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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Russia playing Iran against USA; DANGER

    Russia playing Iran against USA;


    Medvedev: Israeli officials promised they are not planning to attack Iran

    Of course Iran promised they are not building a Nuke.

    Russia continues to try and play Iran against the USA.
    And the law of unintended consequences will catch up
    with Russia.

    The terrorist Islamic movement in Russia is much
    more violent in Russia than the rest of the world.

    The attack on the school and killing of all the kids,
    and videos I've seen of executions of young
    Russian troops was much more brutal and violent
    than any thing I've seen to date.

    If Iran leaks a nuke to terrorist, Russia will
    suffer extreme consequences.

    Russia is playing Russian roulette with
    the lives of Millions of its citizens.
    The Russian population has already declined
    20% in the past 10 years and has one site
    of a Nuclear accident with thousands of
    dead. A portend of current Russian





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