted outside the continental USA. As a Public Television program reported in 1993:"
    "Scott Armstrong: A $200 billion program that's basically put together and nobody's paying attention to it. It's-- it's the ultimate government off the books...

    "Scott Armstrong: The Saudis have been the principal backers and financers of the largest armaments system that the world has ever seen, in any region of the world, that includes over $95 billion worth of weapons that they bought themselves, includes another $65 billion worth of military infrastructure and ports that they've put in. We've managed to create an interlocking system that has one master control base, five sub-control bases, any one of which is capable of operating the whole thing, that are in hardened bunkers, that are hard-wired, that is to say, against nuclear blast or anything else. They created nine major ports that weren't there before, dozens of airfields all over the kingdom. They have now hundreds of modern American fighter planes and the capability of adding hundreds more. The Saudis alone have spent $156 billion that I can document line by line, item by item, on weapons system and infrastructure to support this." (FRONTLINE Show #1112 Air Date: February 16, 1993 "The Arming of Saudi Arabia". Scott Armstrong is a top investigative reporter for the 'Washington Post']
    (For official PBS WebPage for the show, click
    here; for the transcript, click here)
    The contracts for building those bases, ports, and airfields went in part to Saudi construction companies. Osama's family company, Saudi Binladin Group (the name is spelled differently but it's the same family) is intimate with the Saudi royal family; moreover it is the biggest Saudi construction company (and also a giant in the telecommunications field).
    Saudi Binladin Group got a nice chunk of that $200 billion. And while the bin Ladens were building those U.S. bases, who did Osama think was going to be using them?

    Parts excerpted form undisclosed document.G

    FACT #2)

    Iraq invades Saudi Arabia.
    America defends Saudi Arabia, where Mecca is.
    The Persian Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991), known also as the Gulf War, the First Gulf War[12][13], or often as the Second Gulf War [14][15] and by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as The Mother of all Battles,[16] or commonly as Desert Storm.

    On January 29, 1990 Iraq attacked and occupied the lightly defended Saudi city of Khafji with tanks and infantry. However, the Battle of Khafji ended when Iraqis were driven back by Saudi and Qatari forces supported by the United States Marine Corps with close air support over the following two days. Casualties were heavy on both sides. U.S. forces lost 25 dead. Eleven were killed in two separate friendly fire incidents, and an additional 14 U.S. airmen were killed when an American AC-130 gunship was shot down by an Iraqi SAM missile. Saudi and Qatari forces lost 18 dead. Two American soldiers were captured during the battle. Iraqi forces in Khafji lost 60–300 dead and 400 captured. Khafji was a strategic city immediately after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. The Iraqi reluctance to commit several armoured divisions to the occupation and subsequent use of Khafji as a launching pad into the initially lightly defended east of Saudi Arabia is considered by many academics as a grave strategic error. Not only would Iraq have secured a majority of Middle Eastern oil supplies, it would have found itself better able to threaten the subsequent U.S. deployment along superior defensive lines.

    USA lost 25 troopers in this battle, defending Saudi Arabia, where Mecca is.

    FACT 3)

    In Desert Storm, The great majority of the military forces in the coalition were from the United States, with Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and Egypt as leading contributors, in that order. Around US$40 billion of the approximately US$60 billion cost was paid by Saudi Arabia.


    Bin Laden and Co. had built the $200 billion dollar Military bases
    he knew of USA use in case of emergency.
    The bases certainly were not for Saudi troops.
    They were not a surprise to Binny.

    Binny was objecting to USA using the Saudi
    Military bases, Bin Laden built for just such
    an emergency.

    Iraq eventually attacked Saudi Arabia.
    USA defended Saudi Arabia ( and in effect Mecca. )
    from attack by Iraq.

    And Bin Laden was willing to attack Iraq, asked
    to do so.

    So what is the real reason for Bin Laden turning
    on Saudi and USA?

    It certainly wasn't the USA presence in Saudi Arabia.
    He knew about it way in advance, made money of
    building the bases.

