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    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    2030 american soldier is here

    The communications part of the 2030 American soldier is here.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Iphone.
    Current apps available:

    Desktop-class email. GPS-powered Google Maps. Text and multimedia messaging.

    With secure access to corporate networks, thousands of third-party business applications, and an enterprise developer program for in-house apps.

    Attend online meetings, exchange contact information.

    Integrate with enterprise IP telecommunications networks to manage and extend unified communications.

    Attend WebEx meetings, view shared content during meetings, and interact with other meeting attendees.

    Participate in online meetings, see real-time screen sharing, HD video and imagery, and documents in complete sync with other meeting participants — all while talking on the phone.

    Get access to Lotus Domino corporate email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Encryption and remote wipe capabilities ensure your corporate data is protected.

    Check device network conectivity on your LAN using ping, traceroute, and an included telnet console.

    Get a complete navigation system with voice directions, 2D and 3D map displays.

    Get the latest global news, events, and insights to keep you ahead of the curve. Exclusive video and podcasts enhance your experience further, giving you complete news coverage.

    Whether you’re hiking, biking, sailing, or skiing, MotionX GPS will map your route. Track your position anywhere in the world and record your time, distance, and speed. Snap a shot with your iPhone camera and post pictures along the way. For adventures worth sharing, download Trails and click to export your favorites so others can follow in your footsteps.

    Make videos, take pics, check finger print, and retina data bases, by phone.


    i-glasses PC/SVGA... A New Direction for Computer Monitors!

    Inside ViewThe i-glasses PC/SVGA™ Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor that connects to common PC sources and can be used in conjunction with ordinary prescription eyeglasses. Unlike bulky Virtual Reality Headsets, the i-glasses, weighing in at only seven ounces, are lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable.

    Outstanding Audio Visual Performance: The PC monitor glasses contain two LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, one in front of each eye, which enable the viewing of Flicker-Free VGA content on a virtual, Giant-Sized, theater screen, equal to a 70 inch monitor viewed from a distance of 13 feet, all in complete privacy. Crystal clear stereo audio is provided through the adjustable headphones built into the temples of the eyewear.


    Backed by a cyber squad.

    troops are WWW active connected to a squad of dedecitated cyber Masters by voice,video on either the helmet screen or retina, or even deep bone transmitter.

    One of the Cyber squad ID the local Taiban chiefs and his webmasters.

    He scans both the leaders PC and the PC and server for the webmaster, he calls up a phalanx

    of Bots on call should it be necessary to run a dos attack on any of the above mentioned targets.

    To shut off any outside communication on demand.

    He also taps all local cell and satellite traffic,

    Members monitor emails, IMS and cell traffic for any mentions of the local area.

    Which are transmitted in summary to the troop in the field.

    The field trooper questions a suspect, and finds a list of passwords

    and screen names, this data is fed directly into a Bot Surveillance Unit,

    And URLs are texted back to the cyber Trooper as the Bots locate forums

    and blogs world wide that accept any of the passwords and screen names.

    The cyber trooper reviews and searches each url for posts from the suspect

    in the field, And a cyber trooper whispers into the Field troopers ear

    what this "suspect" most recent post on the Terrorist forum says, while

    the field trooper is staring into the suspects eyes.

    Another cyber trooper searches the "suspects cell phone" remotely

    when the field trooper calls the cyber squad on the suspects phone.

    They project a list of the names in the cell phone call list

    cross referenced to known terrorist in the local area on to the Fields troopers retina.

    And then over lay a map with the Field Troopers locations and the physical locations of all the

    cell phone numbers in the Suspects cell phone.

    There is also a cyber heavy weapons squad on call for

    any attacks on the field troopers www connections or his helmet PC.

    They monitor all traffic into and out of the helmet PC and track it

    to its destination and ID owner.

    A Cyber heavy weapons squad has enough punch to

    take down a Web node by themselves.

    And the capability to launch multiple Dos attacks

    on demand.

    Or penetrate and take down a PC or server that

    will take a week to fix,

    Another cyber trooper is monitoring 56 search engines

    all blogs, Terrorist forums and the news for any mention of the

    field troopers local or targets in his area.

