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    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Zawahiri pissed,and impotent.

    Zawahiri Interview, "The Facts of Jihad and the Lies of the Hypocrites". Zawahiri admits they are Hypocrites...

    What does he think of the Drones?
    " like a wolf whose teeth are engrossed in your flesh, his claws are scratching your face, and both are dripping with your blood."

    Big developements:

    regarding reports that Baitullah survived, his driver was just buried in Mardan, NWFP. There is absolute fratricidal chaos in the Taliban right now, watch for lots of revenge killings from now gandalftb.

    Jeeze it feels like party time.

    Drones looking for the next meeting to select the new head of Taliban.


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