    What would drive this hate moement towards Saudi
    and America?

    Maybe the $60 BILLION USA got that he thought
    should have gone to him?

    Or is it Ego?

    Al Qaeda paradigm failure, strategically and tactically.

    Bin Ladens ultimate trigger was refusal of his heroes,
    the Saudi royal family, to see him Bin Laden as the
    Savior of Islam.

    Their refusal to let him, a Muslim the defeater of
    a super power, Russia in Afghan, to defend Islam's holiest
    Iraq was on the border and SA knew they alone couldn't
    stop an all out Iraqi offensive.
    And under Americas wisdom Iraq installed a Shia
    Government, which may eventually align with
    The Shia government in Iran seeking a nuke.

    The victory against Russia gave Binny delusions
    of power. He told the Saudi's he could defeat Iraq
    on faith alone, so deep was his delusional state.

    In Afghan the money and tools, shoulder fired missiles
    just appeared, Binny had no idea of their origin,
    the USA. They probably knew they were American made
    but I doubt the ISI told him they were donated along with
    a Billion dollars and were from America support.

    He thought Allah just provided them, because he
    Binny was so loved by Allah., they did just appear
    as needed. Divine intervention to support Binny.
    And he was sure Allah would back him again
    in what was to be his greatest victory.
    His battle to protect Mecca, and the other holy
    places in Saudi Arabia.
    Allah had provided the shoulder fired missiles and
    would provide again what he needed to defeat Iraq.
    ( America is not Allah. )

    When he, Bin Laden ( whom binny thought was the
    greatest lion of Islam ever ) was refused the honor
    of defending Mecca, and the Americans were chosen
    something just snapped in Binny's mind and personality.

    When it looked like America was going to defeat
    Iraq in days, he was furious.
    He was sure Allah would allow the defeat of the
    Americans so he, Binny could come to Mecca's

    When that didn't happen he started a insurgency
    in Iraq against the Americans, Binny joined the
    attackers of Mecca, to attack the protectors
    of Mecca, the Americans.

    And this was the start of global war on America,
    and the West.

    His dream was to be bigger than his father.
    MultiBillionaire, Sheik of a caliphate.
    General of a huge honorable Islamic army.
    He failed on all accounts.

    His vengeful movement kills women
    children, bombs market places, Mosques
    Suicide bombers and killing more Moslems
    than Kiefer.

    Associated with drug sales and money,
    the Taliban, whom have no honor.

    Bin Laden Psy profile:

    Bin Laden's "psychological profile", 9.14.03 ( updated 9.12.08 )

    By Gerald;
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    O'samma Bin Laden's biggest weakness is his ego driven objectives. His primary motive is Ego aggrandizement of himself and promotion of his image. He has fed his ego desire by self- promotions from Construction company president to a General of the Mujeden fighting the Russians. The only way for him to obtain this recognition was to buy it. He bought his way into the war with the Russians. He bought his way into the Afghan government. He bought his way into religion by paying Mullahs. And continues to buy his way into his terrorism war The CIA fed this personality cult early in his war efforts in Afghanistan with praise, money, materials and secret war medals. This may have fed his Napoleon/Mohammad complex. ( “unprincipled narcissist” syndrome,) This composite character complex combines the narcissist’s arrogant sense of self-worth, exploitative indifference to the welfare of others, and grandiose expectation of special recognition with the antisocial personality’s self-aggrandizement, deficient social conscience, and disregard for the rights of others.
    A major implication of the study is that bin Laden does not fit the profile of the highly conscientious, closed-minded religious fundamentalist, nor that of the religious martyr who combines these qualities with devout, self-sacrificing features; rather, it suggests that bin Laden is adept at exploiting Islamic fundamentalism in the service of his own ambition and personal dreams of glory. )

    As a young wealthy businessman, he and some of his family learned to bend and warp Islam ism and the Koran to support their coruption and over billing in order to support their corrupt business interests. Being number 17 son of 50 some children it was hard to stand out and be recognized. He picked up a habit for downer drugs in Dubai as a teenager. The downers kept him reserved and quite which was mis-interrupted as wisdom and humility instead of just being high.