    Only filtered data is fed to the Field trooper,

    Physical locations of cell phones of terrorists in

    his local, location of webmasters and his PC

    Or turning off the terrorist leaders cell phone

    at the start of the Field troopers assault on his


    And tie in to radio com monitoring to hear translated

    version of what is live on enemy's walkie talkies, or radios

    or cell phones.

    A world view of their front line and control of it.


    Over Watch for Cyber Troops

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    Iran Epic nuke fail?

    The seeming breakthrough in negotiations on Oct. 1 in Geneva -- where Iran agreed to send most of its estimated 1,500 kilograms of low-enriched uranium abroad for further enrichment -- may not have been exactly what it appeared.

    the trade publication Nucleonics Week, let me summarize an article that appeared in its Oct. 8 issue. It reported that Iran's supply of low-enriched uranium -- the potential feedstock for nuclear bombs -- appears to have certain "impurities" that "could cause centrifuges to fail" if the Iranians try to boost it to weapons grade.
    (How could this have happened?
    How did US find out about it?
    Missing Iranian Nuke Scientist.G)
    Iran fingers US over missing nuke scientist » Kuwait Times Website
    I think Iran got fingered...G

    The impurities, certain metallic fluoride compounds, would interfere with centrifuge enrichment" at Iran's facility at Natanz

    "That is because re-enrichment by Iran of the LEU processed at Natanz without decontamination could destroy centrifuges used for this purpose." The Nucleonics Week story explained that the French company Areva "has uranium conversion-related technology and equipment that could decontaminate Iran's LEU."



    Little abberjonny has night mares about molybdenum......

    We are looking for confirmation...

    The Japan Option

    Juan Cole argues that Iran isn't pursing a nuclear bomb, just nuclear latency:

    Those who insist that Iran is trying to get a bomb have a difficult time explaining why Khamenei forbids it as un-Islamic and why the president and others all deny it. It is possible that they are lying, but their denials at least have to be noted and analyzed. The skeptics also have to explain away why the 16 US intelligence agencies say after exhaustive espionage and investigation that there is no weapons program now and that there hasn't been one for some time.

    Before the Iraq fiasco, I would have dismissed this as naive hooey. I still suspect it is. But anyone not open to debate on the basic thesis has not learned from history. His hypothesis:

    Those who agree with the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as with the International Atomic Energy Agency, that there is no evidence for Iran having a nuclear weapons program have to explain Iran's insistence on closing the fuel cycle and being able to enrich uranium itself.

    The answer I propose, which explains all the anomalies elegantly and concisely, is that Iran is seeking nuclear latency. Latency is the possession of a nuclear energy program and of reactors, which would allow the production of an atomic bomb on short notice if an extreme danger to national autonomy reared its ugly head. Nuclear latency is sometimes called the 'Japan option,' because given its sophisticated scientific establishment and enormous economy, Japan could clearly produce a nuclear weapon on short notice if its government decided to mount a crash program.

    This is surely the smartest move Tehran can make. It doesn't cross the trip-wire of international sanctions; it bolsters national pride; yet it does act as an implicit guarantee if it is attacked. And it could then be used, if inspections are allowed, to highlight Israel's nuclear monopoly in the region, and engender wider support for Israel to live up to the NPT. Quite shrewd actually. But we need a through inspection regime and full engagement with the coup leaders to find out.



    From one of our sources inside the beltway.

    Their uranium is highly contaminated with molybdenum hexafluoride (MoF6). All the yelowcake they bought....was contaminated and no one else wanted it for the price.

    We stopped the Chinese from finishing the Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF), near Esfahan, that would have eventually filtered out the MoF6. The UCF was originally based on mixer-settlers for solvent extraction, not pulse columns. When the Chinese pulled out, the Iranians were left with pulse columns which are considered very crude and slow by Western standards and pulse columns take considerable expertise to run and keep running, which Iran does not have.

