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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Walmart & Criminal Paradigm.

    Criminal Paradigm.AND WALMART

    Except for the Grace of God......

    WalMart lays off up to 30% of the
    most expensive employees, because
    of the economy.
    Lays off the ones with the most seniority
    Less seniority means lower pay, cheaper

    One of these cheaper less experienced
    employees sees
    kids at bath time, and notifies Police
    according to Corporate regs.

    Police get complaint from WalMart
    "pics of kids at bath time".

    The Police just collect evidence
    no expectation of any common sense.

    They just file report with Walmart as
    complaint, with photos.

    Prosecutor gets the results of the
    police child sexual abuse case
    with Walmart as complaint.

    And files charges, prosecutors has
    no obligation to apply any common
    sense, ie does this meet any test
    for child sexual abuse.

    The prosecutor will just let the jury
    sort it out.

    Child protective services gets notified
    and automatically take custody away
    from the Parents because of the charges.

    During the police investigation they
    call neighbors, friends of the family
    teachers etc, and tell the people
    the parents have been charged with
    Child sexual abuse because of photos
    Walmart turned in.

    After a month of bull shit, the case
    gets booted and kids are returned to
    the parents when a Judge actually looks
    at the evidence.

    And the family faces near terminal
    damage to the families reputation.

    Because all the way down the line
    NO ONE had any responsibility
    to actually look at the evidence,
    OR apply any common sense.

    In some instances the case isn't
    booted the prosecutor just files
    the most grievous charges possible.

    The victim,' parents', are faced with
    a crippling legal defense bill
    or pleading to a lesser charge.

    The choice is to face unimaginable
    grievous charges that could lead
    to years in prison and crippling
    legal charges,
    face a minor charge, not go bankrupt
    and permanent damage to their
    reputation even though the parents
    are innocent.

    Of course the prosecutor builds
    a good track record, ie they plead

    But the legal paradigm is not
    administrating justice but

    Even the Supreme Court has
    ruled that innocence is not
    a defense or grounds for appeal.

    Justice is like the Hilton Hotel
    anyone can stay there if they
    have the money.

    Of course if you are innocent
    one spends his every last cent
    proving ones innocent's.
    As 123 others did and ended
    up on death row, even though

    The option of Free defense council
    is a nicety of the legal system,
    Its part of the CYA paradigm
    to try and meet Constitutional
    standards that falls woefully

    Free defense council has
    resulted in 123 persons being
    released from death row
    when DNA evidence proved them
    innocent. The Government was
    going to KILL THEM.

    These people were Lucky
    someone eventually actually
    looked at the evidence and the
    Judge booted the case,
    he could have let it go to trial.

    I'd like to know what the
    dollar costs in Lawyer fees
    were to get to have a judge look
    at the evidence.
    And if the family had not had
    members in Law enforcement
    this might have gone to jury





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