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    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Banks criminal control of regulators

    Paradigm Intel
    Banks criminal control of regulators
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Criminal Banks kept Ben Bernanke, current chairman of the Federal Reserve,
    behind the curve since 2005, his OSINT, and regulatory oversight on the economy seem to have missed the debacle at every point.

    NO laws have changed, banks can legally do it all over again.
    And Bernanke relied on the Criminal Banks for advice on the
    Banking bailout, $2.7 trillion dollars.

    The Feds even let the Banks carry two sets of books, legally.
    And violate basic accounting precepts, with FALSE balance sheets.
    A violation of SEC rules and regs, and the Banks continue their
    criminal control of regulators.


    See below, Hat Tip Jawa.

    Ben is in charge of consumer protection and allows the banks to fuction
    as loan sharks legally, Credit cards 30% vig
    and Payday loans 402% juice.
    This is consumer protection?
    Its clear who is in charge, and its not the Feds.
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