    MoF6 has nearly the same weight and size as uranium hexafluoride UF6 (weapons grade uranium). As their centrifuges spin at 80k+ rpm, the MoF6 gets into the cascade tubing and plugs it up. That imbalances the centrifuge and it tears itself apart before the lab techs can slow down the centrifuge.

    Centrifuges are so touchy that the oil residue from a wiped-off fingerprint will tear them apart.

    It does not matter that they have the 50,000 centifuges they are building, or that they know how to build a bomb. They have only gone from 3.5% purity to maybe 4.4% in a year, and they are stuck at that. They have to get to 90% for a bomb small enough for a rocket.( But at 20% or so they can get an atomic bomb, crude and big, but it would work in unconventional delivery system G.)

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Russia to enrich Irans Uranium 10.05.09

    There is also a political problem in Iran = hardliners (Ahmadinejad) vs. moderates (Rafsanjani). If Iran keeps the uranium, they will, verrrrry slowly, get weapons-grade uranium. The Mullahs know that the hardliners, led by the Revolutionary Guards, will contol the nukes and take over and radicalize the government and the entire Middle East. That whole Hidden Imam, Armageddon thing.

    The Mullahs are barely in control now and they know that actual nukes will cause an internal revolution in Iran.

    What about the talk of producing a plutonium based bomb instead?
    Bushehr could produce 30 plutonium nukes a year.... That is, if you change the fuel rods every four months before the Plutonium 240 (weapons-grade) can break down. Russia will not sell them new rods until the old ones are at least three years old, ruining them for weapons use.

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    Taliban more powerful, NOT

    Taliban more powerful, NOT
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank


    As we have posted in the past,
    as the Taiban and al Qaeda become more
    threatened their end game will become more

    This is not a demonstration of power
    but one of desperation.

    The supply of suicide bombers is limited.
    And they are using them up fast.

    The huge move against the Taliban by
    the Paki gov. has them scared.
    And they are making desperate attempts
    to stave off the attack in Warinstan.

    And hope to influence the American
    surge in Afghan.

    The Taliban, al Qaeda balloon is
    being squeezed from both ends,
    Afghan and Paki.

    And they are caught in the middle
    They are doing everything possible
    to stop the concerted surge against

    They are low on funds and expending
    resources faster than normal, this
    will catch up to them in the future.

    As a last ditch effort they are throwing
    everything they have against the effort.

    They so fear the Afghan surge they
    have pullen in their top bomber planer
    into Afghan, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid
    (a.k.a. "Shaykh Saeed")

    This is not a demonstration of power
    but one of a last ditch effort.


    The Taliban are working against the
    40,000 troop surge in Afghan.
    Thats a ringing recommendation
    for the surge..

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    Mustafa Abu al-Yazid

    Al-Qaida's Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (a.k.a. "Shaykh Saeed" Bio sources:


    Paradigm intel update:
    Shaykh Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, nicknamed Shaykh Saeed, the overall head of al-Qaida Organization in Afghanistan...

    He used to be the head of fund raising, but in view of al Qaeda
    having to beg for funds 4 times in the past year he has been demoted
    for poor performance.

    Demoted to head of Afghanistan.

    He has been very active in planing past bombings
    and attacks, so we expect more bombings in Afghan.


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    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Banks criminal control of regulators

    Paradigm Intel
    Banks criminal control of regulators
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Criminal Banks kept Ben Bernanke, current chairman of the Federal Reserve,
    behind the curve since 2005, his OSINT, and regulatory oversight on the economy seem to have missed the debacle at every point.

    NO laws have changed, banks can legally do it all over again.
    And Bernanke relied on the Criminal Banks for advice on the
    Banking bailout, $2.7 trillion dollars.

    The Feds even let the Banks carry two sets of books, legally.
    And violate basic accounting precepts, with FALSE balance sheets.
    A violation of SEC rules and regs, and the Banks continue their
    criminal control of regulators.


    See below, Hat Tip Jawa.

