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    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

    What will Iran do if they get a Nuke.

    What will Iran do if they get a Nuke.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Right now they ship IEDs to Iraq and Afgah and Paki.
    To be used against US Troops.

    They ship Rockets to Israels neighbors
    Which are fired Into Israel.

    They gave Syria nuclear plans.

    They have sanctions many of them applied
    to them for 3 or 4 years.

    They are killing their own civilians.

    The 13th Imam movement, of which
    Abberjonny is a member, wouldn't view
    using a nuke in a state suicide mission
    a bad thing. It might bring on the 13th

    They are exporting extremism to
    S. America.

    The regime is corrupt, they fabricated an election.

    They have threatened US and Israel.

    They are the biggest sponsor of State
    terrorism in the World.

    They are guilty of all the above.

    Does ANYONE think they will get nicer
    after they test a nuke?

    What are they going to do after they test
    a nuke?

    Paradigm Intel suggest

    Threaten everyone.
    Crack down on the Iranian civilians.
    Mass murder.

    Start building Nuke bombs.

    Work on smuggling a nuke
    near Israels border, and
    into or near Saudi Arabia.
    Seize some neighbors land.

    Send Iraq a bill for the Iraq/Iran
    war and threaten war if not paid.

    Black Mail most countries in the
    Middle East.

    Confront USA on many issues
    to establish their "CRED" in
    the Neighboorhood.

    Many demands for various memberships.

    Bully countries into trade partners.
    Concessions from OPEC.

    Numerous small border wars.
    Export the Nuclear bomb tech.

    Threaten to make nuke available
    to al Qaeda or Taliban.

    Huge recruiting drive for troops
    and terrorists.

    Forcing Sunni into a subservient
    position economically and Military.

    Promoting Shia into the dominant Islamic

    Overtly promoting and supporting terrorism
    in Afghan and Pakistan to al Qaeda and the

    Lighting crush force strike before Iran tests
    a Nuke , seems the only workable option vs
    a nuclear Iran

    Do you want it to hurt a little now
    or ALOT later?





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