Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Hillary Clinton in denial about Iran.

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    Sunday, August 09, 2009

    Hillary Clinton in denial about Iran.

    Sect. of State Hillary Clinton in denial about Iran.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    On CNN's news program GPS.

    She stated that if Iran thinks with a nuke they will gain influence
    or pressure other Middle Eastern countrys that Iran
    is mistaken.

    The N. Korean paradigm shows that is exactly what will happens
    if Iran gets a nuke. Iran will make N. Korea look like a boyscout.

    Obama has been offering Iran a carrot,

    What's next if Iran misses US September deadline?

    Iran has missed every dead line, there is NO expectation
    they will meet the September dead line.

    Iran considers it a cost of joining the Nuclear club.
    And sanctions have not worked against N. Korea.
    Which is in a much worse economic condition than

    NO movement towards the "Lighting Crush" force.

    Some US Generals have warned about consequences
    of a strike on Iran's Nuke stock piles.
    The Generals need to examine the alternative of
    allowing a nuclear armed Iran,

    They will be facing the same Military options.
    Question is does the US Military want to face
    a Nuclear or NON Nuclear Iran.

    Clock is ticking.




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