    Ben is in charge of consumer protection and allows the banks to fuction
    as loan sharks legally, Credit cards 30% vig
    and Payday loans 402% juice.
    This is consumer protection?
    Its clear who is in charge, and its not the Feds.
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    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Our surfers

    Terrorist Names SEARCH:

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Islam's Sloth

    Islam's Sloth and Bin Laden's Psychosis.
    By Gerald, Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    Al Qaeda paradigm failure, strategically and tactically.

    Bin Ladens ultimate trigger was refusal of his heroes,
    the Saudi royal family, to see him Bin Laden as the
    Savior of Islam.

    Their refusal to let him, a Muslim the defeater of
    a super power, Russia in Afghan, to defend Islam's holiest
    Iraq was on the border and SA knew they alone couldn't
    stop an all out Iraqi offensive.
    And under Americas wisdom Iraq installed a Shia
    Government, which may eventually align with
    The Shia government in Iran seeking a nuke.

    The victory against Russia gave Binny delusions
    of power. He told the Saudi's he could defeat Iraq
    on faith alone, so deep was his delusional state.

    In Afghan the money and tools, shoulder fired missiles
    just appeared, Binny had no idea of their origin,
    the USA. They probably knew they were American made
    but I doubt the ISI told him they were donated along with
    a Billion dollars and were from America support.

    He thought Allah just provided them, because he
    Binny was so loved by Allah., they did just appear
    as needed. Divine intervention to support Binny.
    And he was sure Allah would back him again
    in what was to be his greatest victory.
    His battle to protect Mecca, and the other holy
    places in Saudi Arabia.
    Allah had provided the shoulder fired missiles and
    would provide again what he needed to defeat Iraq.
    ( America is not Allah. )

    When he, Bin Laden ( whom binny thought was the
    greatest lion of Islam ever ) was refused the honor
    of defending Mecca, and the Americans were chosen
    something just snapped in Binny's mind and personality.

    When it looked like America was going to defeat
    Iraq in days, he was furious.
    He was sure Allah would allow the defeat of the
    Americans so he, Binny could come to Mecca's

    When that didn't happen he started a insurgency
    in Iraq against the Americans, Binny joined the
    attackers of Mecca, to attack the protectors
    of Mecca, the Americans.

    And this was the start of global war on America,
    and the West.

    Binny promoted other misleading propaganda
    and lies for the war against America, the
    defender of Mecca, and the country
    that stepped in and stopped the Genocide against
    Muslims in Bosnia, America.

    Islam did not join Binny in his psychotic adventure
    against America, Binny used America's biggest
    advantage against the American people.
    Their freedom, and infiltrated to perform a cowards
    sneak attack against American civilians on 911.

    Binny used the cover of religion to gain adherents for
    his movement, he needed less than 1% of the Muslim
    world to get enough weak minded soldiers to start an
    movement that kills women and children in market bomb
    attacks, bombs Mosques and kills Muslims, suicide bombings
    and continue the bastardization of Islam.

    Muslims appear as cowards, through
    inaction, sloth, they have allowed this
    terrorism by a delusional damaged
    mind to flourish.

    Islam continues to insult American people
    the protectors of Mecca, and Muslims from
    genocide, by not stopping this damaged
    mind to continue his reign of Tâghût .
    Which blackens Islam's reputation

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: MUSLIMS leaving Islam because of Binny.

    And Islam sits by while America carries
    on their fight.
    Islam in Iran now threatens Nuclear weapons
    ( Thomas P.M. Barnett )
    and again Islam sits by while America does
    Islam's work.

    Why does Islam display this cowardice in the
    face of al Qaeda?
    Where is Islam's support in hunting down
    Where are Islam's troops in Paki and Afghan.

    Islam's Sloth will be noted by Allah.
    ( Sloth: Sloth is defined as spiritual or emotional apathy, neglecting what God has spoken, and being physically and emotionally inactive. Acedia is a Latin word, from Greek ἁκηδείᾱ, meaning "Carelessness". Acedia is also deemed to lead to God's wrath.
    Sloth can also concern wasting due to lack of use or allowing entropy, expanding into almost any person, place, thing, skills, or intangible ideal that would require maintenance, refinement, or support to continue to exist )

    Allah said: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." 33:Al-Maeda .

    Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those among you who believe and work
    righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

    Islam will carry this shame of SLOTH through history.
    What does Mohamed say about Sloth?

    And Ibn Abi ad-Dunya reported that Allah revealed to Yusha’ bin Nun (Joshua): “I will destroy 40,000 of the best of your people and 60,000 of their worst.” He asked: “My Lord, I can understand the worst of them being destroyed. Why destroy the best of them?” He Said: “They didn’t become angry for My Anger, and they would give the worst ones food and drink.”

    Avoiding the Satanic ‘Intellect’

    This was a piece of advice from Hamad bin ‘Atiq an-Najdi to Muslims in general, written around two hundred years ago. It finds itself very relevant today.
    “…And it should be known that intellect (‘aql) is of three types:
    • Natural intellect
    • Faith-based intellect obtained from the Prophetic light
    • Satanic, hypocritical ‘intellect’
    And the possessors of this last type think they are something special, and this type of intellect is found among many people – most of them, in fact. 

    It is the essence of ruin and the fruit of hypocrisy, as its possessors think that intellect is to please everyone and to not go against their interests and desires, as well as to gain their friendship (at the expense of speaking the truth). They say that the best thing for you is to just be part of the people and don’t cause them to hate you.
    This is the corruption and ruin of the soul, and this is due to four things:

    The first is that the one who does this has gained the pleasure of people by angering Allah, and the people are more important in his eyes than Allah. Whoever gains the pleasure of people by angering Allah will end up with the anger of both the people and Allah. It was narrated that Allah Said: “When I am angered, My Curse reaches the seventh generation of descendants.”

    So, if the one who is able to enjoin the good and prevent the bad abandons doing so, he will bring about Allah’s Curse that will reach the seventh generation of his progeny, and this is proven by the verse: {“The disbelievers from the Children of Isra’il were cursed by the tongue of Dawud and ‘Isa bin Maryam. This is because they were rebellious and would transgress…”} [al-Ma'idah; 78]

    So, it is clear that this compromising person has ruined himself through what he thought would help him.
    Second, it is inevitable that Allah will open a door of humiliation and disgrace for the one who compromises from where he sought honor. And some of the Salaf said: “Whoever leaves off enjoining good and preventing evil out of his fear of people, the respect and obedience people had for him will be removed.” So, if he orders his son or servant to do something for him, they will belittle his status. Just like he belittled the rights of Allah, Allah will belittle and humiliate him: {“…they forgot Allah. So, He forgot them…”} [at-Tawbah; 67]
    Third, if some sort of punishment is sent down, the one who compromises will be one of its targets, as in the verse: {“And beware of a trial that won’t only afflict the wrongdoers among you…”} [al-Anfal; 25]

    Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr and others reported that Allah commanded one of the Angels to destroy a town. So, he asked: “My Lord, it has such and such a person who is a zahid who worships You constantly!” Allah Said:“Begin with him, and let me hear his voice. His face never once became red for My sake.”
    So, the only way out when punishments descend is to be from those who enjoin the good and prevent the wrong, as Allah Said: {“So, when they forgot what they were reminded of, We saved those who would forbid what was bad…”} [al-A'raf; 165]
    Fourth, this compromising person who seeks the pleasure of people is worse than the adulterer, the thief, and the consumer of alcohol. Ibn al-Qayyim said:

    “The Religion is not just leaving off outer prohibitions. Rather, it is to fulfill what Allah Loves along with this. Most religious people today don’t do this except when it comes to things that the majority of people accept and agree with them in. As for Jihad, enjoining good and preventing evil, giving advice for the sake of Allah and His Messenger to His worshipers, giving aid and victory to Allah and His Messenger and Book and Religion – these obligations don’t even occur to them, let alone evoke a desire on their part to carry them out, let alone be carried them out by them!

    The lowest of people in the Religion and the worst of them with Allah are those who abandon these obligations, even if he practices the most zuhd from everything in this world. It is rare to find from them one whose face becomes red for the sake of Allah, and who becomes angry due to His limits being violated, and who gives all he has to help his religion. Those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than these people.”

