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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Iranian Intel kill 11 in Iraq

    Iran exerting undue influence on Iraq, 11 killed.
    Camp Ashraf; Iraq gives access to camp for
    Iranian Intelligence officers.G

    Bloodshed at Iranian camp tests US-Iraq transition

    BAGHDAD — The women formed a human chain while the men chanted, confronting Iraqi troops moving into their compound. Gunfire rang out, and the soldiers waded in with batons, wooden bats and automatic weapons.

    By the end, officials said, 11 Iranian exiles were dead — shot, beaten or run over by military vehicles.

    Throughout the confrontation, American soldiers who once protected the Iranian opposition group stood by. According to U.S officials, they had no legal authority to intervene. One video taken by the exiles even shows soldiers get into a white SUV and roll up their windows as the bloodied men plead for help.

    The deadly melee at Camp Ashraf, the base of the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, provides a glaring example of what can go wrong as the U.S. military scales back and the Shiite-led Iraqi government flexes its muscles.

    The U.S. military guarded the camp since the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 under an agreement that made its 3,400 residents "protected persons" under the Geneva Conventions. The military stopped observing the agreement after a new security accord with the Baghdad government took effect in January, U.S. Embassy spokesman Philip Frayne said.


    From our source close to PMOI.

    I am on Hunger strike....30th day sort of weak a little bit. I am trying to go along with those in the camp who are not only beaten and wounded but are also under siege still by Iraqi pro Iranian forces who are mixed with Badr.
    Some of those attacking the camp spoke FARSI ! to the women and threatened them with rape. They also pulled down trousers order to insult them or make them react but that did not they threatened they would attack and kill or take away the men and rape all of the women .

    The only reason why Khamenei is still focused on Ashraf is because he knows its strategic role in the uprising. Why do u think the so called green wave smothered down and why such ferocity at a camp which has been unarmed and under total control anyway?


    Camp Ashraf is home to many of PMOI,
    the Iranian resistance corps.




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