    This desire to be noticed and recognized by his father has driven him to more and more extreme devises. After his father died he transferred this need to be recognized to his peer group. The first instance of this peer recognition and desire to stand out was achieved when he set up safe houses and a construction business in Afghanistan. The safe houses were for the "Freedom Fighters" who came to Afghanistan to fight Russians. With his financial support he was able to make himself a General in this war. The CIA taught him how to set up training camps and how to successfully perform Guerrilla and a new type of warfare against the Russians.

    Bin Ladens up bringing as a warped privileged wealthy Arab predisposes him to view the poor as ignorant servants to be manipulated by corrupting the Koran and buying mullahs. He has the education, training and money to brainwash the poor, uneducated, abused, and religious zealots with sex, drugs, money and by twisting Islamism to get them to perform suicide bombings. He has set up a "gang" mentality for these abused people. With Bin Laden they feel a false sense of family and belonging, a sense of fake empowerment, false as they will soon be dead and expect paradise and 72 virgins hence they give up all power to Bin Laden. While he mouths and promotes them as martyrs he privately views them as fools, ignorant, expendable cannon fodder to promote his cult of personality. Bin Laden further derives pleasure from his ability to remotely manipulate these abused into suicide with just his personality cult. He protects his family and councils his sons against martyr operations contrary to his public stance on suicide for others.

    His cult of personality is to promote himself as another Mohammad type, he views himself as a prophet.. He has replaced wealth, money and creature comforts with ego driven obsession for recognition. The worse his physical conditions the stronger his ego fulfillment derived from guilt relief and recognition for his sacrifices. These small sacrifices enable him to rationalize killing women, children and bombing marlket places and Mosques. He will and has turned on any and all who deny him this recognition, family even his own home state and especially America. He will turn against Islamism if it denies him. Al Jezzera plays into his obsession with extensive TV and press coverage.

    He will support any action that furthers this "Mohammad personality disorder" obsession. The trigger for the attacks on the USA started when Saddam invaded Kuwait. This was Bin Laden's big chance to fulfill his "Mohammad Complex" and be the savior of the Arab world. He had offered his services to drive Saddam out and feed his ego complex and receive the recognition he wanted as the one who saved Saudi Arabia. He was rebuffed and America defended Saudi Arabia and drove Saddam out. Because America interfered with his recognition and interrupted his delusions of his "Mohammad Complex" America became his enemy and target of his terrorist attacks.

    Exposure of his true feelings about these so called martyrs, his bribing mullahs and close association with the CIA and extensive use of the CIA methods would have extensive impact on his ability to recruit "martyrs. The more his "Mohammad complex" and personality cult is exposed the less control he will have over these terrorist, and the less likely they will be to commit suicide to promote his personality cult.

    He will identify Iraq as a target of opportunity, with US targets and near by his home base. We should use this situation as a chance to attract terrorists away from American shores and into traps and ambushes with false "soft targets" or using cutouts and illegals.

    Bin Ladens, "Mohammad Complex", must be recognized as a mental illness in the Arab world, and then Arabs can distance him from religion and the Koran. This will turn him against the clerics and mullahs. This allows them to openly expose his "terrorism" as a mental illness, and his followers recognized as mental and religious deficiency. History teaches us that terrorism is a poor tool for social change, O'Sama's delusional front, al Qaeda, is for his cult of personality and his "Mohammad Complex".,

    The al Qaeda movement is motivated by Bin Laden's ego gratification.
    al Qaeda's goal is Bin Laden's personality cult development and fulfillment of his delusional Mohammad Complex.

    To which ends he bastardizes Islam.
    Al Qaeda is Bin Ladens Psychopathology.


      To Muslim spies,
      the true mujahedeen



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