    So, imagine that someone fasts all day, prays all night, abstains from all worldly pleasures, and despite this never becomes angry or has his face reddened for Allah’s sake and doesn’t enjoin good and prevent evil – such a man is the most hated of people to Allah and the least of them in religiousness, and those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than such a person.

    And a trustworthy person told me that Shaykh al-Islam, the leader of the da’wah in Najd (Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Wahhab), once said: “I saw some people sitting in the mosque with their Qur’ans, reciting and weeping. However, they didn’t enjoin the good if they saw it and they didn’t prevent evil if they saw it. I saw people sitting near them saying: “These are the source of benefit,” and I said: “These are the source of disgrace.” Someone heard me and said: “I can’t say they are a source of disgrace!” So, I replied to him: “They are blind and mute.”"

    And this is supported by what some of the Salaf said: “The one who is silent about the truth is a silent devil, while the one who speaks falsehood is a speaking devil.”

    So, if the one who compromises by remaining silent comes to know that he is from the most hated of people to Allah even if he thinks he is good, he would speak openly. And if the one who seeks the approval and pleasure of people came to know that by not speaking out against their evil that those who fall into major sins are better with Allah than him – even if he assumes himself to be religious – he would repent from his compromise and would retreat from it. 

    And if the one who is stingy with his tongue from openly proclaiming the command of Allah came to know that he is a silent devil even if he fasts, prays, and is azahid, he would do all that he could to avoid being similar to Satan.

    O Allah, I seek refuge with You from every action that angers the Merciful, and from every trait that makes us resemble Satan or compromise on our religion with the people of doubts, hypocrisy.

    And may peace and blessings be on Muhammad, his Household, and Companions.”
    ['ad-Durar as-Saniyyah'; 8/75-79]

    Speak up and act against al Qaeda, Satan's mujaheddin.



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    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Afpak internal relationship.

    Afpak internal relationship.
    A workable paradigm for success.
    By Gerald Intelligence Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Russians swept into Afghan,
    And were involved in a brutal subjugation
    of the country.

    For about 3 years the Afghan people
    futilely resisted with WWI and WWII

    The people formed up a Mujaheddin
    to fight the Russians.
    The Mujaheddin was formed and directed
    by war lords and tribal leaders and others
    drawn form the Middle East to defend
    Afghan from Russia. This includes
    Bin Laden, Omar and their ilk.

    America started to help the Afghan
    people with a black budget of $5
    million dollars, and expanded to
    $1 billion dollars a year syphoned
    through Pakistan.

    USA was using the ISI Paki Intelligence
    to pass out the funds and arms.
    And Paki took a 'handling ' cut.

    But more important Paki became
    the teat for insurgency against
    the Russians in Afghan.

    The Paki intelligence agency
    developed deep and close
    relationships with the Mujaheddin
    army in Afghan fighting the Russians.
    Which was easy to do as they
    controled the purse strings to
    the American billion.

    They developed secret C&C over
    the Mujaheddin by reason of the
    purse strings the ISI controlled.

    The ISI has a close working
    relationship with that Mujaheddin
    that defeated a super power,

    After Russia was driven out
    USA dropped Afghan like
    a hot potato.

    No money, no support,
    no continued funding.
    US Congress refused a
    bill for $1 million for
    schools after the Russians
    were defeated, so the
    Taliban set up schools.

    Out of this Mujaheddin the Taliban
    was formed. And the warlords
    and the extremest religious leaders
    set up the Taliban as the Government.

    Paki fearing this Taliban's capabilities,
    they just took out the Russians, has
    tried to keep relationships with the
    Taliban. Some control and support
    to try and contain the Taliban.

    Paki viewed the Taliban in Afghan
    as a threat to Pakistan.

    The new Afghan government was
    rife with religious despots and war

    But the Taliban formed a
    Government of a kind giving the
    people courts and a brutal form
    of religious culture
    more related to the 1700 than
    the 2000's.

