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    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    Iran's confused Paradigm: ATTACK

    Iran's confused Paradigm:

    Iran has been on a roll since the start of the revolution.
    In many respects they are like a juvenile delinquent.

    The New Iran is very young,
    And inexperienced as a nation regime.
    They are still feeling their way, and have been
    very successful so far.

    Over threw the Sha.

    They took US embassy hostage for 444 days
    without any real consequences. And befuddled Jimmy Carter.

    The got a small spanking for Iraq during their
    war but managed to hold their own.

    Extended their influence into Afghan and
    Pakistan, supplying state of the art IED'.s
    to the Taliban.

    And become a major player in Lebanon.

    They have threatened the State of Israel,
    insulted American Presidents.

    And have supported non state terrorist
    And sponsored Terrorism acts.

    Got away with a faked election,
    and killed its own people for protesting
    and calling them on it.
    Even appointed known terrorist to state

    Broken the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty
    three times.

    And continue to work toward a nuke weapon of their own.

    One part of the Iranian Psyche rejoices in its
    victorys, another part of their Psyche is very

    Just like a juvenile delinquent, who
    has never had to face any conquenses
    for their actions.

    They don't know their limits,
    they don't know they even have limits.
    In their experience the USA is a paper
    tiger they have successfully manipulated
    and controlled.

    But they know the Cops are out there.
    And Iran has NO idea what will trigger
    the Cops into real action.
    This scares them, they saw Iraq,
    they saw Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    And how the Cops handled them.

    They are full of bravado and bluster,
    as they have never really fought the Cops.

    They even think maybe they could take the Cops
    in an outright fight.

    This part of their paradigm scares them.
    They have gotten away with everything so far.
    And see no reason not to keep pushing the limits.
    They have been very, very successful so far on every

    Part of their paradigm knows they could get their
    heads handed to them, if they screw up real bad.
    But they have NO idea what those limits are.
    Or where the limits are, so far every time they
    pushed they won.

    Iran will be less of a threat, and much happier when
    they learn these limits.

    Right now they are operating in unknown areas,
    no limits.

    Once they experience these limits they will be much
    eaiser to deal with, and will actually be much happier
    knowing exactly where the limits are.

    Their self confidence will increase and a decrease in
    false bravado, and dangerous adventurism, testing limits.

    Right now there is a part of their paradigm that says
    "Iran can get away with wiping out Israel."

    After an attack on Iran the initial reaction will be
    problematic for troops in Afpak.

    But that is temporary, as Iran gets its nose

    They don't understand USA's stance towards Iran,
    They don't understand why they have gotten away
    with so much. They want to know where those limits are.
    And will universally understand a Military response,
    and when they see how effective it is will accept
    it as part of their Paradigm.

    Will they start out and all out WAR against the
    West? Not when the experience the consequences.

    Will the continue to work towards a NUKE?
    yes, but they will be negotiating.

    And eaiser to work with, knowing the boundaries.

    After an attack their confidence will increase from knowing
    what their actual power is and where the real limits are.
    And will negotiate. Less bravado and less dangerous
    adventurism, testing unknown limits.

    Much like two men who have fought each other,
    then have some mutual respect.
    If you've been in a knock down drag them out
    fight you understand what I mean.

    Cops will readily comprehend this.





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