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    Saturday, September 26, 2009

    Intelligence agencys, Genius work

    USA Intelligence agencys are doing an exemplary job.
    Genius level work, our paradigm Intel about their work
    remains classified.

    The sharing of Intelligence remains problematic in
    some areas, but they have worked out a work around.
    And it seems to be working very well.

    The new paradigms are remarkable, robust and ingenious.

    The level of their efficiency and scope of operation are
    at an all time high. Never before have so many worked
    so hard and in complete secrecy so successfully.

    This genius work is illustrated by the recent interception
    of some of the most difficult to track indigenous terrorist.
    The American from Afghan completely emersed in the
    American culture and the all American self actualizing
    terrorist bomber. The people filters are Very good.

    We continue to delete our classified paradigm Intel to NSA
    STANDARDS, 7 passes. And ops are isolated so I am
    the only one that sees the completed intel report.

    It will be interesting to see how long these ops and capabilities
    remain secret. The inherent power of their work is very seductive.
    Even Obama has become addicted to the sweet flow of secret

    The secret Iranian nuclear production facility is a good example.
    USA has known about it for years and yet there has been no leaks.

    No doubt America is safer now than ever before in US history,
    but neither has USA ever had this level of loss of privacy occasioned by
    the al Qaeda.

    The one thing al Qaeda has accomplished is the loss of privacy
    world wide.
    Somebody once said that what you gain in security you loose in
    freedom. And that has never been clearer.

    While I don't fear the US Intelligency agencys I do fear this technology
    getting loose in the corporate and criminal sectors.

    Eventually these skills will be turned over to law enforcement,
    and the book "1984" will look like kindergarten authority.

    This possibility occasioned the activation of plans to
    survive a nuclear attack on USA.

    as a possibility, which was responsible for the
    draconian measures in the GWOT.

    Presidents intuitively don't trust the Intelligence Agencys,
    remember Kennedy and the Bay of pigs.

    But as their accuracy and effectiveness illuminated the
    Foreign political landscape and proved to be accurate the current
    paradigm has allowed Obama to break loose and take
    some good gambles, and initiatives.

    The amazing part is the expediency and speed of
    these developments. Many have been developed
    over just the past few years.

    Their capabilities are truly amazing, and will make
    a block buster movie some day.

    America will be both proud and scared when the full
    story is released.

    But I remind you Bin Laden has sent the most difficult
    operatives to spot and the intelligence agencys and the
    FBI have successfully met the challenge every step of the way.

    The connections to the civilian sector remain archaic
    and ad hoc at best, but the advances have been genius
    and remarkable.

    The American culture is slowest to advance in closed
    cells but even American Intelligence agencys can't hold
    back the most powerful force the planet has ever encountered.
    The American Culture, even with all its warts.

    Long term the terrorists are doomed by a faulty paradigm.
    The American cultural paradigm can't be stopped.
    Every human yearns for degrees of freedom,
    that will defeat the terrorist now and in the future long term.
    Your can't beat human nature.
    All human hearts yearn for the same things.

    American extengcy plans for dealing with the terrorist are working.
    If the Americans don't loose heart the terrorist are doomed.

    The American Military have turned the corner, a major shift
    in their paradigm, they are working on the keys to stop
    an enemy without killing them.

    The death rate among the Taliban could be much higher
    if the US Military so desired, they are trying other options.
    That alone should scare the hell out of the terrorist when
    they realize the paradigm shift. .
    This paradigm shift indicates an expontential shift
    in the power of the US Military.

    Russia and China have both shifted to the profit
    motive, and capitalism. Currently they just
    want the American Military occupied
    with something, Iran and Afpak.
    Kind of keeping one hand of the
    American Military behind it's back.
    But it's backfiring, by not backing
    the USA on Iran and Afpak they are
    forcing the American Military to hone
    a super edge on its capabilities.
    No army in the world has more sucessfull
    experience with counter terrorism and
    counter insurgency than America.
    And that puts the American forces
    in the most battle experienced and
    effective forces category in the world.
    All other military forces taking a back
    seat. Thank you Russia and China.

    A major tenant of capitalism is you don't kill
    your workers or buyers. And that forces Russia
    and China into a non-war mode of politics.

    The age of war between major world powers is
    gone. The age of small geo political policing actions
    is here.

    USA continues to master the NEW art of war.
    In the future one may just cut an enemy off from the
    internet and shut it down in the enemy's country.
    That remains an option for attack on Iran.
    Shut off its banks, business, and all communication.

    The world has not seen a real cyber war yet,
    it will be a thing of beauty, over whelming force
    and the economic and cultural crash of a country.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst


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