    It was corrupt, brutal and backwards.

    After the Mujaheddin defeated Russia
    Bin Laden was suffering from a Mohamed

    And offered HIS troops to drive Iraq
    back and defend Saudi Arabia.

    Bin Laden really thought he could
    defeat Iraq. Some how he didn't
    realize with out USA support and the
    shoulder fired missiles from USA he
    could have not defeated Russia.

    When Saudi Arabia rejected his
    offer of his army he saw it as
    a denial of his true place as
    the leader, savior of Islam.

    This rejection unbalanced
    him and he became delusional.

    Because Saudi Arabia accepted
    military help from USA instead
    of Bin Laden, he blamed USA.

    And his ego couldn't adjust to
    the rejection, and he attacked
    on 911.

    He brought Omar funding at
    a key point in the development
    of the Taliban Government in
    Afghan and Omar was bought
    by Binny.

    USA drove out the Taliban Government
    in Afghan and DROVE them into
    And the Taliban propaganda spins
    America as the new Russians and
    calls to the people to rejoin the
    new Mujaheddin, the Taliban.
    And fight the Americans.

    And they attempt to replay
    the Russian scenario.

    Pakistan rather than go to war, befriended
    the Taliban and al Qaeda in Pakistan.
    As they already have a relationship
    with them as sponsors, funding etc,
    with the Russians.

    Now that the USA drove the old
    Taliban government out, the new
    Government rose to power,
    the war lords and corrupt politicians.
    Which the USA is trying to deal with
    in Afghan today.

    There is a lot of talk about the areas
    the Taliban "hold".
    For the Taliban to hold an area they
    only have to move into an area where
    one heavy weapons squad can be
    the dominating power.

    Alone Taliban squad could control
    100 squares miles just by patrolling
    and posting night letters and running
    a small FM station. If the Government
    pushes back they call al qaeda for
    a few suicide bombers. And ask/demand
    for recruits from villiages to fight the
    new Russians, the Americans.
    A good info war effort can unspin
    this. FM stations.

    In Pakistan they tried to live with the
    wolf, and hoped they could tame it
    before it ate them.

    They have learned the wolf
    was intent on eating them
    and still has that interest.

    But Paki now seems to
    have the Taliban on the run.

    The Taliban is no longer one
    group it several groups.
    In Paki in Afghan, all with
    different leaders.

    And while Paki goes after
    those in Waristan it still has
    contacts with those in Afghan,

    Paki is looking to their own self
    interests. USA has abandoned
    Afghan before. And if that happens
    Paki wants some inroads into the
    Taliban in Afghan for reasons of
    self defense.

    Throw into this mix the Taliban
    stealth border, the Durand line.

    And the possibilities for combinations
    of terrorism and insurgency are
    are almost endless.

    The basis for this conflict
    is 911 and the Talibans
    support for al Qaeda.

    If USA ties Afpak into
    the electric grid
    for both
    countries underdeveloped areas
    that will lead them to link up to
    the core
    ( ) eventually.
    Barnett's take on electric grid.

    And if the Taliban would
    give up Al qaeda to USA,
    then USA could reduce its foot
    print by 80%.

    Just train the Afghan Military
    and police to handle the Taliban
    if they get out of order. And provide
    protection in the mean time.

    While USA has no fight with
    the Taliban other than their
    connection to al Qaeda,
    it wouldn't be just or wise to
    abandon Afghan to its
    fate with the Taliban.

    The key maybe to bring
    enough pressure against
    the Taliban in Afghan
    to make them give up
    al qaeda.
    The Taliban have no honor.
    They have sold out their own
    for the right price before.

    Bring on the 40,000
    troops. Increase protection,
    and train Afghan troops.
    The more troops the faster
    the Afghan troop build up.

    Attrit the Taliban till they do.
    The Taliban understand
    force, and hate it, the drones.

    We may have all the pieces
    for a successful paradigm
    in Afpak.

    Its a question of the will and
    ability to piece it together.

