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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    You gotta love them Ruskies.

    You gotta love them Ruskies.

    My heritage is Russian 4 generations removed. has a story about the Russian
    Doomsday Machine.

    The Ruskies can't afford to compete
    or maintain their nukes, so they have
    an alternative.

    They have a secret Doomsday machine
    and its still working.

    Some details here:

    We have studied the hypothesis and run it through
    our Paradigm engine.

    #1) Nada, just propaganda to try
    and ward off a Nuclear attack.
    Their paradigm runs into trouble
    when Iran "looses" a nuke to the
    terrorist and they do a nuclear
    sucide bombing from a horse
    drawn wagon in Russia.

    #2) They have one.
    The Russians have converted all the
    launch buttons into remote controled
    nuclear explosions in the silos and on the

    If there is an attack against Russia
    they don't expect any of their counter
    strike nukes to get thru so they
    just set all of them off where they sit.
    After all the launch button won't be pushed
    unless there is a nuke attack,
    and the resulting nuclear, radio active
    cloud would be blown around the world.

    And by secretly converting the launch
    buttons they won't have a problem with
    the launch crews pushing the button.

    On the other hand.IRAN.
    On the other hand Iran is working towards
    a Doomsday Machine with a first strike
    motive in mind, it would bring on the
    13th Iman, and the conversion of the
    world to Shia-ism.( or so Abberjonny thinks G )

    And even the Iranian opposition ( PMOI ) is
    so worried about a USA attack on
    Iran's nuke that they have stoped
    feeding me Intelligence.

    Iran knows they will be attacked
    just before they test a nuke.
    The world is against a Nuclear
    Regime in Iran.
    A new government may be a different

    At the first sign of a nuke test
    the Iranian Regime will be beheaded
    by surgical air strikes.

    Allowing the Green movement to
    step in with a more moderate





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