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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Ops and Intel update 09.27.09, cyber forces

    Ops and Intel update 09.27.09

    Cyber Forces:
    New cyber forces operating on Net.

    Several months ago our BSU's spotted
    Saudi Arabia running operations,
    and more recently India has started operations.

    Saudi cyber forces are very good and
    India's troops are just starting the learning
    curve, but they are very thorough.

    US cyber forces are the best, once in a while
    we see their shadows so to speak, but THEY
    are very hard to vector.

    China's cyber troops are legendary but
    very noisy on the net.

    Russia is much harder because of the mix
    of Russian Troops and the left overs of the
    RBN, which are also very hard to triangulate.

    Spain's forces have been around for over a year,
    And Germany's are sloppy, Englands MI6
    cyber troops Are very sharp, but get lazy
    some times.

    Japan is mostly OSINT, and al Qaeda or
    maybe the Taliban's cyber troops are active.
    Functioning out of Pakistan and few in

    Egypt's are very good, and have been around for
    over a year also.

    The Israelis are all over the place, and combine
    civilian and Military, they are very very good in
    the mole arena.

    Italy is active but narrow focus.
    Indonesia is active as is Greece.

    Iran is active also big uptick after
    the faked election, Troops are
    amateurish, lot of new civilians
    and get their asses kicked
    often and offenses are easily penetrated.
    But some good techs,

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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