    Intelligence Antropologist

    68 Taliban surrender after commander killed in Herat

    October 14, 2009 12:34 PM ET
    By Bill Roggio

    Samihullah-thumb.JPGThe fighters were loyal to Ghulam Yahya Akbari, who was killed in a strike last week. Akbari's successor is said to be close to al Qaeda.

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    Taliban's Black choppers....

    Taliban's Black choppers....

    On October 12, giving a speech before the journalists in Kabul, Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan, announced that he has confirmation that Taliban militants use unidentified helicopters to get to the north of the country, Afghanistan.Ru reports with the reference to Afghan national television.

    The announcement of the president became sensational news for the residents of the country: it has been long ago suspected that unknown military helicopters transport militants in the night time.

    ( unconfirmed; chatter and noise maybe Russian Choppers, G )

    According to Mr. Karzai, the first information about transportation of guerillas was received by special services about five months ago. He also assumed that Taliban could use the same method to get to north-west of the country.



    Where are they based?
    Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan?
    Need evidence, get some cell phones in areas for pics.


    Links out???? google?
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    Binny low on $$$

    Al-Qaeda 'faces funding crisis'

    Four times this year al quada has begged
    for funding.

    Taliban has drugs.

    al qaeda has extortion and robbery of

    Paradigm Intel
    30 to 40% of their budget goes for
    Binny"s support.

    Excellent job guys.


    .Google fixed labels , thanks guys.
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    Monday, October 12, 2009

    8 troops killed, HOW?

    8 U.S. troops killed in battle with militants in Afghanistan -

    How this happen, where was the air support?

    From our source from inside the beltway. G

    We had air support there, the base was at the bottom of a deep valley and the enemy lit a number of very smokey fires that obscured the battlefield. Since the fighting was danger close we could not engage.

    There was an Apache that blew up a truck full of explosives. The other problem is that the enemy was stationed well above the valley floor on the mountainsides and fired RPG's at any air support or reinforcement. LZ was just too hot until dark.


    Who picked this base?

    Intelligence Anthropologist
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    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Afghan Paradigm:, surge

    Afghan Paradigm:

    After the Russians were defeated US abandoned Afghan.
    And the Taliban took over.
    Paki has made treaty after treaty with the Taliban
    and the Taliban have broken every agreement.

    The basic paradigm works.
    Seize and hold taliban strong holds
    in Afghan, defend the tribes while
    helping them to build forces to
    withstand the Taliban,

    Then move to a new area.

    The more troops available
    to hold real estate the faster
    the process will go.

    USA has exerted extreme
    pressure on Paki to attack the
    Taliban and defeat them.
    This process has been successful.
    Paki is well on its way to crippling
    the Taliban in Paki.

    We have already seen the Taliban
    use the Durand line to move between
    Afghan and Paki fpr protection.

    With the big push on Paki
    the paradigm calls for an equally big
    push in Afghan .
    Leaving the Taliban no sanctuary.

    Afpak problem is like a balloon
    squeeze it at one end and it grows
    at the other end.

    Squeeze both ends and you have a chance to
    break it.

    al Qaeda could not survive without the
    Talibans support and protection.

    The key to breaking al Queda is the
    Taliban, under the right conditions
    the Taliban will give up al Qaeda.
    Time and time again the Taliban
    have sold out their own,
    They have no honor.
    The book "Jaw Breaker"

    The Taliban have killed over
    200 tribal leaders.

    Give the hand picked US
    Military leaders what they
    have asked for.

    40,000 more troops.
    Time is essential.

    The more troops the
    faster this job will be done.

    Support the troops and

    Intelligence Anghropologist

    Thomas P.M. Barnett agrees:

    The paradigm to defeat the Taliban is there:

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Afpaki paradigm missing key point.

    Aug 19, 2009 ... the Taliban message, with the prayers. G. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Peshawar ; More than 100 illegal FM radio stations run by local ...

    nternet Anthropologist Think Tank: Afghan problem known for 2 yrs.

    Sep 14, 2009 ... FM radio is the start key. An electrical grid allows. FM stations to compete... Meaning they are choosing not to kill all Taliban. ...