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    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    2030 american soldier is here

    The communications part of the 2030 American soldier is here.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Iphone.
    Current apps available:

    Desktop-class email. GPS-powered Google Maps. Text and multimedia messaging.

    With secure access to corporate networks, thousands of third-party business applications, and an enterprise developer program for in-house apps.

    Attend online meetings, exchange contact information.

    Integrate with enterprise IP telecommunications networks to manage and extend unified communications.

    Attend WebEx meetings, view shared content during meetings, and interact with other meeting attendees.

    Participate in online meetings, see real-time screen sharing, HD video and imagery, and documents in complete sync with other meeting participants — all while talking on the phone.

    Get access to Lotus Domino corporate email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Encryption and remote wipe capabilities ensure your corporate data is protected.

    Check device network conectivity on your LAN using ping, traceroute, and an included telnet console.

    Get a complete navigation system with voice directions, 2D and 3D map displays.

    Get the latest global news, events, and insights to keep you ahead of the curve. Exclusive video and podcasts enhance your experience further, giving you complete news coverage.

    Whether you’re hiking, biking, sailing, or skiing, MotionX GPS will map your route. Track your position anywhere in the world and record your time, distance, and speed. Snap a shot with your iPhone camera and post pictures along the way. For adventures worth sharing, download Trails and click to export your favorites so others can follow in your footsteps.

    Make videos, take pics, check finger print, and retina data bases, by phone.


    i-glasses PC/SVGA... A New Direction for Computer Monitors!

    Inside ViewThe i-glasses PC/SVGA™ Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor that connects to common PC sources and can be used in conjunction with ordinary prescription eyeglasses. Unlike bulky Virtual Reality Headsets, the i-glasses, weighing in at only seven ounces, are lightweight, comfortable and fully adjustable.

    Outstanding Audio Visual Performance: The PC monitor glasses contain two LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens, one in front of each eye, which enable the viewing of Flicker-Free VGA content on a virtual, Giant-Sized, theater screen, equal to a 70 inch monitor viewed from a distance of 13 feet, all in complete privacy. Crystal clear stereo audio is provided through the adjustable headphones built into the temples of the eyewear.


    Backed by a cyber squad.

    troops are WWW active connected to a squad of dedecitated cyber Masters by voice,video on either the helmet screen or retina, or even deep bone transmitter.

    One of the Cyber squad ID the local Taiban chiefs and his webmasters.

    He scans both the leaders PC and the PC and server for the webmaster, he calls up a phalanx

    of Bots on call should it be necessary to run a dos attack on any of the above mentioned targets.

    To shut off any outside communication on demand.

    He also taps all local cell and satellite traffic,

    Members monitor emails, IMS and cell traffic for any mentions of the local area.

    Which are transmitted in summary to the troop in the field.

    The field trooper questions a suspect, and finds a list of passwords

    and screen names, this data is fed directly into a Bot Surveillance Unit,

    And URLs are texted back to the cyber Trooper as the Bots locate forums

    and blogs world wide that accept any of the passwords and screen names.

    The cyber trooper reviews and searches each url for posts from the suspect

    in the field, And a cyber trooper whispers into the Field troopers ear

    what this "suspect" most recent post on the Terrorist forum says, while

    the field trooper is staring into the suspects eyes.

    Another cyber trooper searches the "suspects cell phone" remotely

    when the field trooper calls the cyber squad on the suspects phone.

    They project a list of the names in the cell phone call list

    cross referenced to known terrorist in the local area on to the Fields troopers retina.

    And then over lay a map with the Field Troopers locations and the physical locations of all the

    cell phone numbers in the Suspects cell phone.

    There is also a cyber heavy weapons squad on call for

    any attacks on the field troopers www connections or his helmet PC.

    They monitor all traffic into and out of the helmet PC and track it

    to its destination and ID owner.

    A Cyber heavy weapons squad has enough punch to

    take down a Web node by themselves.

    And the capability to launch multiple Dos attacks

    on demand.

    Or penetrate and take down a PC or server that

    will take a week to fix,

    Another cyber trooper is monitoring 56 search engines

    all blogs, Terrorist forums and the news for any mention of the

    field troopers local or targets in his area.

    Only filtered data is fed to the Field trooper,

    Physical locations of cell phones of terrorists in

    his local, location of webmasters and his PC

    Or turning off the terrorist leaders cell phone

    at the start of the Field troopers assault on his


    And tie in to radio com monitoring to hear translated

    version of what is live on enemy's walkie talkies, or radios

    or cell phones.

    A world view of their front line and control of it.


    Over Watch for Cyber Troops

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