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    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    Paradigm Intel forecast: Iran Attack

    Paradigm Intel forecast:
    Iran Attack
    20,000 targets in 24 hrs.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The strike is triggered by Iranain plans to test a nuclear devise.

    The air above Iran will be swept of all Iranian air craft.
    Everything Iran sends up will be knocked down.
    As air dominance is established.

    All missile bases will malfunction.
    Or hit by a surprise attack.
    All missiles launched will be knocked down,
    less than 5% will get through.

    Any counter movement by Iran's Navy will result
    in most of the Iranian ships being sunk at the dock.

    Iranian Secret ops will walk into trap
    after Trap.
    Hezbollah rocket bases will be pre-targeted,
    and attacked simultaneously.

    Abberjonny will be killed in a surgical strike
    where he hides, but civilian
    deaths will be kept to a very small number.

    Any cross border attempts will be put down
    brutally. And attempts to move towards the straights
    will result in Iranian ships sunk en route.
    All subs targeted, and any movement towards
    a battle group they are sunk.

    There is a part of their paradigm, a small part,
    that thinks they are invincible, they don't think they
    can be 'VINCED'..

    The strike may last as long as 3 days, depending
    on damage assessments.

    If USA is involoved every tank in the country
    will be hit as retribution for exporting IEDs.
    When the attack starts Iran's armored divisions
    should leave the tanks and get as far a way
    as possible.

    A cyber attack will precede the air attack.
    The civilian population will be warned just
    before the attack to stay at home and inside.

    Iran's Military will be left intact if counter
    attacks are minimal, otherwise they
    will be hit just as in Iraq.

    The Iranian economy will also be left
    intact if there are no counter strikes.
    Other wise their oil production is at risk
    and economy will be shut down.

    The greenies will take advantage of the
    situation as they see fit.

    And their are a couple of surprises
    in store for the Regime.

    Syria will be under heavy surveilance
    and any reaction will be met with
    overwhelming force.

    And Qods overseas troops and operatives
    are captured, and shut down.

    Iran is forced to sit and wait as their nuke
    production is taken out.
    Or risk the loss of their total Military.

    Iran starts an Info war, claiming
    thousands of civilian dead, Combat
    videos show the truth.

    And Iran has learned already that
    they can't keep the truth off the net.

    Greenies flood youtube with action
    videos of surgical strikes.
    And call for the head of the FRAUD

    They try and hide the death of abberjonny,
    Attacking forces flood the news waves
    with live updates on attack progress.

    CNN covers it all for 3 days 24/3.

    The left cries about Brutallity and pushes
    propaganda in the news, quickly countered
    with actual combat videos showing the truth.

    The Right acts somber and waves the flag.

    Russia rattles it saber for public relations,
    And adds up the profits from rebuilding
    some nuke facilities.
    and China denounces the attack all the while
    providing good Intelligence.

    And the Sunni nations plea for peace,
    while sighing a breath of relief the nuke
    threat is gone for a while, and Iran

    N. Korea blusters and threatens nuke
    attack against everybody.
    And China slaps them again.

    Iran won't be exporting any nukes for
    at least 5 years NOW.



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