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    Thursday, September 24, 2009

    big "Z's boy toys bottoms out.

    Wrecked ... the bombed room where terrorist blew himself up

    One of big "Z's boy toys bottoms out.

    A SUICIDE bomber tried to kill a Saudi prince by detonating TNT hidden up his BACKSIDE.

    Fanatic Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri, 23, blew himself up - but his intended victim escaped with minor injuries.

    Last night astonished experts admitted: "We've never heard of anything quite like this before." The target was the head of the security service in Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef.

    Extremist Al-Asiri, who was on a local "Most Wanted" list, tricked his way into a meeting with him by saying he was turning his back on terror.

    ( May have been a eror in translation, ie turning his backside to terror, G )


    al Qaeda took credit for the attack but paradigm Intel suggests

    a Taliban connection.

    bacha bazi, is the Taliban tradition of umm

    loving boys.


    As a practical matter the Taliban probably are riddled with pedophiles. About a month ago they came out with a manual of arms that prohibits young men without facial hair (beards) from sleeping in the same room as men with facial hair, because apparently the older ones can't seem to control themselves around the young boys.

    Basically that tells you that baby raping is such a problem that they have to deal with it at a policy level. They don't have policy on weapons, or on treating wounded.

    The Taliban are also experiencing an out break
    of Porn addiction via the Internet. Wasting up to 4
    hours a day on free porn sites.


    ''significant personality factors'' that can contribute to addiction:

    - Impulsive behavior, difficulty in delaying gratification, an antisocial personality and a disposition toward sensation seeking.

    - A high value on nonconformity combined with a weak commitment to the goals for achievement valued by the society.

    - A sense of social alienation and a general tolerance for deviance.

    - A sense of heightened stress.


    Taliban would fit all or most of this profile.

    It would seem this boy was groomed to accept this

    placement of the explosive probally by the Taliban.

    They have alot of experience in this area.





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