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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Iran to export nukes

    Iran to export Nukes to Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon or
    After Iran stockpiles a dozen nukes or so, who will they
    sell their nuclear surplus to? Non state actors?

    Suicide nuke truck-bombs, maybe a growing industry
    in Iran.

    First sale in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014?

    What would Iran charge?
    $250, 000,000 per nuke?

    When oil prices drop they could have
    a nuke sale.

    And all the Sunni neighbors will want one too.

    Israel's new anti-nuke missiles work well
    against trucks and trawlers or bombs in



    Khamenei: Iran’s Enemies Unlikely To Engage In Military Confrontation With It

    Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said yesterday that enemies were trying to undermine the country's significant progress in various fields. The remark came in a meeting with the Assembly of Experts chairman and members. Highlighting the points of strength of the Islamic Republic in various fields, Ayatollah Khamenei said the enemies are now masterminding a very complicated plot to target the country's unity, which requires vigilance by all intellectuals. He added that it was very unlikely that the enemies would engage in a military confrontation with Iran at this stage.

    IRGC Cmdr: Enemies Incapable Of Attacking Iran

    A senior IRGC commander has said that the courage shown by the Iranian nation in different arenas, including in the Iran-Iraq war, has discouraged enemies from staging a new attack on the country. The commander of the IRGC's Aba-Abdellah brigade, Ali Ostan-Hossein, said: "The Iranian youths stood against all Eastern and Western superpowers, by relying on the power of their faith, and did not allow the breakaway of even one span of Iran's soil, and discouraged enemies from staging a new attack on the country."

    Iranian Military Expert: Israel Won't Withstand Our Attack
    Iranian military expert Amir Mousavi has told the Iran Diplomacy website that the U.S.'s missile defense system, with its ability to intercept 20 to 30 missiles simultaneously, could not protect Israel from the quantity of missiles that Iran will launch against it, and that Israel could not withstand an attack by an Iran armed with a sophisticated weapons defense system and missiles like the Sejil 2.

    Saudi Sources: Seven Al-Qaeda Operatives In Iran
    The Saudi daily 'Ukaz has published the names and photos of six Al-Qaeda operatives, whom Saudi security sources say are in Iran. The six are on the Saudi Interior Ministry's list of 85 wanted men.




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