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    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    These are great times.

    These are great times.

    Terrorist web sites are fighting among themselves.

    Thats the beginning of the end,
    One would think they might launch an attack
    against the offending sites.

    All of the terrorist sites are penetrated.
    Even our moles are on them.

    Are back up, they were taken down
    around 911.

    We wrote about it the day before.

    They are back up, but useless.

    They have posted an letter of apology
    of sorts.

    The number of active terrorist sites
    are way down, and much eaiser
    to monitor.

    Security on all the terrorist sites
    is sloppy and fighting among themselves
    reflects how Islam is turning against them.

    They said that the al-ekhlaas sites/forums
    are run by Intelligence agencys.

    So the terrorist should avoid all terrorism

    al-ekhlaas has posted some propaganda
    on their site.

    Here is the Google translation.

    In the name of God the Merciful

    A letter from your brothers in the management of a network of Islamic devotion

    We have withdrawn last year, the Web site fidelity Islamic beloved to prevent the Crusaders from the entry and tampered with. According to the direct orders we have received has retrospect site on the anniversary of the attacks glorious

    But unfortunately because of poor cooperation between the Global Islamic Media Front and Fajr Media Center has resulted in an ugly slander against our beloved

    Remain without prejudice to the integrity of our site, and you invite us dogs who spies you have to ask yourself, and you're not inmates of prisons and how one of you can walk freely?

    Can not be guaranteed the honor of Dawn Center for Media and the Global Islamic Media Front, because they chose to act without reason and without direct approval by the leaders and opened a campaign against our beloved

    So make sure the honor and integrity of the Dawn Center for Media and the Global Islamic Media Front, the network of Islamic sincerity will be hidden again, but is willing to call for the brothers, urging them to expel the crusaders from our

    Do not forget us in your good prayers

    Your brothers in the management of a network of Islamic devotion


    The terrorists are becoming afraid of the net.

    All terrorist sites are dangerous for the terrorist.

    We are watching, waiting, and will act against them.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.




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