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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    NYC serious bomb threat

    FBI breaks up serious bomb cell.

    Najibullah Zazi admitted receiving 'weapons and explosives' training from al-Qaeda: court documents Read more:

    Paradigm Intel points to a very serious threat.

    Intel says they were close to going operational.

    This guy was amateur, poorly planned and executed.
    And set it up in the back yard of one of the FBI's
    top anti terror guys, Garrett Gumbinner.

    FBI was able to spot one jpg on his computer
    among thousands,
    with bomb instructions, 9 pages.

    A remarkable feat.

    It wasn't a pdf or Doc . he was trying to hide it.
    He wrote it. It wasn't from the Internet.
    H e has had hands on training with bombs,
    these are his notes.

    And NY without access to the full intel picture
    jumped the gun.

    There has been noise about
    "the wedding cake is ready"
    I have not been able to confirm this.
    If its true it says they have not recovered the bomb,
    or materials, and that would pose a continued threat.

    But this is almost 2 weeks after 911, but three

    The Investigation is developing rapidly.
    Epic Fail, Binny and "Big Z" depressed.


    The joint FBI and Homeland Security intelligence warning, issued Monday, lists indicators that could tip off police to homemade hydrogen peroxide-based explosives, such as people with burn marks on their hands, face or arms; foul odors coming from a room or building; and large industrial fans or multiple window fans. The warning, obtained by The Associated Press, also said that these homemade explosive materials can be hidden in backpacks, suitcases or plastic containers.

    UPDATE: 9.24.09



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